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GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail – THE 2020 REVIEW
The new home for children from GEMS Wellington Primary School following its closure
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GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail – THE 2020 REVIEW

by October 17, 2020

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail – Updated October 2020, exclusive SchoolsCompared.com 2020 verdict, visit and updates. Upgraded “Very Good School with Outstanding Features” 2020 rating. New school Director with stand-out record in the Arts and whole child development. New extended BTEC stream at Sixth Form.

Background – GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail

A culture of happiness is deeply embedded within the ethics and whole child focus of GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail

Worth seeking out the “end of year” videos for on You Tube, GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail [WEK] is a relatively new school which, since its opening in 2013, has launched full all-through British curriculum provision to A’ Level. The school has now, hugely to its credit, as of June 2020 been rated  as a Very Good School with Outstanding Features by the Dubai Inspectorate of Schools. The school is rated Outstanding by British Schools Overseas (2020), the organisation’s highest award.

Al Khail itself is pretty much a GEMS-only school zone currently, and Wellington is bordered by GEMS New Millennium, GEMS International – and pretty much little else. This said, it’s proven very attractive to parents based in the New Dubai areas, including the Meadows and Greens, as well as families based around the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in areas such as Arabian Ranches and Dubai Sports City. The value proposition, in terms of its balance of (high) quality of provision to fees, has ensured the popularity of GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail with families, this despite its opening years taking place during the most intensively competitive school environment in the UAE education sector history. Our verdict on the school, of which more below, is uniformly positive – and particular in terms of its school leadership, which we rate as outstanding, and child happiness and engagement – again, both of which we rate as outstanding. Our review is based on an extended visit to the school in 2020 during which we conducted lesson observations, took part in a school tour, conducted extended and in-depth  discussions with the senior leadership team and carried out follow up exchanges with GEMS Education. All our reviews are based on extensive knowledge of the school through Which Media intelligence (the largest education specialists in the UAE with a global presence) and detailed independent feedback from parents, teachers and students.

Location information and context below:

Map showing the location of and directions to GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail - a British Curriculum flagship GEMS school in Dubai

GEMS leverages its premium-plus “Wellington” brand at the school to signal to parents that what is on offer is a Tier 1 British,  English National Curriculum based education from EYFS through to (I)GCSE and A’ Level.


Whilst the Wellington brand has been elsewhere associated with International Baccalaureate Diploma provision post-16, GEMS Wellington International Al Khail stands out in offering the “Gold Standard” A Level as the foundations of its 16-18 provision at Sixth Form. A Level was consistently asked for by founding families and it is a credit to GEMS Education and the school that it responded by building the development of the school around the needs and wishes of its founding families and children..

The school launched with FS to Year 6 provision to manage the opening of the school with great care and attention to its children. Today, after a period of gentle and gradual phased launch GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail is accepting registration to Year 13, subject to the child meeting the needs of the curriculum at the point at which they enter the school. Importantly, the school is highly inclusive and confident in the gifts and expertise of its teachers to ensure that each child succeeds in his or her own terms, ability, ambitions and potential. Flight paths and baselines are established for every child joining the school and progress is continuously monitored. Parents are regularly updated on the progress their children are making (a recognised strength of GEMS schools) and children as a whole meet or exceed those projected flight paths.

School design follows the traditional Wellington architectural and facility brief; it’s typically outstanding in breadth and quality of provision – see below for details.

However, the real story of any school is to be found in what happens on the inside – and the school takes no prisoners in (proudly) adorning the walls with examples of children’s work and creativity. Colour, the celebration of child achievement, and school pride, abounds. GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail is a school less about buildings than the children, which is as it should be. The seemingly endless empty sand dunes and Al Quoz industrial zones on its borders are soon forgotten when you enter a school that brims with life and a clear passion amongst its children for learning. This is a very happy school.



