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Abu Dhabi Private Schools – Complete Listing with Ratings 2016-18 and Fees

Abu Dhabi Private Schools – Complete Listing with Ratings 2016-18 and Fees

by Lis ONealSeptember 11, 2018

With the release of the second tranche of ADEK reports for the 2017-18 inspection round, has compiled a complete listing of schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with the current ADEK inspection ratings and fees.

We have identified a total of 185 Private Schools, almost all of which have been inspected over the past two academic years, in line with the two year cycle observed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Knowledge and Education Inspection teams.

There are some exceptions to this rule – two Aldar Academies (Al Yasmina Academy and the Pearl Academy) were exempted from the inspection due in 2017-18, due to their sustained performance (both have been rated Very Good in the two prior inspections).  Conversely, most schools that have been rated Weak or Very Weak have had a follow up inspection after one year.  There are a small number of schools whose inspection rating for this year has not yet been published.  In these cases, we have included the last rating with the date of the inspection.

Of the 185 schools inspected in the past two years, 4 are rated Outstanding, 19 Very Good, 55 Good and 87 Acceptable – thus a total of 165 meet the minimum Acceptable rating expected by ADEK in terms of the quality of education being provided. However, there are almost as many schools (18) rated Weak as there are Very Good, and two schools are still rated Very Weak.

On a positive note, 32 schools have improved their ratings, including 22 schools that are now rated Acceptable or Good from Weak or Very Weak.  Two schools have improved from Very Weak to Weak. However, five schools have moved down in terms of ratings this year, including Abu Dhabi Indian Private School, Al Bateen Academy,  Al Shohub Private School, The International Private School (Choueifat) Ruwais, and the International School of Choueifat Abu Dhabi.

Just over 10% of schools in the Emirate are therefore still failing to meet the minimum level of quality expected, and although recent steps have been taken to address this issue, with 43 weak schools across the UAE (excluding Dubai) not permitted to accept new students this academic year, it remains a challenge to raise standards among these weakest schools.

What is clear is that it not just a question of fees.  The least expensive Weak school has fees from AED 3,600 – 4,560 per year; the most expensive, AED 23,500 – 44,500.  By contrast, the least expensive Acceptable school charges AED 2,700 – 10,800 and the most expensive AED 34,150 -55,920.  Once we consider Good schools, even here, there is a wide range of fees – the least costly with fees of AED 3,800 – 12,100 per year, and the most expensive at AED 51.000 – 61,500.

To be fair, newer schools will almost inevitably be more expensive than older ones (due to the greater cost involved in developing them including the range of facilities that may be offered).  Even Very Good and Outstanding schools have a wide range of fees – from a low in KG1 of AED 23,330 at the least costly Very Good school to a high of AED 49,900 at the most costly Outstanding school. *(For the purposes of this analysis, we have excluded schools teaching a non-English or Arabic-based curriculum given the unique population group to whom they appeal).

But parents must also consider the potential to improve.  This is a key factor that parents should especially take into account.  A school that has been rated Weak or Acceptable year after year, is likely to find it harder to make the improvements needed to achieve a higher rating (and better results for its students).  A school which is still finding its feet or has had a change of leadership or governance, but has invested in people, technology and facilities is more likely to progress more quickly on its path to improvement.  Ultimately, any parent wants their child to receive the best possible education at a price that is, hopefully, affordable – a measure that is individual.  Our complete listing of Abu Dhabi schools with the current inspection rating is designed to help you do this.

