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March 25, 2017

IDEA Early Learning Centre, Victory Heights, Dubai Sports City

“For some parents, making the decision to send their child to nursery, opposed to school, can be a tricky one to make.

At IDEA ELC we firmly believe that early childhood education is a journey. Childhood is precious and we value the time we allow children to spend being ‘children’.

In all aspects of their little worlds, children are, sometimes outside of parent’s control, exposed to things beyond their years, so we believe that where possible, we should control this exposure to allow them to be ‘children’.

There are many benefits to IDEA ELC for children.

We have the time and the space to indulge each child’s interests without the demands of a [...]

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March 23, 2017

Changing Schools, Curriculum in the UAE – Can I?

Irrespective of which curriculum you may choose for your child at the outset of their academic career, it is not unusual for parents to consider a change of curriculum at some stage, perhaps due to change of location, circumstances or because their child’s experience of the current curriculum may not be as satisfactory as wished for. There are definite times and options which work best for this situation.

Often parents place their child/ren in school and choose a curriculum which serves them well for their entire school career.  The choice of curriculum will be guided most likely by future plans for your child’s education.

Although reputable schools and universities [...]

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March 15, 2017

Which Post 16 Curriculum – How to Choose

In our first Guide, which you can read here, we covered the many reasons why parents may need to change the school their child(ren) attend at the critical two-year period of secondary education between 16 and 18/19 years of age. We also covered why, in many cases, changing school for these years is in practice often the best course of action for children and something that many should do.

The reason why many students and families choose to stay in the same all-through school is often driven by security of what is known – but there can be a high price paid for this, particularly in ensuring the best qualifications for an individual child.

If there is a [...]

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March 12, 2017

16+ Education in the UAE, The Guide

Background – why we have written this Guide

Following numerous requests from parents we have produced the following guide to shine a light on the complex choices facing families at the critical point in each child’s education where they need to decide on options at age 16.

If there is a single key message to be drawn from the following it is that there should be a considered choice made by parents and young men and women whether to move schools, or to remain within an existing all-through school, for the final two years of study before graduation – whether that will be directly into industry, graduate study or a year out.

We believe that there are many [...]

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GEMS Heritage Indian School, Dubailand
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Must Read:GEMS Heritage Indian School, Dubailand
Must Read:Brighton College Dubai, Al Barsha South
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Must Read:North London Collegiate School Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City
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