The complex is cleverly designed around the three main school groups; Foundation, Primary and Secondary. Each is set around the impressive shared facilities which include a 600-seat auditorium; (spectacular) dining area overlooking the extensive sports fields; and landmark sporting complex including 25M 8-lane Senior and 25M 6-lane Junior swimming pools); toddler pool; 3-level gymnasium; and training facilities.

Stand-out architectural features include a fabulous light filled entrance lobby, palm filled courtyards and a building design focused on reducing the solar gain of the midday sun to ensure the buildings remain comfortably temperate throughout.

Other facilities include a broad spectrum of science and technology labs; multi-purpose hall and theatre; recording studio and video suites; a plethora of indoor and outdoor covered and/or shaded play areas; specialist rooms for music, art, Special Educational Needs [SEN] and inclusion rooms; medical centre; languages and design centres; dedicated FS free-flow areas; Primary, Senior and Post-16 libraries; phased study zones; Post-16 Lounge; and an Achievement Center.

Core sporting provision includes roof top tennis courts; competition football and rugby pitches, multi-court sports halls; full size football and rugby pitches; multi-use games areas adaptable for more than 20 individual sports and activities.

Building on the tradition within the English public schools sector for houses, students are awarded their own house and team colour on entering the school from:

  • PEARL – white
  • EMERALD – green
  • RUBY- red
  • ONYX – black

with coloured sun hats to match. As the school reaches capacity the ability of houses to provide structure, fire competitive imaginations and foster a shared sense of school identity and purpose should not be under-estimated.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail is unusual and “ambitious” in “placing specific focus on supporting children who are either academically-gifted or those who have additional learning needs” to “ensure that each child achieves a minimum of three steps each year at the relevant UK curriculum level, as opposed to the two steps targeted in the UK.” To achieve this, the school is the first GEMS school to offer specific structured support to students who do not currently meet the relevant academic standard for their age group – or who are over-achieving against them. This does not mean that children in the middle are lost, the opposite is in fact true as by leaving no child behind, every child is pulled up and given every justification to believe in themselves and be ambitious for their learning. It is worth noting that the Dubai Inspectorate of Schools have described the school as “visionary” – a rare compliment from a Schools Inspectorate known for its conservatism in language.

A comprehensive list of facilities follow:

  • ·Black Box (Drama)
  • 3 Music classrooms
  • 3 Yoga Studios
  • Hydroponics systems
  • Organic Garden
  • Radio Room
  • TV Studio
  • Product Design Studio
  • 2 Food Technology classrooms
  • Robotics Lab
  • Canteen
  • Gym
  • Dance Studio
  • Two indoor Sports Halls
  • 2 x 25 metre Swimming Pools
  • 1 Foundation Stage Pool
  • 2 Football/Rugby Pitches
  • 3 Tennis Courts
  • 1 Cricket Pitch
  • Long Jump
  • Running Track
  • Basketball Court
  • 5 Playgrounds
  • 6 Science Labs
  • 3 Libraries
  • 1 dedicated Arabic Library
  • 2 Mac Labs
  • 2 Computer Science Labs
  • 600-seat Auditorium


BSO Report 2020

Extended EYFS support for children in the Early Years is a stand out feature of education at GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail

GEMS Wellington Al Khail BSO Report 2020


Strengths and Stand-out Features

Photograph of the GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail specialist Swimming Centre of Excellence - a unique specialist training academy for swimming in Dubai. In the photograph we see South African Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games Champion swimmer Chad le Clos, speaking with elite scholarship students at the school.