School NameInspection datesAdec Overall 2016/2018 RatingSchool Fees Minimum (AED)School Fees Maximum (AED)
ABC Private School24-27/Apr/2017Acceptable1712823200
Abdulla bin Zubair Private School12-15/Mar/2018Acceptable1400023000
Abu Dhabi Grammar School Canada20-25/Jan/2018Good2100045100
Abu Dhabi Indian Private School02-05/Oct/2017Acceptable715014414
Abu Dhabi Indian School Branch 116-19/Jan/2017Acceptable63459455
Abu Dhabi International Private School24-27/Oct/2016Good1320028300
Abu Dhabi International Private School, Branch24-27Oct/2017Good1320028300
Abu Dhabi Island International School30/Apr-03/May/2018Acceptable1550021480
Abu Mousa Al Ashaari Private School06-09/Feb/2017Weak50007000
ADNOC Private School Ruwais – branch 206-09/Feb/2017Good2330044100
Adnoc School, Ghayathi*29/Feb-03/Mar/2016Acceptable1900036000
Adnoc School – Madinat Zayed branch 106-09/Nov/2017Weak2350044500
ADNOC School Sas Al Nakhl*22-25/Feb/2016Good1900036000
Ain Al Khaleej Private School09-12/Oct/2017Acceptable605014150
Ajyal International School12-15/Feb/2017Acceptable2770050350
Ajyal International School – Al Falah17-20/Apr/2017Good2000033000
Al Adhwa Private School12-15/Feb/2018Good720026708
Al Ain American Private School05-09/Feb/2018Very Good1680029400
Al Ain English Speaking School16-19/Oct/2017Acceptable2050041000
Al Ain International Academy09-12/Oct/2017Very Good3960057330
Al Ain Iranian Private School*22-25/Nov/2015Weak36004560
Al Ain Juniors Private School30/Apr-03/May/2018Acceptable760016100
Al Andalus Private Academy05-08/Mar/2018Good560013700
Al Awa’il Private School16-19/Oct/2017Acceptable550011000
Al Bashair Private School12-15/Mar/2018Good1290027200
Al Basma British School06-09/Feb/2017Good1900031000
Al Bateen Academy02-05/Oct/2017Good5610065900
Al Bateen Scientific School24-27/Apr/2017Good1613826348
Al Bhaya Private School23-26/Oct/2017Good1610017300
Al Danat KG Private School*21-23/Feb/2016Good72007900
Al Dar Private School29/Jan-01/Feb/2018Acceptable737014805
Al Dhabiania Private School06-09/Feb/2017Good930016400
Al Dhafra Private School Al Ain19-22/Feb/2018Good1170022800
Al Ekhlass Private School12-15/Feb/2018Acceptable592017705
Al Ettehad Private School26-29/Oct/2017Very Weak21003000
Al Hamdanya Grand Private School15-18/Oct/2017Acceptable689111275
Al Iman Private School13-16/Nov/2017Acceptable600012000
Al Isra’a Private School24-27/Apr/2017Weak47509600
Al Ittihad National Private School Abu Dhabi29/Jan-01/Feb/2018Good1920039300
Al Ittihad National Private School Al Ain30/Oct-02/Nov/2017Good1660030800
Al Khalil International School13-16/Feb/2017Acceptable545012900
Al Maali International Private School30/10-02/11/2017Weak840015000
Al Mamoura Academy24-28/Apr/2017Good4880070400
Al Maharat Private School16-19/Apr/2018Acceptable1400025000
Al Manahil Private School24-27/Oct/2016Weak460010100
Al Manhal International School05-08/Mar/2018Acceptable990018600
Al Marfa’a International SchoolReport not visibleWeak31005100
Al Muna Academy16-19/Oct/2017Outstanding4158041580
Al Muneera Private School29/Jan-01/Feb/2018Acceptable1150014100
Al Murooj Scientific Private School30/Apr-03/May/2018Acceptable1885533255
Al Nahda National School for Boys07-10/May/2018Good1750026000
Al Nahda National School for girls23-26/Apr/2018Acceptable1330024600
Al Najah Private School02-05/Oct/2017Good1350035000
Al Nash’e Assaleh Private SchoolReport not visibleGood700023000
Al Rabeeh Private School19-22/Oct/2015Good2540031300
Al Saad Indian Private School13-16/Feb/2017Acceptable850010000
Al Sanawbar Private School23-26/Apr/2018Good1250026600
Al Seddeq Private School16-18/Apr/2017Acceptable30009400
Al Shohub Private School16-19/Apr/2018Acceptable2250044800
Al Sorouh American School26-27/Feb/2018Acceptable2030024640
Al Tharawat National Private School20-23/Feb/2017Very Weak1410016000
Al Tumooh Private School20-23/Feb/2017Acceptable460016000
Al Yahar Private School06-09/Feb/2017Acceptable330023750
Al Yasmina Academy (data from 2016 inspection)*Exempted until 2018/19Very Good4158057330
