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A Level Results Day 2023 LIVE in the UAE: All Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK School A Level and BTEC Results in Full

A Level and BTEC Results Day 2023 is upon us!

Schools have now received the results for this year’s cohort, as of 16 August 2023, and schools are allowed to release A Level, AS Level and BTEC results to individual candidates from 11am UAE time (8am UK time) on Thursday 17 August 2023.

Find out everything you need to know about how and when A Level and BTEC results are released here.

Stay tuned as we celebrate all the amazing successes of the UAE’s A Level results LIVE! on this week.

As results come in you will find quick links below to all our amazing A Level Results Day stories on

Friday 18th August 2023

And that’s a wrap for A Level Results Day 2023. For those of you looking for a school not featured here you will find the results from all schools on our sister site whose amazing team grapple with the data and produce the definitive table of results from across UAE schools each year. You can find their article here. A special mention to all students who did not achieve the grade they were hoping for, or expecting. Remember, grades do not define you, or what you will achieve in your life. Everything happens for a reason…. A big well done to all the British schools in the UAE, their teachers, parents and students. Just “Wow!” Roll on  2024.

2:00pm: Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is celebrating the exceptional performance of its Class of ’23 as students achieved a 90% A*C achievement – equalling results in 2023 when Exam Boards were still moderating their gradual return to the 2019 benchmark. You can read the full story here.


12:00am: GEMS Founders School Dubai results are in. Learn about why it is community and parents that make all the difference as the school celebrates A Level Results Day 2023. Read the full story here. 

9:30am: Top Schools Award-winning GEMS FirstPoint School is celebrating a double Outstanding in BTEC and A Level examinations with some extraordinary stories of graduating student battles against all odds, including one creditable student who travelled the world and achieved in multiple subjects through Distance Learning. Read the full story here. 

8:00am: Justice, what justice? In our morning briefing, on the day after a long night, we ask what are the lessons learned from A Level Results Day 2023. You can read the points to argue here. 

Thursday 17th August 2023

8:00pm: An extraordinary two years. An extraordinary school. We close the first day of our coverage of A Level Results with GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail – and what an amazing story they have to share. This year’s cohort have collectively experienced the gamut of human emotions and challenges, including loss of a peer, and in one case a loved one, as well as the spectrum of journeys that come with a genuinely inclusive school that opens its arms to every child. Breadth of qualification and subject pathways are tellingly retold in the exceptional breadth of careers that are now being pursued by this graduating cohort of remarkable young men and women. This is a school too that is proud of every student and every journey each undertakes. You can read the full story of the WEK Class of ’23 here.

6:55pm: The Doctors are coming…. Brighton College Al Ain stands out this year for the achievements of 40% of its A Level cohort who have secured places to study Medicine. Of all university courses, Medicine is the most competitive, partly because the number of places at universities worldwide are limited by the huge costs involved in training doctors. In the UK, for example, it is estimated that the UK government invests £300,000 on training each medical student from graduation to becoming a Junior Doctor. You can read the full story here.

6:00pm: GEMS Jumeirah College A Level results have been announced after an extraordinary day of celebration at GEMS flagship British curriculum school. Highlights of exceptional Sixth Form achievement include JC students achieving collectively almost 80% A*A grades and the school achieving the highest results across all of GEMS Education’s high performing cluster of British curriculum schools. You can read the story here. 

5:00pm: Three-quarters of Brighton College Dubai pupils achieved grades A*- B in the College’s inaugural set of A Level results, a ground-breaking achievement in a year in which many students worldwide have seen grades tumble. The secret? Outstanding teachers, and small class sizes. You can read more about the extraordinary first two years of British Sixth Form at Brighton College Dubai here.

4.17pm: Al Ain British Academy is celebrating its amazing students for their achievements at both A Level and in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Profoundly too, the school is also recognising the equal importance attached to values, character and investment in the whole child. Read the full story here.

3:10pm: The English College Dubai evaporates media hype about lower exam results this year by smashing not only its 2019 performance, but even exceeding the number of A* – C grades from 2022 (when grades were known to have been graded more generously) by a whopping 7%. Check out a full photo gallery of the celebrations and hear about how staff paused their holidays to support their students here. 

2:20pm: Repton Abu Dhabi’s first cohort of students has achieved extraordinary A Level results in a double whammy that has seen a third of students both over achieve in value-added against predicted grade flightpaths and secure A8A grades. Read the story and see the gallery of achievements at Repton Abu Dhabi’s A Level Results Day 2023 celebration. 

1:10pm – A Baby boom, web crashes, student anxiety and top grades up on 2019 – making sense of this year’s A Level results is going to take time, as commentators disagree on the impacts, statistics… and decisions. We explore the landscape of results and analysis in our first big review of the current state-of-play as we reach the half way point in this year’s A Level Results Day. Read the full story here.

12:30pm – Visit the official Photography and Gallery of Safa Community School on A Level and BTEC Results Day 2023 as students, parents, teachers and school leadership celebrate an historic day of achievement and happiness.

12:01pm – GEMS Our Own English High School – Al Ain students are celebrating a fabulous two years of A Level study as results are revealed today. Learn more about why there is never too much of a good thing here.

11:30am – Gasps of joy and thrilled disbelief as Brighton College Abu Dhabi students smash 2019’s performance, with a stunning one in five pupils achieving the top grade of A*. Students will be going on to study medicine at Cambridge, as well as many Ivy League and Russell Group universities. See more here. 

11:10am – Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) has announced the results of its extraordinary students who have delivered against a backdrop of concerns about the speed of the UK government’s demand that grades return to 2019 levels. The school has achieved exceptionally – with Tier 1 university destinations including Oxbridge.

11:05am – Safa Community School is celebrating the beyond-outstanding achievement of its students at BTEC and A Level – and announcing multiple new Sixth Form pathways for students, including in Engineering. Read the full story of this award-winning school here.

11:00am – Dr Saima Rana, Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education has announced the first set of results for GEMS Education schools across the UAE. Read the first GEMS Education story for A Level Results Day 2023 here. 

9:00am – FIRST A LEVEL RESULTS IN: Why have some UAE students already received and been celebrating their A Level results for a whole week? Does it give them an advantage when it comes to university spaces? Here’s GEMS Education’s first round of A Level results from the Cambridge International exam board, and why these come out early.

8:00am – As we wake up to A Level Results Day, we look at a snapshot of how the Media is reporting a critical day in British Education

Wednesday 16 August 2023

6:00pm – The 2023 SchoolsCompared Guide to Clearing. What to do, when – and how. 

5:00pm – Act fast to enter Clearing. Learn why every second counts for all students – and why UAE schools have an advantage in a year in which the number of places at top British universities is being squeezed.  Read what you can do now to increase your chances of success.

4:00pm – Drop-outs have been a consequence of grade inflation claim some – but others say that students with low grades are now proven to be able to secure First Class degrees… if they are given the chance. Read why grades do not need to slam doors.

3:00pm – Find out the time table for this year’s results – and whether results will really be lower as so many are predicting. Read the full story here.

2:00pm – It’s not the end of the world – but the beginning of fantastic opportunities. Learn why, whatever your results, there is comfort in the future. This is Day One of an amazing life to come.

1:00pm – With many pundits claiming this will be a disastrous year for many students – and that girls will be hardest hit, we sort the facts from the conjecture. Read about the many potential challenges for students on A Level Results Day 2023 – and the best ways to deal with them. 

11:00am – Results Day is here – and the lives of all students will be changed. We look back at the impacts of the last five years and discover whether grade inflation has been a curse or benefit.

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