GEMS Wellington Al Khail argues that it stands out in the Tier 1 British schools sector in the following five key areas:

  • The “Wellington” Learner Profile – academic standards are centred around the attributes of (1) critical thinking; (2) risk-taking; (3) independent inquiry; (4) teamwork; (5) reflective learning. These are deigned to develop rounded, academically high achieving students but with the broader spectrum of whole child skills and attributes demanded by employers in the digital economy.
  • Learning Beyond the Classroom – GEMS Wellington Al Khail operates an extensive Enrichment and ECA programme, including pupil’s access to a specialist Sports Academy. The GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail Swimming Centre of Excellence opened in October 2019 with a launch event including the South African Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games Champion swimmer Chad le Clos, representatives from Swim England and the Centre’s expert partners, Hamilton Aquatics. The Centre provides specialist swimming education and support to learn, train and perform with expert teaching and coaching. The school’s Swimming Centre of Excellence is run in partnership with Hamilton Aquatics and enables elite swimmers and students balance between extended specialist training with core school curriculum requirements and commitments.
  • A dedicated GEMS Employability programme connects students to industry-recognised vocational pathways (although these exclude BTEC).
  • Personalised Learning Programmes – all students are provided with personalised learning programmes to prepare them individually for future work streams. These programmes include specialist education in AI, technology and partnerships with universities. GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail hosted the GEMS Global Innovation Showcase 2020, the UAE’s largest youth innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition. The Showcase saw over 1,500 youth innovators across 400 teams present their technology-rich solutions to global and corporate challenges.
  • Well-being Focus – The school emphasises building confidence and empowering student leaders through Sport and Performing Arts in a supportive environment.
  • Bespoke Sixth Form Structure and Provision – A Levels are taught in small groups within a purpose-built Sixth-Form Centre. Sixth Form study is partnered with a bespoke Core Enrichment Programme.
  • A focus on smaller class sizes – phases are capped at EYFS to 20 students, between Year 1 & Year 2 to 22 students,  and from Year 3 to 24 students.

Key positives picked up by the Dubai Inspectorate of Schools include:

  • Outstanding partnerships with parents
  • Very Good level of student progress (this in our view, the key measure of a school’s performance academically for children) at every phase in Science, English and Mathematics
  • Very good levels of support for students of determination, including gifted and talented students. This is another key way of measuring a school’s performance – this is a school committed to individualised learning for every child. Many schools talk about ensuring the success of every child (“”no child will be left behind””) – but GEMS Wellington Al Khail actually delivers on it. For parents looking for a school with some form of guarantee that their children  will achieve their potential, the school’s proven delivery in child progress offers confidence that every child, regardless of ability will be encouraged to at least meet, if not exceed, their predicted academic flight paths set on joining the school.
  • In rare and strongly expressed praise, the KHDA writes that “student and staff relationships are exemplary.” This is the highest vote of confidence in this area recorded by the KHDA for any school in Dubai.
  • Outstanding care of, and support for, all children.
  • Outstandingly inclusive school ethics.
  • An extraordinarily high 95% of parents rate GEMS Wellington Al Khail as delivering a high quality of education for their children.


Academic attainment

In 2019:

· 95% of students achieved at least 5 GCSE’s at grade 4 and above (Grades A to C).

· 47% of GCSE results achieved were at Grade 7 to Grade 9 (Grades A*A).

· 26% of all GCSE results were at Grade 8 (A-) or Grade 9 (A+)

· 12% of all GCSE results were at Grade 9 (Beyond A*+)

The first cohort of A Level students sat for their A’ Level examinations in 2020 and results were excellent including 49 per cent A* to A grades with 19 per cent of exam entries graded A* and 76 per cent A*- B.


School Leadership

Photograph of Campbell Dounglas, Director and School Principal of GEMS Wellington Al Khail in Dubai

Principal and CEO of GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail, Campbell Douglas is a Music graduate by training with expertise in whole child development, the broader Arts and Music Theatre. A graduate of the University of Auckland, Mr Douglas went on to study for his Masters in Educational Administration at Massey where he achieved First Class Honours. He brings to GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail two decades experience in education, latterly in China as Director of both Dulwich College in Suzhou and Zhuhai, both UK curriculum schools founded as overseas campuses of Dulwich College London. Mr Douglas developed his career as an educationalist at Fraser High School in New Zealand where he was instrumental in developing the Arts. Mr Douglas has a deep seated commitment to inclusion and has a strong record in ensuring that in the schools he has led, no child is left behind. His experience in the Arts has seen him produce landmark productions of Phantom of the Opera, Cats and the Secret Garden.


GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail Official 2020 School Prospectus

GEMS Wellington Adaemy Al Khail 2020 School Prospectus


School fees

GEMS Wellington Al Khail has noticeably reduced its fees against KHDA agreed fees. Full reductions follow:

Grade  Agreed Fees 2020 Actual Fees 2020 Annual Saving
FS 1 Agreed: AED 57,635 Actual: AED 43,941 Saving: AED 13,694
FS 2 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 1 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 2 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 3 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 4 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 5 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 6 Agreed: AED 72,044 Actual: AED 55,346 Saving: AED 16,698
YEAR 7 Agreed: AED 94,211 Actual: AED 76,312 Saving: AED 17,899
YEAR 8 Agreed: AED 94,211 Actual: AED 76,312 Saving: AED 17,899
YEAR 9 Agreed: AED 94,211 Actual: AED 76,312 Saving: AED 17,899
YEAR 10 Agreed: AED 101,515 Actual: AED 85,870 Saving: AED 15,645
YEAR 11 Agreed: AED 101,515 Actual: AED 85,870 Saving: AED 15,645
YEAR 12 Agreed: AED 101,515 Actual: AED 86,760 Saving: AED 14,755
YEAR 13 Agreed: AED 101,515 Actual: AED 86,760 Saving: AED 14,755

As a Tier 1 premium school, we rate the value proposition here very high. However, the school is let down by not offering a dual stream BTEC programme for students in the Sixth Form. We would like to see this addressed in future years as the school moves towards a capacity role. We would also like to see the school give greater profile to the outstanding GEMS Scholarship Scheme which GEMS Educations runs across its schools. There are many outstanding students who would benefit from an education, but for whom the fee levels will be out of reach. Our arguments for scholarship provision, and the benefits of schools attracting outstanding students across academic subjects, the Performing Arts, Sport and other talents is discussed here. This link will also provide you with further information on the GEMS Scholarships programme ore broadly. GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail offers extended scholarship opportunities for elite swimmers and its offer here is arguably the best of any school in the UAE.


Official 2020 KHDA School Inspection – In Full

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail KHDA Inspection Unabridged 2020


Bottom line? The SchoolsCompared.com Verdict 2020

Whilst the KHDA describes facilities on balance at pitching in at a benchmark of 80%, we think the school deserves an A rating. School transparency too we rate as outstanding – this is one of the few GEMS schools to be completely transparent in publishing the results of external examinations sat at the school.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail also sets the benchmark for elite sport in Swimming across schools in the UAE- and GEMS Education deserves serious acclaim for its serious investment in scholarship provision here to support the outstanding strengths of the facility.

Our single critique historically of this otherwise outstanding school was the lack of technical stream BTEC or T Level provision at Sixth Form. This seemed a strange omission for a creditably inclusive school – and one very much at odds with best practice in the Tier 1 British Schools sector. It was also the only major critique of the school highlighted by BSO in its otherwise powerfully supportive view of the school.

As of September 2020 this has now been addressed in full. Today GEMS Wellington Al Khail offers one of the broadest range of BTEC options available in a UAE school with Level 3 BTEC options in:

  • Sport
  • Performing Arts
  • Applied Science
  • ICT
  • Entrepreneurship

The breadth of subject provision at both GCSE and A’ Level we rate as outstanding with a significant number of outlier options not offered by other schools working to a budget – these including Psychology (an important bridging subject between the Arts and Sciences),  Sociology, Art & Design, Economics and Business.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail today, with BTEC provision now in place, is, in our view, a fabulously inclusive school with the warmth, teaching expertise, outstanding school leadership, Sixth Form pathway breadth of offer and overwhelmingly happy school dynamics, to deserve its place in the top tier of British schools in the UAE. Its fabulously diverse student role, commitment to individualised education, standout care for children and access to the broader range of GEMS expert programmes (including those in Music, Languages and Sport) create a hugely inspiring proposition for parents.