Aliaa Internatonal School05-08/Mar/2018Acceptable1000019000
American Community School of Abu Dhabi31/Oct-03/Nov//2016Very Good4280078300
Amity International School16-19/Apr/2018Good4200052000
Ashbal Al Quds Private School02-05/Oct/2017Acceptable810016100
Asian International Private School Ruwais13-16/Nov/2017Good380012100
Asian International Private School Madinat ZayedA23-26/Jan/2017Acceptable34004800
Bani Yas International Private School13-16/Nov/2016Acceptable1801533915
Baream Al Ain Private School16-19/Oct/2017Acceptable64256425
Beit Al Maqdes International Private School16-19/Oct/2017Acceptable51009100
Belvedere British School08-11/May/2017Acceptable2360030700
Bloom Academy (Brighton College) Al Ain12-15/Mar/2018Outstanding4990079000
Bright Riders School23-26/Jan/2017Good920019100
Bright Riders School Branch 116-19/Jan/2017Weak50006000
Brighton College Abu Dhabi07-10/Nov/2016Very Good4850074100
Canadian International School19-22/Feb/2018Good3507546494
(Choueifat) International Private School Rowais06-09/Nov/2017Acceptable1790025000
Cranleigh Abu Dhabi30/01-02/02//2017Very Good6500096333
Creative British School23-26/Oct/2017Good700018000
Crescent International Private School12-15/Mar/2018Acceptable1170016100
Dar Al Huda International Private School16-19/Oct/2017Weak42008700
Dar Al Uloom Private School16-19/Oct/2017Acceptable41007900
Diyafah International School16-19/Apr/2017Good2590034200
Elite Private School (formerly Al Nukhba)24-27/Apr/2017Acceptable1700031000
Emirates Education Academy23-26/Jan/2017Acceptable650011000
Emirates Falcon International Private School23-26/Oct/2017Acceptable2000027500
Emirates Future International Academy09-12/Oct/2017Acceptable780014600
Emirates National Private School Al Nayhan06-09/Nov/2017Acceptable3415055920
Emirates National Private School Al Ain24-27/Oct/2016Good1976051500
Emirates National Private School Manaseer23-26/Oct/2017Acceptable2333032260
Emirates National Private School MBZ12-15/Feb/2018Very Good2333059920
Emirates Private School AD19-22/Feb/2018Good910021600
Emirates Private School Al Ain12-15/Feb/2018Acceptable800013000
Emirates Private School Bani Yas06-09/Feb/2017Weak34565820
First Lebanon Private School05-08/Feb/2018Acceptable270010800
Future International Academy31/Oct-03/Nov/2016Good1347021875
Future International School06-09/Nov/2017Acceptable1139524205
GEMS American Academy30/Oct-02/Nov/2017Very Good5030070100
GEMS Cambridge International School29/Jan-01/Feb/2018Good2050034900
GEMS United Indian School22-25/Jan/2017Good900015300
GEMS Winchester School AD24-27/Oct/2016Good1680023100
GEMS World Academy30/Apr-03/May/2018Very Good3995058400
German International School (data from 2016 inspection)*29/May-01/Jun/2016Very Good2656540000
Global English Private School14-17/May/2018Acceptable1200023600
Global Indian International School10-13/Oct/2016Acceptable1000011400
Good Will Children Private School10-13/Oct/2016Good2320029900
Grace Valley Indian Private School7-10/Nov/2016Weak397516000
Horizon Private School30/Jan-02/Feb/2017Acceptable900022090
Horizon Private School Branch31/)ct-03/Nov/2016Good2200041300
Ibn Khaldoun Islamic School09-12/Oct/2017Acceptable32009400
Indian Private School Al Ain23-26/Oct/2017Good42009200
International Academic School01-04/May/2017Acceptable2900039000
International Community School13-16/Nov/2017Acceptable2175050831
International Community School Branch 123-26/Jan/2017Good1230116350
International Indian School26-27/Feb/2017Good1050012500
International Jubilee Private School23-26/Oct/2017Good1220026600
International Private School13-16/Feb/2017Acceptable400011000
Islamia English High School02-05/Oct/2017Acceptable690014100
Japanese School of Abu Dhabi07-08/May/2018Very Good1520033000
Liwa International Private School30/Oct-02/Nov/2017Good1620029300
Liwa International School for Girls01-04/May/2017Good3250041850
Lycee Louis Massignon15-18/Jan/2017Very Good2170039900
