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The Top Schools Award for UAE Primary School Teacher of the Year. Top Schools Awards 2023 Nomination and Entry Forms.
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The Top Schools Award for UAE Primary School Teacher of the Year. Top Schools Awards 2023 Nomination and Entry Forms.

by Jon WestleyDecember 12, 2022

Below is the official entry form for the Top Schools Award for UAE Primary School Teacher of the Year, the second of our Awards for the UAE’s most outstanding teachers.

Outstanding teachers ensure that every child has a happy education that meets their needs, ambitions and potential in full – and helps every child discover their individual gifts. They give children the foundations for a life of achievement, impact and meaning. Teachers are beyond important and these Awards for Teachers are arguably the most important of any in the Top Schools Awards. We need to celebrate our teachers much more for all they do each day for our children.

For this Award, we are looking for the most extraordinary Primary phase school teachers – those for whom teaching is a vocation and whose impact goes above and beyond in creating opportunities for children. We want to celebrate teachers that make the most profound contribution to the lives of young children children, preparing them for their journey in education and the life before them – and setting each day ablaze with inspiration, wonder, happiness and the confidence to learn, care for others and be themselves.

For Schools

The Top Schools Award for Primary School Teacher of the Year 2023-24 – teachers/schools download application here.

For Parents and Students

Inspiring Primary School childrento adore learning is the mark of the most outstanding Primary phase teachers. The Top Schools Awards 2023 for UAE Primary School Teacher of the Year. Pictured - Primary school child in awe in a STEAM lesson on growing plants and sustainability

Pictured: child awe struck at the power of nature in a lesson combining STEM and the Arts as a young girl dresses as a Space Girl exploring the moon for signs of plant life. 

Primary School parents and students – we want to hear from you! If you believe that your child(ren) are being taught by an absolutely, fantastic,  extraordinary and outstanding teacher who has made a profoundly positive and inspirational impact on you and your child(ren), please contact us with your answer to the following. “I would like to nominate [name of teacher], in class [name of class] at X school [name of school] because …. ” Please email us at [email protected]. You can write as little or as much as you wish, and please include photographs if possible. If you can, please give us an example of something that has impressed or inspired you or your child.

Any teacher nominated must only, or predominantly, teach, and be a specialist in, Primary phase education.

The Top Schools Awards 2023-24

Top Schools Awards 2023 The STEAM Years

This year, the Top Schools Awards are celebrating outstanding achievement in our schools with a particular focus on how schools inspire children by linking all subject areas to bring the extraordinary wonders of the Arts, creativity, imagination – and freedom to experiment and innovate, into all areas of the curriculum including, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.[/caption]

Pictured: Primary school teachers provide the critical transformational link between Early Years and Secondary phases of education. The transitions between both can be exceptionally difficult for children – and need expert teachers able to transform these inflection points into positive experiences filled with wonder and embraced by children. It’s no small task…

We believe, passionately, that the Arts are absolutely fundamental to delivering an outstanding education for every child, one focused on the whole child and the gifts all children have to change the world for the better and make the difference – every day, and in the future. They bring STEM to life.

Rocket Girl – the Arts and Sciences, together, brought to life

Top Schools Awards 2023. Photograph of Rocket Girl from Durham School Dubai wearing a jet pack manufactured for the awards during first phase flight testing in Dubai in 2022

In November 2023, members of the TSA Space and Rocket programme completed first phase testing of the ImaginationTM powered Jet Pack specially manufactured for this year’s Awards. We are particularly grateful for the assistance of the extraordinary and accredited Rocket Pilot and Space Girl Valentina from Durham School Dubai(pictured) for her considerable, and quite, totally, awesome, bravery and kindness in completing Year 6 rocket pack inaugural flight testing.

Without her, and those many other children we visited across the UAE, none of this would have been possible. They made us… believe.

Further Information

For schools seeking further information on The Top Schools Awards 2023 – 2024, please contact [email protected]

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