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Masks off! ADEK promises Removal of Restrictions when students get vaccinated. Covid-19 Exit Roadmap to Normal in Abu Dhabi Schools published.

Masks off! ADEK promises Removal of Restrictions when students get vaccinated. Covid-19 Exit Roadmap to Normal in Abu Dhabi Schools published.

by Tabitha BardaJanuary 11, 2022

Get vaccinated! ADEK announces Roadmap to Return to Normal in Abu Dhabi schools. 

ADEK has release a roadmap to the removal of restrictions in Abu Dhabi schools – and all it requires is that students get vaccinated.

Parents can now check on progress in their school – and compare that with the vaccination rates of students achieved by other schools.

ADEK [Department of Education and Knowledge], the Abu Dhabi Schools Regulator, has released the information to encourage parents to vaccinate their children as quickly as possible so that, not only can schools open and stay open, but also that education can return to as close to normal as possible and restrictions can be removed:

“Be part of the change and help your school community reach new heights.

Together we will return to normal.

Building on the success of health and safety measures implemented in schools during the pandemic, the Blue Schools Initiative offers Abu Dhabi schools a clear roadmap to normalcy by providing customized privileges based on student vaccination rates, supporting schools to gradually relax measures and return to normal operations.”

ADEK. January 2022.


Once a school achieves an 85% plus vaccination rate, what is referred to as a “Blue Rating”,  all physical distancing is removed, classes will not close, and school closures will only be required if Covid-19 cases are found in 8 classes or more, or where more than 16 live cases are recorded.

Once schools reach 85% plus vaccination rates too, the requirement for mask wearing within school grounds is also removed, internal school events can begin without restriction – and intra school events and sporting competitions can occur with other equivalently vaccinated schools.


Current vaccination rates and progress

ADEK has published a roadmap to escape restrictiosn in schools based on vaccination rates of students.

Currently, however, less than 1% of all Abu Dhabi schools, meet this standard – and, in almost 70% of schools, under half of all students are vaccinated. 

  • In 69.6% of Abu Dhabi schools, less than 50% of students are vaccinated. [Orange Rating]
  • In 19.4% of Abu Dhabi schools, between 50% and 64% of students are vaccinated. [Yellow Rating]
  • In 10.1% of schools, between 65% and 85% of students are vaccinated. [Green Rating]
  • In only 0.9% of Abu Dhabi schools, 85% plus of students are vaccinated. [Blue Rating]

Currently, 121,394 students, around 44%, are vaccinated. This compares with 37,299 teachers and staff currently vaccinated – around 97%.


Understanding the colours and progress of schools


The full detail

Blue Schools Initiative Policy EN


Further information
For further guidance, ADEK has set up dedicated help lines for families:

Private School Parent Hotline

  • Sunday to Thursday
  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • 800-2335

Charter School Parent Hotline

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