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New Coronavirus Covid-19 Guidance Issued by ADEK to Help Parents and Schools in Abu Dhabi

New Coronavirus Covid-19 Guidance Issued by ADEK to Help Parents and Schools in Abu Dhabi

by Jon WestleyMarch 4, 2020

ADEK, the Abu Dhabi Regulator of schools has issued a Q&A addressing many of the questions of parents and schools. The full Coronavirus Covid-19 guidance to help parents and schools manage during the closure of schools across the UAE can be found below.


Q&A issued by ADEK and UAE Government to help parents through Coronavirus Crisis and Closure of Schools

What is expected of schools during the four-week break?

The Spring Break has been brought forward. Schools will use the first two weeks of the break to make sure all plans are in place to implement distance learning. As of 22 March 2020, distance learning will start for all students. If schools had other Spring Break plans, please adjust accordingly.


How will ADEK support schools in implementing distance learning?

ADEK is working on customized solutions for schools, based on the assessment of their current readiness and the action plans that have been submitted after the session on Monday 2 March 2020. ADEK will be working very closely with schools over the next two weeks to ensure their readiness.



Will ADEK provide resources to schools and parents who need it to ensure they can continue distance learning?

ADEK will make learning resources available to schools to support students learning from home. Over the next two weeks, ADEK will be communicating with schools to provide these resources and help them implement their customized plans.


How can schools ensure that their students, especially those that are sitting for external exams (currently or soon) will not be affected?

ADEK will be working closely with affected schools to ensure that students who are scheduled to take external exams during the temporary closure are not impacted. For other students who are scheduled for external exams directly after the extended break, ADEK will ensure that students will not be affected.


Are teachers allowed to take time off during the four-week break?

Teachers should not be allowed to take time off during the four-week break.

However, it is at the discretion of the school principal to allow them to work from home. ADEK needs the teachers during the next two weeks to prepare and ensure continuity of student learning.


Can teachers bring their kids to schools?

No, schools will be closed to all students and children.


Who is responsible for communicating with parents and ensuring learning continuity for students?

The schools are responsible for communicating with parents to ensure that learning is taking place at home over the break period.


Will parents be entitled to a fee refund during this break?

No, during this break, schools will continue to provide education in line with their academic plans. Schools have developed contingency plans and teachers are going to provide support to students during these two weeks.


Will school resume operation after four weeks?

The health authorities will be continuously assessing the situation during the four-week break so please continue to monitor official channels for updates.


Will schools have autonomy to use existing e-learning solutions that best fit their needs?

ADEK will work with schools on their customized plans to make sure that they are able to use their existing e-learning platforms.


What subjects should be covered during the distance learning period?

Every school will have its own offering based on its curriculum requirements. ADEK encourages schools to cover the core subjects: Arabic, Math, Science, and English.


Should schools track student attendance during the distance learning period?

Tracking of attendance will be covered in the guidelines, which will be circulated to all schools.


What do we do if any of our students or staff members have just arrived from a country where the virus has spread?

Staff, students, and their relatives returning from countries where the virus has spread, are advised to stay at home for a period of 14 days and ensure they are tested prior to returning to school. Please call the Ministry of Health and Prevention on 8001717 / 80011111 for further clarification, if required.


During the period of school closure, can schools continue to serve as testing centers?

ADEK is working with schools and the respective embassies directly to ensure that operations are not hindered, especially with respect to external board exams. Schools can contact ADEK on +971 56 377 1994 for further questions on this matter.

Will there be a circular related to school closure?

Yes, the circular has been sent to schools’ emails. ADEK also advises that schools follow ADEK’s social media accounts for all official announcements.

Official accounts are as follows:

Instagram (

Twitter (


If the schools have specific requirements, can they contact ADEK?

Yes, if schools have any specific curriculum requirements they should contact ADEK on +971 56 377 1994.


How can MOE private schools get support?

The Ministry of Education has provided training for private schools implementing the MOE curriculum to ensure that distance learning is enabled. Please contact MOE for further support, if required.


How will this announcement affect Asian schools?

Asian schools should assume that Thursday 5 March 2020 is the last day of the school year and calculate student scores accordingly. Internal exams will not take place as scheduled, however ADEK will work with schools to ensure that students sitting for external exams are not affected.


A dedicated hotline has been set up to advise worried schools and parents on 06-7017000 and email at [email protected] for issues that arise during the closure of schools and universities.

This is a rapidly developing story and we will publish more information for parents live as we receive it.

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