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Abu Dhabi School ADEK Inspections: How Did Schools Perform?

Abu Dhabi School ADEK Inspections: How Did Schools Perform?

by Lis ONealFebruary 13, 2018

ADEK (Abu Dhabi Education and Knowledge Department) issued the first batch of inspection results for the 2017-18 academic year during the first week of February. Unlike Dubai, where inspections take place on an annual basis, ADEK usually inspects schools every 2 years. In the first tranche, 48 schools were inspected of the ADEK inspections for 2018-19.

22 schools retained their ratings from the previous inspection round of ADEK inspections in 2015-16 – with 1 remaining Very Weak, 4 Weak, 10 Acceptable, 3 Good, 3 Very Good (Al Ain International School, GEMS American Academy and British International School Abu Dhabi – BISAD)  and 1 (Al Muna Academy) maintaining its Outstanding rating. The performance, and therefore ratings, of 3 schools has, says ADEK, declined – these were Abu Dhabi Indian School, and the two Choueifat branches in Abu Dhabi and Rowais.

The main areas of focus for Abu Dhabi Indian School relates to the provision of Arabic, meeting the learning needs of all students, including those with SEN, high achievers and the gifted and talented (G&T), improving school self-evaluation so that it supports the identification of realistic and achievable improvement targets, and benchmarking students’ achievement against international standards.

Analysis of the latest ADEK inspection results below the table.


School NameInspection start dateInspection end dateAdek Overall 2017/2018 RatingLast Overall RatingSchool Fees Minimum (AED)School Fees Maximum (AED)Batch Published Date
Abu Dhabi Indian Private School02/10/201705/10/2017AcceptableGood71501441404/02/2018
Adnoc School, Madinat Zayed06/11/201709/11/2017WeakWeak209003740004/02/2018
Ain AlKhaleej Private School09/10/201712/10/2017AcceptableWeak60501415004/02/2018
Al Ain English Speaking School16/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableWeak205004100004/02/2018
Al Ain International Private School09/10/201712/10/2017Very GoodVery Good396005733004/02/2018
Al Awa’il Private School16/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableWeak55001100004/02/2018
Al Bhaya Private School23/10/201726/10/2017GoodAcceptable161001730004/02/2018
Al Ettehad Private School26/10/201729/10/2017Very WeakVery Weak2100300004/02/2018
Al Hamdanya Grand Private School15/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable689111,27504/02/2018
Al Iman Private School13/11/201716/11/2017AcceptableWeak6,00012,00004/02/2018
Al Ittihad National Private School Al Ain30/10/201702/11/2017GoodAcceptable16,60030,80004/02/2018
Al Maali International Private School30/10/201702/11/2017WeakVery Weak8,40015,00004/02/2018
Al Muna Primary School16/10/201719/10/2017OutstandingOutstanding415804158004/02/2018
Al Najah Private School02/10/201705/10/2017GoodAcceptable135003500004/02/2018
Al Nash’e Assaleh Private School n/a n/aGoodGood 7000 1800004/02/2018
Ashbal Al Quds Private School02/10/201705/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable81001610004/02/2018
Asian International Private School13/11/201716/11/2017GoodWeak38001210004/02/2018
Baream Al Ain Private School16/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableWeak6425642504/02/2018
Beit Al Maqdes International Private School16/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable5100910004/02/2018
(Choueifat) International Private School Rowais06/11/201709/11/2017AcceptableGood179002500004/02/2018
Creative British School23/10/201726/10/2017GoodAcceptable70001800004/02/2018
Dar Al Huda International Private School16/10/201719/10/2017WeakWeak4200870004/02/2018
Dar Al Uloom Private School16/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableWeak4100790004/02/2018
Emirates Falcon International Private School23/10/201726/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable200002750004/02/2018
Emirates Future International Academy09/10/201712/10/2017AcceptableWeak78001460004/02/2018
Emirates National AlNayhan06/11/201709/11/2017AcceptableWeak341505592004/02/2018
Emirates National School Manaseer23/10/201726/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable233303226004/02/2018
Future International Academy06/11/201709/11/2017AcceptableWeak113952420504/02/2018
Gems American Academy30/10/201702/11/2017Very GoodVery Good503007010004/02/2018
Ibn Khaldoun Islamic School09/10/201712/10/2017AcceptableWeak3200940004/02/2018
Indian Private School Al Ain23/10/201726/10/2017GoodWeak4200920004/02/2018
International Community School13/11/201716/11/2017AcceptableAcceptable217505083104/02/2018
International Jubilee Private School23/10/201726/10/2017GoodAcceptable122002660004/02/2018
Islamia English High School02/10/201705/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable69001410004/02/2018
Liwa International Private School30/10/201702/11/2017GoodGood162002930004/02/2018
Pakistani Islamic Private School16/10/201719/10/2017WeakVery Weak2900550004/02/2018
Palestine Private Academy06/10/201709/10/2017WeakVery Weak2400690004/02/2018
Scientific Distinction Private School02/10/201704/10/2017AcceptableWeak75001070004/02/2018
Tawaam Model Private School09/10/201712/10/2017AcceptableWeak60001420004/02/2018
The British International School of Abu Dhabi09/10/201712/10/2017Very GoodVery Good503006640004/02/2018
The Cambridge High School09/10/201712/10/2017GoodGood145003070004/02/2018
The International School of Choueifat Abu Dhabi09/10/201712/10/2017AcceptableGood196003460004/02/2018
The Iranian School23/10/201714/10/2017WeakWeak3600456004/02/2018
Theodore Monod13/11/201716/11/2017AcceptableAcceptable191002270004/02/2018
United School of Bani Yas Private School16/10/201718/10/2017AcceptableVery Weak140002000004/02/2018
Universal Private School15/10/201719/10/2017WeakWeak48001500004/02/2018
Yas Academy Private School16/10/201719/10/2017AcceptableAcceptable4000860004/02/2018
Zakher Private School30/10/201702/11/2017AcceptableAcceptable49001120004/02/2018