The happiness of children – and the care of teachers and school leadership, was a stand-out feature of the school on our extended 2020 visit. No school over the last 18 months has outshone it in these areas.

One very telling and hugely creditable example of the school’s investment in each child as an individual is in its providing students with the opportunity to re-take Mathematics and/or English GCSEs in Year 12 and Year 13 if necessary rather than using this, as too many other schools do, as a pretext to prevent children from studying A’ Levels. Many students develop later in these subjects, whilst being otherwise outstanding candidates for advanced academic A’ Level study.

Finally, GEMS Wellington Al Khail is fortunate in having a new Director, Campbell Douglas, with such a stand out record in the Arts, something rare in UAE schools. We expect a strengthened commitment to whole child development and the school’s broader investment in Music and the wider Arts.

The SchoolsCompared.com 2020 bottom line? GEMS Wellington Al Khail today, with BTEC technical stream provision now in place (September 2020) for those children whose ambitions and skills do not align with A’ Levels is, in our view, an outstanding, inspirational and genuinely child-centred school that delivers for its children at every phase. On offer is a whole child focused, academic education, layered with unique features that clearly sets the school’s offer apart from its peers in the Tier 1 sector. In its steadfast focus on meeting the needs of every child, and without qualification, this is a school that absolutely sparkles.

Very highly recommended.

© SchoolsCompared.com 2020. All rights reserved.

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Details to consider
2018/19 Overall ADEK / KHDA Rating

Very Good with Outstanding Features (2020)
BSO Outstanding (2020)
Good with Very Good and Outstanding features (2019)

2017/18 Overall ADEC / KHDA Rating

Good with Very Good and Outstanding features

2016/17 Overall ADEC / KHDA Rating


2015/16 Overall KHDA / ADEC Rating


Rating FS

Very Good

Rating Primary / Elementary


Rating Secondary / Middle

Very Good

Rating Post 16 / High


Type of school

Private, for profit

Full WSA Review
Average Cost Per Year

FS1: 43,941 down from 52,000
FS2: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 1: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 2: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 3: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 4: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 5: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 6: 55,346 down from 65,000
YEAR 7: 76,312 down from 85,000
YEAR 8: 76,312 down from 85,000
YEAR 9: 76,312 down from 85,000
YEAR 10: 85,870
YEAR 11: 85,760
YEAR 12: 86,760
YEAR 13: 86,760


National Curriculum for England (NCfE)
(1) EYFS
(2) GCSE
(3) A' Level

External Exam Boards

Pearson BTEC

Number of A Levels offered

+ BTEC (Sport, Performing Arts, ICT, Applied Science and Entrepreneurship)

A Levels offered

Subjects include:
· Art and Design – EDEXCEL
· Biology – AQA
· Chemistry – AQA
· Computer Science
· Design and Technology – Product Design – AQA
· Design and Technology – Textiles and Fashion Design – AQA
· Drama and Theatre Studies – EDEXCEL
· English Literature and Language – AQA
· English Language – AQA
· English Literature – AQA
· French – AQA
· History – AQA
· Media Studies – AQA
· Music – EDEXCEL
· Physical Education – AQA
· Physics – AQA
· Psychology – AQA
· Spanish – AQA
· International Business Studies – EDEXCEL
· International Economics – EDEXCEL
· International Geography – Cambridge
· International Maths – EDEXCEL
· International Sociology – Cambridge

A Level A* to A

49 per cent A* to A grades (2020)

A Level A* to C

19 per cent of exam entries graded A* and 76 per cent A*- B (2020)


2019: 95% of students achieved at least 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 ( Grade C) and above


47% A*A
12% A* plus (2019)

