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Welcome to a powerful new resource for parents and educational professionals in the UAE – The site is a sister publication to the highly successful dedicated website for private schools in the UAE which was launched three years ago. has come into being as a result of one important point – parental feedback.

While parents appreciate greatly the wealth of information provided in WhichSchoolAdvisor many of them told us that there came a point where they wanted to be able to make direct comparisons across schools. A large number of parents advised us that they undertook the time consuming and laborious task of building side-by-side comparisons themselves.

Thankfully, those days are now over!

As you will see we have built a number of features into that make the process of putting up to six schools side by side and evaluating them across key criteria. The same attention to detail, transparency and thoroughness that has made WhichSchoolAdvisor such a success informs SchoolsCompared.

We encourage you to look at SchoolsCompared and would be very pleased to receive any comments/suggestions you have. As with WhichSchoolAdvisor the intention behind the site is to make one of the most significant tasks undertaken by parents – the choice for their children’s education – that much easier.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Gillian Pearce
Business Development Director,