For Choueifat School, Abu Dhabi, inspectors rated the areas of Achievement, teaching and assessment and curriculum design as Acceptable. They recommend that there should be a focus on increasing levels of support and challenge in lessons so all children make progress, and broadening the range of teaching strategies to support younger children with their learning. In the Rowais School, the findings were very similar, with Achievement, Teaching and Assessment rated Acceptable. There is a need to focus on improving achievement across all subjects, and especially Arabic medium subjects, and improving students’ learning skills, particularly independent working and innovation skills.

Among the remaining 25 schools whose ratings improved, Al Maali International Private School, Pakistani Islamic Private School and Palestine Private Academy improved their ratings from Very Weak to Weak.

Ain AlKhaleej Private School, Al Ain English Speaking School, Al Awa’il Private School, Al Iman Private School, Baream Al Ain Private School, Dar Al Uloom Private School, Emirates Future International Academy, Emirates National School AlNayhan, Future International Academy, Ibn Khaldoun Islamic School, Scientific Distinction Private School, Tawaam Model Private School and United School of Bani Yas Private School improved their ratings from Weak to Acceptable.

Asian International Private School and the Indian Private School Al Ain outperformed others by improving their rating from Weak to Good – moving 2 rating grades, which is a significant achievement.

Al Bhaya Private School, Al Ittihad National Private School Al Ain, Al Najah Private School, Creative British School and International Jubilee Private School also improved their ratings, moving from Acceptable to Good.

No schools were able to improve their rating to either Very Good or Outstanding.

Whilst ADEK will no doubt be pleased to see standards improving, one school is still rated Very Weak (Al Ettehad Private School) and 7 schools from this first tranche of inspected schools are still rated Weak.  This represents 15% of the schools inspected. 26 schools are rated Acceptable. This represents 54% of schools in this tranche – a significant number, given the ambition that all schools should be rated Good or above.

It will be interesting to see what the next round of inspections brings in terms of progress.

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