Number of I/GCSEs Offered


I/GCSEs offered

· Arabic as a second language GCSE
· Islamic Studies IGCSE
· French GCSE
· Spanish GCSE
· Business Studies IGCSE
· Economics IGCSE
· Enterprise IGCSE
· ASDAN International Silver Award
· Geography IGCSE
· History GCSE
· Art and Design GCSE
· Design and Technology GCSE
· Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE
· Computer Science GCSE
· Drama GCSE
· Media Studies GCSE
· Photography GCSE
· Music GCSE
· Psychology GCSE
· Physical Educations GCSE
English Language
English Literature
Physical Education (non-examined)
Islamic Studies (For Muslim students only)


Inclusive - decision based on last 2 school and nursery reports. Possible play assessment in FS1 and FS2 with some focus on English language ability. Possible Years 1-10 brief test with focus on reading, writing and mathematics. KS3 assessment includes current school report, National Curriculum assessment and Cognitive Ability test.

Waiting list


Value Added

Not published

Number of Students

(2,500 capacity)

Teacher to Student Ratio

FS1 1:22
FS2 1:23
Years 1-13 1:27

Largest nationality teachers


Teacher turnover

8% (rated very low)

Year opened



Al Khail, Dubai

Student composition

(1) International role with 77 nationalities represented. Largest nationalities British, Irish, Arab, European, Asian.
(2) 50% EAL
(3) SEND: 79 pupils (8%) including gifted and talented.
(4) Emirati: 72


Mixed, co-educational

School canteen



GEMS Education

Admissions Telephone

+971 (0)4 339 6233

Web Address
Attainment Nur SEM


Attainment Pri SEM


Attainment Sec SEM


Attainment Post-16 SEM


Progress Nur SEM


Progress Pri SEM


Progress Sec SEM


Progress Post-16 SEM


Arabic Native Primary Results (Native)


Arabic Secondary Results (Native)


Arabic Post-16 Results (Native)


Arabic Primary Results (Add.)


Arabic Secondary Results (Add.)


Arabic Post-16 Results (Add.)


Islamic St. Primary Results


Islamic St. Secondary Results


Islamic St. Post-16 Results








Quality of teaching


Student personal responsibility


Quality of curriculum


School Governance


SEN Provision



• Powerful and inspirational sense of school identity and warmth, this particularly creditable for a relatively new school
• Flagship, innovative GEMS inclusive school with best-in-class support programmes for students across the ability spectrum
• GEMS school village feel with neighbouring GEMS schools offering future potential for inter-school competition in sort and ECAs
• Fabulous house system generating competition and shared sense of purpose
• Outstanding Executive CEO school leadership and Senior Leadership team - with a highly visible commitment to children that shows itself in reciprocal warmth from children at the school.
• Tier 1 facilities – outstanding breadth and quality of provision
• Outstanding facilities yes – but they play second fiddle to the development and support of students which is more important and equally outstanding
• Committed, passionate teaching staff drawn from the spectrum of ages, experience and specialisms creating a hugely dynamic learning environment
• Genuine and inspiring commitment to scholarships in swimming to support its flagship Centre of Excellence in Swimming. This sets the bar very high across UAE Schools and for swimming athletes the offer here is best in class.
• Very high commitment to child progress and proven delivery of child flightpaths
• 95% positive parental feedback on the care and academic performance of the school for their children - an extraordinarily high score and in the top tier of parental feedback achieved by any school in the UAE.
• Extensive Subject and pathway breadth of choice for students at Sixth Form including both A' Level and BTEC


• Originally, uninspiring off pitch location inevitably part of new development areas in Dubai. The Hills development on the school's doorstep, together with the new state of the art Kings College Hospital Dubai, place the school today at the hub of an area that will in the medium term be highly developed.

Our Rating
User Rating
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Arts & Drama
SEND Provision
Scl Community
Scl Facilities

• Inclusive, innovative Tier 1 school that will not rush the journey of its students to meeting their potential. This is a stand-out, flagship British school in the making. KHDA Very Good with Outstanding Features - and BSO Outstanding, this is a school that deserves its many accolades. Highly Recommended.

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