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Top New Schools Opening in 2018-19 – The List

Top New Schools Opening in 2018-19 – The List

by Lis ONealSeptember 9, 2018

With the start of another academic year, has searched for information about new school openings.  This year seems to have been less busy than previous ones, with a total of 13 new private schools admitting students for the first time.  All of these schools are based in Dubai. 

Interestingly, for the first time in our recollection, UK curriculum schools are in the minority!  Whilst five schools are offering pure UK curriculum, the IB curriculum is clearly beginning to show its weight.  Three schools are offering purely the IB curriculum, whilst two others are offering a US/IB or UK/IB combination.  There are also two pure US curriculum schools and one CBSE school (which opened in April 2018).  Parents are definitely not starved for choice.

Despite rumours of 7 new schools in Abu Dhabi, we have not been able to identify these schools and believe that they are most likely to be public schools, for which ADEK is also responsible.  The public/private partnership arrangement announced by ADEK earlier in the year, aimed at ensuring that more moderately priced schools would be available for Abu Dhabi families, does not yet appear to have resulted in new schools opening their doors for 2018-19.

Here is our list of new schools that are opening this month:

School nameLocationCurriculumOpening grades /year groups*Fees from/to
Al Mawakeb School Al KhawaneejAl MizharUSKG – Grade 8AED 33,450-64,350
Bright Riders School DubailDubai Investment ParkCBSEKG1 – Grade 5AED 19,000-24,000 (discount of AED 4,000 in 2018)
Brighton College DubaiAl Barsha SouthUKFS1 – Year 9AED 64,000-107,000
Dubai International Academy Al BarshaAl Barsha 1IBPre-KG – Grade 9AED 48,188-79,653 (discount of AED 3,000 approx)
Dunecrest American SchoolAl BarariUS/IBPre-KG – Grade 10AED 46,000-89,000 (discounts of 9-20%)
Dwight School DubaiAl Barsha SouthIBKG – Grade 9AED 113,000-130,000
Fairgreen International SchoolSustainable CityIBPre-KG – Grade 8AED 50,000-88,000 (discounts 13-30%)
GEMS Founders Mizhar SchoolAl MizharUKFS1 – Year 8AED 23,000-30,000 (discount AED 1,000 per year group)
Ignite School, Al WarqaAl WarqaUSPre-KG – Grade 5AED 28,000-37,000
Riverston School DubaiNad Al Sheba 4UKFS2 – Year 6AED 67,500-70,500
South View SchoolRemraamUKFS1 – Year 8AED 42,000-59,000 (discount up to AED 7,000 with 3 year plan)
The Aquila SchoolTWadi Al Safa (Centro/Villa -Dubailand)IPC/UK/IBFS1 – Year 4AED 45,000-55,000
The Arbor SchoolAl FurjanUKFS1 – Year 6AED 56,000-95,000 (discount up to AED 8,000)

*Fees shown are the officially approved KHDA fees – discounts, where not specifically mentioned, are available for students joining in 2018-19 for most schools.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.

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