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Top 27 Affordable All-Through UK Schools in the UAE by Rating, Fees
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Top 27 Affordable All-Through UK Schools in the UAE by Rating, Fees

by Lis ONealMarch 7, 2018
Updated April 2018 – The pick of the most affordable British curriculum schools in the UAE
Educating your children from the age of 3 or 4 to 18 years of age is a huge financial commitment for most parents. It is all too easy to choose a school when children are young, without necessarily considering the long-term costs involved.  Options have been limited in the past, with parents having to choose between quality of education and fees.  With the more recent addition of schools offering affordable fees and the increased focus by the regulators on school improvement, parents now finally have more choice. In the following we look at our pick of the most affordable British curriculum schools offering what we see as a good mix of value and quality of provision for families. has researched the options that we believe provide proven quality at fees that are affordable (no more than AED 50,000* for the final grade/year). Our list of the Top 27 affordable all-through UK curriculum schools throughout the UAE is based on ADEK/KHDA ratings of Good or above, since this is the minimum rating the regulators expect schools to achieve, in addition to fees within the affordable range. *(We have made one exception where the fees for year 13 are AED2,000 over our limit). The fees listed also include additional fees such as books, resource fees, computer fees – any that are a requirement above and beyond tuition.

Where schools are located in emirates that have not yet rolled out the Unified Inspection process, we have based their inclusion in our pick of the top affordable British curriculum schools on the reputation of the owners, the accreditation and inspection of the school by British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) or BSO (British Schools Overseas) or the personal knowledge of the SchoolsCompared,com or teams.


SchoolLocationADEK/KHDA ratingLowest feeHighest fee
The Winchester SchoolJebel AliVery GoodAED13,542AED30,210
Merryland SchoolMussafahVery GoodAED23,850AED42,500
The Westminster SchoolAl NahdaGoodAED8,101AED15,243
Apple International SchoolAl QusaisGoodAED8,250AED15,960
St. Mary’s Catholic High SchoolOud MethaGoodAED8,322AED16,117
Rosary School, SharjahMuweilahn/aAED9,980AED11,650
Al Ameen Private SchoolAl NahdaGoodAED10,400AED14,220
Al Diyafah High SchoolAl QusaisGoodAED10,800AED22,930
Pristine Private SchoolAl NahdaGoodAED13,700AED22,900
Al Najah Private School*MBZGoodAED13,800AED30,600
Dubai Scholars Private SchoolAl QusaisGoodAED14,341AED29,500
Queen International SchoolHor Al AnzGoodAED14,380AED28,970
GEMS Winchester School, Abu DhabiBaniyasGoodAED14,700AED27,300
Fujairah Academy **FujairahBSME/BSOAED15,000AED34,000
Al Salam Private SchoolAl NahdaGoodAED17,080AED31,100
Dubai Gem Private SchoolOud MethaGoodAED17,815AED31,225
Cambridge International School DubaiGarhoudGoodAED18,175AED25,152
Victoria English School SharjahAl Azran/aAED19,600AED36,500
International School of Creative Science SharjahMuweilahn/aAED21,700AED40,100
Star International SchoolAl TwarGoodAED20,365AED52,630
GEMS Founders School***Al Barsha Southn/aAED20,900AED27,550
Sheffield Private SchoolAl NahdaGoodAED21,400AED40,365
GEMS Wesgreen International School, SharjahMuweilahn/aAED22,410AED49,665
GEMS Winchester School, FujeirahFujeirahn/aAED22,700AED32,400
Good Will Children’s School, Abu Dhabi ****MussafahGoodAED24,800AED29,900
Scholars International Academy, SharjahMuweilahBMSE/BSOAED25,420AED39,900
Diyafah International School, Abu Dhabi*****MussafahGoodAED25,900AED37,600



* Al Najah School offers UK curriculum to year 11/grade 10 and the IB Diploma programme for years 12/13.

** Fujeirah Academy does not publish its fees; however we understand that they are within this range.

*** GEMS Founders fees include discounts on the KHDA approved fees for the first two years of operation. Approved fees are within the affordable range.

**** Good Will Children’s School is currently open to year 9 and expanding grades annually.

***** Diyafah International School is currently open to year 10 and is expanding grades annually.

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