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A Level Results Day – Jumeirah College confirms “stellar” results of its students with confirmed places at UCL, Kings and the LSE for Computer Science, Medicine and Actuarial Science
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GEMS Education’s Jumeirah College is celebrating extraordinarily good results from its students – some of the best on record, against a background of worries across UAE schools that students this year would be punished by the British qualifications regulator, Ofqual, which is set on adjusting this year’s grade boundaries downwards to counter baked-in grade inflation caused by the pandemic.

Marc Morris, Principal of Jumeirah College celebrating outstanding A Level results of Jumeirah College students in GEMS Education celebration

Marc Morris, Principal of Jumeirah College told SchoolsCompared:

“Congratulations to our Year 13 students on achieving an outstanding set of examination results at A level.

We are delighted that this leaves the majority of students in a position to access their first choice of university.

In addition to recognizing the achievements of our students, it is important to pay tribute to their families and teachers who have supported them on their academic journey.

The examination boards have been very clear that this year’s results should be above the last set of public examination results taken in 2019, after two years of centre/teacher assessment. We are very pleased that our results for 2022 show improvement across all three grade categories when compared to 2019 with students achieving:

A* grades           20.9%

A* – A grades     55.4%

A*-B grades       86.3%

Our students have proved to be incredibly resilient through the pandemic and we wish them every success with their future academic and professional careers.

Well done!”

 Jumeirah College – Top performing students

Student name, age & nationality Results University destination(s) University course No. of years at school
Ayman Khan, 18, India 4 A* University of College London, UK Computer Science 7
Ali Tahir Malik, 18, Pakistan 4 A* King’s College, UK Medicine 2
Seojune Park , 17, Korea 4 A* London School of Economics and Political Science, UK Actuarial Science 2
Aarush Agrawal, 18, India 2 A*, 2 A University of Illinois Urban, US Computer Science 6
Akshita Jha , 18, India 2 A*, 2 A Georgia Institute for Technology, US Biomedical Engineering 5

A Level achievement 2019 – 2021

A Level results 2021 2020 2019
No. of students in A level cohort:  145 144 140
No. of exam entries  400 442 437
% of exam entries graded A*  30 23.8 16.5
% of exam entries graded A*-A  70 63.3 48.5
% of exam entries graded A*-C  99 98.9 94.7
% of exam entries graded A*- E  100 100 99.8
Overall pass rate A*-E  100 100 99.8
Number of students excluded from the statistics (staff, non-students etc)  n/a n/a n/a
Highest number of grades by individual students  5 x 4A*s 3A*s, 1A 4A*s, 1A

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