Madar International School05-08/Mar/2018Acceptable1770028700
Manar Al Ilm Private School30/Jan-02/Feb/2017Weak630020000
Manor Hall International Private School12-15/Feb/2018Acceptable2500035000
Maplewood International School20-23/Feb/2017Acceptable3100038000
Mayoor Private School30/Jan-02/Feb/2017Good1750025000
Merryland International School29/Jan-01/Feb/2018Outstanding2350041400
Modern Private School21-24/May/2017Acceptable1400025000
Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan Generations School17-20/Oct/2016Acceptable1267017780
New Indian Model School30/Apr-03/May/2018Acceptable43007000
Oasis International School06-09/Feb/2017Acceptable31805000
Our Own English High School13-16/Nov/2016Good46009200
Pakistan Community Welfare School12-16/Feb/2017Weak22002200
Pakistani Islamic Private School16-19/Oct/2017Weak29005500
Palestine Private Academy06-09/Oct/2017Weak24006900
Pearl Academy (data from 2016 inspection)*Exempted until 2018/19Very Good4040040400
Philippine – Emirates Private School23-26/Jan/2017Acceptable600013000
Polaris Private Academy23-26/Jan/2017Acceptable915014500
Raha International School05-08/Feb/2018Outstanding3610056900
Rawafed Private School05-08/Feb/2018Good1800041800
Reach British School24-27/Apr/2017Acceptable2280039100
Repton Foundation School 12-15/Mar/2018Very Good5500061000
Rosary Private School30/Jan-02/Feb/2017Good740016200
Ryan International School07-10/Nov/2016Acceptable1340014700
Ryan Private School (now Indian Modern Private School)07-10/Nov/2016Good1200022000
Saint Joseph’s School14-17/May/2018Good580010000
Scholar’s American International School7-10/May/2017Acceptable2950043200
Scientific Distinction Private School02-04/Oct/2017Acceptable750010700
Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangladesh Islamia Private School08-11/Feb/2016Acceptable51786578
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan School20-23/Feb/2017Acceptable34005800
Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls14-17/May/2018Very Good2900066900
Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys14-17/May/2018Very Good4790058200
Shining Star Private School14-17/May/2018Acceptable1268620731
Summit International School23-26/Jan/2017Acceptable1870023100
Sunflower School16-19/Jan/2017Weak1400017500
Sunrise English Private School07-10/May/2018Good680010700
Tawaam Model Private School09-12/Oct/2017Acceptable600014200
The American International School in Abu Dhabi 12-15/Mar/2018Very Good3050055500
The Australian School of Abu Dhabi20-23/Feb/2017Acceptable1495735334
The British International School Abu Dhabi 09-12/Oct/2017Very Good5030066400
The British School Al Khubairat10-13/Oct/2016Very Good4150062300
The Cambridge High School09-12/Oct/2017Good1450030700
The Gulf International Private Academy13-16/Feb/2017Good1180025500
The International School of Choueifat Abu Dhabi09-12/Oct/2017Acceptable1960034600
The International School of Choueifat Al Ain26/Feb-01/Mar/2018Acceptable1940034300
The International School of Choueifat Khalifa A14-17/May/2018Good2000035300
The Iranian School23-24/Oct/2017Weak36004560
The Model Private School07-10/May/2018Acceptable45006200
The National Torches School01-04/May/2017Acceptable400020000
The Philippine Private School14-17/May/2018Acceptable64006600
The Philippines Global School16-19/Jan/2017Acceptable48767800
Theodore Monod School13-16/Nov/2017Acceptable1910022700
United School of Al Yahar20-23/Feb/2017Acceptable1550031000
United School of Bani Yas Private School16-18/Oct/2017Acceptable1400020000
Universal Private School15-19/Oct/2017Weak480015000
Virginia International School14-17/May/2018Acceptable2400035000
Vision Private School13-16/Feb/2017Acceptable680013700
Wales International School (formerly Al Ansar)16-19/Apr/2018Acceptable2350030500
West Yas Academy24-27/Apr/2017Good5100061500


*Schools that were not inspected in the last two year cycle or for whom no current inspection report is available are asterisked.

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