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Safa Community School I/GCSE and BTEC Results Day 2023 – The Celebration of Outstanding. Photo Gallery Exclusive.
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0 was delighted to visit one of our favourite schools in the UAE. Below you will find an exclusive Photo Gallery capturing what Outstanding means in one of the happiest and most ambitious schools for students in the UAE as they celebrate I/GCSE and BTEC Results Day 2023. You can read the full story of the day here.

Preparation for I/GCSE Results Day goes on through the night as proud teachers and school leadership prepare to celebrate their amazing students and their achievements. Here we see banks of IGCSE Letters and Results ready for the students when they arrive at the school to learn of their results.




Photo Gallery of GCSE Results Day at Safa Community School in Dubai 2023

A Day when every Student becomes a Hollywood film star as the whole school shares in the success of each other

Families celebrate at Safa Community School GCSE Results Day 2023


Photo Gallery of GCSE Results Day at Safa Community School in Dubai 2023

A very big thank you to all the families, teachers, students and school leadership of Safa Community School for sharing your amazing day with You are all amazing! Well done on a fantastic set of GCSE Day 2023. Wow!

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