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Pearl Wisdom School, Hor Al Anz East

Pearl Wisdom School, Hor Al Anz East

by Jon WestleyMay 3, 2020

Pearl Wisdom School Dubai – Location and Background

“Our classrooms will be happening places where children are free from any mental blockages and the principle of radiant thinking will be prioritised.


The brain without a body is not a human life.


Our single assurance. Your children will be our children.”

CR Binumon. Principal and Head of Learning. Pearl Wisdom School. 2020.

The Pearl Wisdom School is a new, Indian curriculum CBSE curriculum school that opened in Dubai in May 2020, initially to offer a Distance Learning only based education for children. Full standard schooling will open in September 2020 as the UAE government open schools and relax the lockdown imposed to respond to the outbreak of Coronavirus Covid 19.


As above, the Pearl Wisdom School aims to establish itself as the centre of “radiant thinking” in the UAE with an equality of focus on the human body as much as children’s minds.

The school emphasises that “physical exercise is of high priority in school” with an “equal focus on co-scholastic areas” of the curriculum. Pearl Wisdom School identifies that these will include Dance, Music, Theatre, Aerobics, Yoga, Swimming and Physical Education – all of which are fully integrated within the curriculum rather than being ECAs.

On the basis of advertised facility provision, the value proposition looks strong with fees ranging between AED 14,500 at KG1 to AED 16,500 in Year 5 – more below. Eventual fees on all-through phased opening should top-out at around the AED 20,000 mark, this firmly within the value fees segment. School design looks to be striking and investment high.

The school is located in Hor Al Anz East, map below:

Map showing the location of Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai. Directions to the CBSE School are shown.

This emphasis on physical education is supported by investment in a floodlit outdoor sports field and shaded swimming pool – architectural renders of these below:

Photograph and render of the shaded swimming pool at Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai which opened in May 2020.

Photograph and render of the outdoor floodlit sports pich at the Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai which opened in may 2020

The Indian Curriculum KG – 12 has specified a 1200 meter football field; 100 meters dash tracks; half Olympic-size swimming pool; international size outdoor tennis court; and, a FIBA-size indoor basketball court.

We also know that children will be treated as if they were the children of the school. What this means in practice is not clear.

We do know that the school states that it “would” be following the CBSE curriculum. Because of the tenses in which the school describes its plans it is difficult to advise parents of the eventual final shape of the curriculum offer and the school will need time to bed-in the curriculum. The concept of “radiant thinking”, something that may well be a first in the UAE, certainly needs more explanation and we would encourage parents that are interested in the school to seek clarification on this.

The school will initially open between KG1 and Year 5 to educate children in Primary phase to age 10. All children will be given the choice of learning either French or Hindi as a second language. All teachers recruited by the school have three or more years of teaching experience.

Pearl Wisdom School is part of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan group of schools, an Indian educational trust often shortened to Bhavans. Its “119 centres in India, 9 centres abroad and 367 constituent institutions, cover “all aspects of life from the cradle to the grave and beyond [and] fills a growing vacuum in modern life””.


Pearl Wisdom School Fees

Aerial view of Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai, a CBSE school opening in May 2020

KHDA fees are found below. Founding family discounts in excess of AED 2,000 are being offered in all phases at the school, this creditable given the already low level of its value fee structure set by the owners to met the needs of founding families.

School Fees at the Pear Wisdom School in Dubai. Peatl Wisdom School is a new CBSE school which opened in May 2020.

Bottom Line? The SchoolsCompared verdict 2020

A collage of architectural renders of the new Indian CBSE Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai

It is far too early to have a considered view of the Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai.

Schools operating at this low level of fees in the Indian curriculum sector are, however, urgently required by children and their families. The opening of the school is welcomed.

First impressions are of significant investment and a strong commitment to whole child development.

Pearl Wisdom School in Dubai shown at night with Arabic inspired fretwork. The CBSE school aims to stamnd out by the quality of its design and architecture.

Time will tell.

Our first looks review will be updated as the school opens and beds in its provision later this year.

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Details to consider
Type of school

Private, for profit (Indian Educational Trust)

Full WSA Review


Average Cost Per Year

FS1: 14,500
FS2: 14,500
YEAR 1: 15,500
YEAR 2: 15,500
YEAR 3: 15,500
YEAR 4: 16,500
YEAR 5: 16,500
YEAR 6: TBC - School in phased launch
YEAR 7: TBC - School in phased launch
YEAR 8: TBC - School in phased launch
YEAR 9: TBC - School in phased launch
YEAR 10: TBC - School in phased launch
YEAR 11: TBC - School in phased launch
YEAR 12: TBC - School in phased launch


Indian CBSE

External Exam Boards



No, fully and unambiguously inclusive

Waiting list


Value Added

Not published

Number of Students

Capacity 2400 on complete all-through completion.

Teacher to Student Ratio


Largest nationality teachers


Teacher turnover


Year opened



Hor Al Anz East, Dubai

Student composition

Indian (largest nationality)


Mixed, co-educational

School canteen



Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan / Bhavans

Admissions Telephone

+965 6666 1663
+9715 6333 4210
[email protected]

Web Address

• Level of investment appears high
• High investment in sporting facilities
• Commitment to whole child provision
• Opportunity for founding parents to shape a new school
• Experienced owners
• Value fees
• Significant discounts being offered to founding families


• More clarity needed on the curriculum
• All new schools are untested and carry some degree of risk. However, the experience of the owners and investment here we believe offsets this significantly.

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A much needed school in the Indian curriculum value fees sector, Pearl Wisdom School is likely to meet significant demand from local families. If the school can meet its commitment to offer children a whole child based curriculum with the high level of investment evident thus far, the future looks promising. Watch this space.

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