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School Holidays in British Schools. Official and Confirmed. 2021 – 2022. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Final holiday dates have now been confirmed for British schools in the UAE.

There may be some minor changes to the following to allow for variance between schools (schools set different inset days for example) and public holidays are always subject to final confirmation.

However, these dates should now offer parents the clearest diary planner for school holidays to date in British schools.

These clarifications follow significant changes to UAE school holiday timings announced by the school regulators – and subsequent agreement for British schools to be able to continue to offer half term breaks for students.


Term 1 Starts

Sunday 29th August

(First day of academic year)

Half Term Sunday 17th October – Wednesday 20th October
Prophet’s Birthday* Thursday 21st October*
Commemoration Day* Wednesday 1st December*
National Day* Thursday 2nd December-Friday 3rd December*
End of Term 1 Thursday 9th December




Term 2 Starts Sunday 2nd January 2022
Half Term: Sunday 13th – Thursday 17th February
End of Term 2 Thursday 24th March



Ramadan starts* Saturday 2nd April* 
Term 3 Starts Sunday 10th April  
Eid al-Fitr* Sunday 1st May– Wednesday 4th May*
End of Term 3

Tuesday 5th July

(Last day of academic year)

* Public holidays are subject to change.


Notes for parents

New school holiday rules in the UAE

More information on the changes to school holidays can be found here.

School holidays could be cut to just two weeks maximum

Information on the impact of mooted changes to school holidays in the UK and reduction of Summer holidays to just two weeks can be found here.

General information school holidays across all UAE schools can be found here.

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