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Kings’ School Al Barsha “tight-knit” Sixth Form graduating students set to make a positive difference in the world
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Year 13 young men and women at King’s School Al Barsha are celebrating across-the-board A Level and BTEC result success following their release. Kings’ School Al Barsha stands out for us because of its extraordinary breadth of subject options for students – and creditable commitment to students being able to pursue the subjects that inspire them. As a result, a significant number of students choose the Humanities at a time in which we are seeing increasing pressure on students globally to favour STEM subjects, quite regardless of their personal interests and ambitions. The school is also committed to a choice of student pathways with strong commitment to both the academic gold-standard academic A Level qualification and the technical and vocational BTEC qualification options for all its students.

With a breadth of subject choice comprising 24 A Level subjects, Level 3 BTEC qualifications in Business, Hospitality and Music Technology, The Extended Project Qualification and Kings’ own Diploma, we rate Sixth Form at King’s School Al Barsha outstanding plus.

The Kings School Al Barsha team is particularly proud of the close-knit community of the Sixth Formers at its school, another stand-out feature for us of a school that has built a rich and independent school environment for its young adults as they study for A Levels and plan their futures.

Photograph of Rebecca Gray, Principal of Kings' School Al Barsha on A Level and BGTEC Results Day in Dubai

Rebecca Gray, Principal, Kings’ School Al Barsha told SchoolsCompared:

“The tight-knit group of 60 Sixth Form students embodied Kings’ ‘Results the Right Way’ ethos with 93% of entries awarded grades A*- C.

We are now starting to see the Kings’ alumni graduate from universities around the world and begin their own careers.

These Kingsonians are now followed by an exceptional group of young people who, I am sure, will have a similar positive impact on society.”


Paul Taylor, Secondary Headteacher, Kings’ School Al Barsha, continued:

“The way in which our students have stayed focussed on their exams in spite of all that the pandemic has thrown at them has been simply magnificent. No other generation of students has ever had to handle uncertainty and pressure in the way that they have.

I would also like to pay testament to the quality of teaching and pastoral care that we have seen at Kings’ School Al Barsha. My colleagues have been totally dedicated to this cohort of students and, like me, will be delighted by their success.

Irrespective of whether children come to us for the whole journey or join us at a later stage, our curriculum is wholly student-centred and focuses on them as unique individuals. We take pride in being able to meet the needs of every individual and do ‘The Best by Every Child.”

Top-performing students

  • Leah achieved 3 A* grades in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology
Sixth Form graduating student Hamdan Alfardan celebrating outstanding results at Kings' School Al Barsha on A Level and BTEC Results Day 2022

Sixth Form graduating student Mr Hamdan Alfardan (pictured) celebrates outstanding results at Kings’ School Al Barsha on A Level and BTEC Results Day 2022 having achieved an A* in History, A in Politics and a B in Economics. Mr Alfardan now looks forward to studying Government, International Relations and Law

  • Daniyal achieved A* grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry, with a further A grade in Economics.
  • Josh achieved three Distinctions in Btec Business
  • Sankhya (see below) achieved A* grades in English Literature and Sociology, and an A grade in History

University destinations

University designations for Kings School Al Barsha students include:

  • UCL
  • SOAS
  • Nottingham
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Loughborough
  • Exeter
  • Manchester

Students celebrate

Photograph of Sankhya Patel on her graduation with outstanding results from Kings' School Al Barsha on A Level and BTEC Results Day 2022

Miss Sankhya Patel told

“I am so happy! It’s taken a lot of hard work to get here, but Kings’ taught me the value of persistence and never giving up. I’ll be going to University College London to study History, and then intend to do a Law conversion; I look forward to contributing to society in a meaningful way.”

Overall results – A Level

  • 40% of students achieved A* to A
  • 93% of students awarded grades A*- C

Sixth Form prospectus

Kings School Al Barsha Sixth Form Prospectus 2022

Further information

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