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Distance learning back on the agenda for Dubai school pupils during Ramadan. KHDA confirms new weekend choice for parents and students.

The KHDA has announced that all private schools must now offer families the opportunity for their children to work from home on both Fridays during Ramadan. Families must now be given the option for students to learn from home on the following term-time dates:

  • Friday, 24th March 2023
  • Friday, 14th April 2023

Schools are now, as instructed by the KHDA, contacting all families to offer them the opportunity for their child(ren) to learn from home on both days. Schools will be expected to set work for students to follow to ensure that they do not fall behind their peers. One benefit of the Covid 19 pandemic was the rapid introduction of home education systems which are now expected to be fired up again to meet the new option being presented to families.

As the KHDA commented – this is a “time of togetherness” and this decision, opened up by the power of technology as a force for good, is made in that spirit. Whilst not mandatory, schools are expected to consult with parents and listen to their views on what they believe is best for their children, the spirit of this important time for the people of the UAE and their community. We would expect few schools to deny parents the choice to keep their children with them at home.


KHDA announce that families must be given the option for students to spend Fridays at home during Ramadan

A SchoolsCompared parent commented:

“I am actually really pleased. Ramadan is tough on children, including on our son who is older. It also affects other non-Muslim children too – the atmosphere during Ramadan in school does place pressure on them all.

Now we can provide a more comfortable environment for both our children – we will be taking this up.


Bravo KHDA!”

It is worth noting that three schools we have spoken with have said that if a family chooses this option, they must take it up for both days.

This is a fast developing story and will be updated.

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