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Eid Al Fitr 2024 UAE School Holidays: Surprise Bumper Break Confirmed. But When Does all the Work Get Done?

It has been confirmed by the UAE Ministry of Education that Spring Break will be a lengthy three weeks for all UAE schoolsfrom Monday 25 March – Sunday 14 April 2024 (inclusive). This is longer than in previous years: most UAE private schools traditionally have just two weeks for Spring Break. But, while students and many parents will most likely be delighted at the extended vacation, what does this mean for UAE schools’ ability to deliver the curriculum appropriately? Does a long continuous break at such a crucial point in the academic year risk learning loss? And, with seemingly so many school holidays, when does all the work get done?

When is UAE Spring Break 2024?

Eid al Fitr and Spring Break school holidays 2024 - but when is there any time left for studying?

The last day of term before UAE schools break up for Spring Break is this Friday 22 March. 

In previous versions of the 2024 academic calendar, most private schools were slated to have a two-week holiday for Spring and were due to return on Monday 8 April.

Although the UAE Ministry of Education dictates the exact start and end dates of certain school holidays, Spring Break has always traditionally been flexible, with private schools given the option to choose between a two or three-week vacation between the Spring and Summer terms. Most private schools would customarily opt for two weeks off in Spring, while preserving the extra week for use as a half-term break elsewhere in the school year.

However, Spring Break has panned out a little differently in 2024 – most likely due to the fact that it is expected that the Eid A Fitr public holiday will fall on Tuesday 9 April 2024. According to many schools’ original academic calendar, this would have meant returning for lessons for just one day on Monday 8 April, before going off on vacation for the public holiday again for Eid Al Fitr (all Islamic public holiday dates subject to official confirmation). Although there has been no official announcement regarding the longer Spring Break for all UAE schools, it is likely it has been altered this year to encompass and allow for the timing of the Eid Al Fitr public holiday.

First day of Summer term: UAE private and public schools recommence learning on Monday 15 April after a three-week Spring vacation that encompasses the expected Eid Al Fitr public holiday.

Eid Al Fitr Public Holidays UAE 2024



Eid Al Fitr School Holidays Famous Dubai Fireworks

Fireworks during Eid Al Fitr in Dubai are famous throughout the world. Free displays take place at locations including Bluewaters Island, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Global Village, and Jumeirah Beach.

End of Ramadan: The end of Ramadan and the beginning of the Eid Al Fitr holiday is expected to fall on Wednesday 10 April, according to the latest predictions.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Astronomy Society was quoted this week by official UAE government media sources as stating:

“Islamic consensus is expected that the first day of the month of Shawwal and Eid Al Fitr shall be on Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

“The birth of Shawwal crescent will coincide with the occurrence of a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024; its birth before midnight will mean that it can be seen after sunset the next day in most parts of the Islamic world.”


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Eid Al Fitr public holiday: The official portal for the UAE government states that the Eid Al Fitr public holiday will be from 29 Ramadan (the last day of Ramadan) to 3 Shawwal in the Islamic calendar (4 days in total). As the 29th day of Ramadan corresponds to 9 April in the Gregorian calendar this year, the Eid Al Fitr public holiday is expected to fall on Tuesday 9 – Friday 12th April 2024. Public holidays will be officially confirmed closer to the time, but it’s possible that UAE residents could enjoy a 6-day long weekend (if you include the regular two-day weekend) from Tuesday 9 April until Sunday 14 April.

All dates are tentative until there is official confirmation.

With so much time off for Eid Al Fitr and Spring Break, when does all the school work get done?

With lengthy school holidays and public holidays often not being announced until the last minute, it is common for parents to wonder when do their children actually do school work? Schools are aware of the need to remain agile, and allow for this in their timetable plotting at the beginning of the year, says Simon Herbert, Head of School/CEO, GEMS International School – Al Khail:

We are well used to being agile around holidays and our Government Relations Executives work hard to keep us informed. There are certain days which remain flexible, and we give as much warning of any changes as possible.”

The advance planning means there is no need for students to miss out on any learning, Mr Herbert continues:

“The IB stipulates a number of hours that must be covered, according to the programmes, so we simply align this with our school schedules and yearly calendars. “We have calendar and events meetings, and the curriculum coverage is paramount and well planned in advance.”

Michael Davies, Head of Secondary at Safa Community School (SCS), agrees that careful forward planning means that even last-minute holiday announcements do not come as a surprise:

“Ramadan and the Eid break will lead to reduced school timings and an additional week break attached to our spring holiday this year. At SCS, across all Key Stages, lesson planning and schemes of work have already been adapted in advance to ensure no disruption to learning. However, with the importance of term three and the assessments that will take place both internally and externally, we will carefully plan for optional spring break materials to ensure our students are not disadvantaged by the additional holiday time.”

Mr Davies says that Safa Community School has crafted bespoke homework for students, to ensure learning remains seamless even over the holidays:

“Our Academic teams have developed Spring Break Packs containing some compulsory aspects from our core subjects using our online learning platform, Education Perfect. This work will target the preparation for our GL Progress Tests. In addition, there will be optional non-core subject context for students to complete. Additional resources are also available via our extensive Google Classroom platform from teachers and provide opportunities to create new revision resources ahead of the new term.

“To further support students’ reading skills and their GL NGRT progress, we are asking that students visit the library before the holidays and select a book to read; it is suggested that 30 minutes of reading each day is sufficient; some will no doubt read much more, the English department will support this process.”

For exam-stage pupils, the Spring holiday can be a crucial revision period, says Mr Davies:

“During the Spring Break holiday, we will open our doors and encourage our exam students to undertake our live lessons on-site. Staff will be timetabled to offer support and tailored revision sessions during the break.

“However, this is the norm at SCS, where in the months leading up to GCSE and A level exams, we offer ‘Saturday School’. Over 90% of our exam cohorts attend from 9 am to 11 am on a Saturday morning to access free revision sessions from their specialist exam teachers. We have been running this scheme for the past five years, and it has been instrumental in our exam success. This support continues even when our exam students have finished their courses and begin their study leave. Teaching staff will always be available for face-to-face support, revision and intervention sessions to support out-of-hours learning. This will allow them to access bespoke and individualised support in the lead-up to and during exam periods. Our dedicated and committed staff will always be available by email and during school hours to support learning. Furthermore, our pastoral, counsellor and senior staff operate with an open-door policy to support families and students.”

However, it is also of course important that all students also take the tie to rest over the Spring Break, concludes Mr Davies:

“AT SCS, all primary and secondary school students have access to the well-being platform Komodo, and its data suggests our students need to rest more, particularly in the evenings. The holiday period will provide a great chance to recharge the batteries and stay active. Students too have access to our PE YouTube channel, which contains a wealth of fitness and movement challenges.

“It goes without saying that whilst we want all our students to have a break during the holiday time, spend time with their family and friends, and travel, it is also essential to continue the momentum that has been built. A three-week absence without structured work can significantly impact the attainment and progress of any student, which is why we encourage all our students to engage with the work that their teachers will set for them but in a balanced manner. The teaching staff and pastoral teams will discuss with our students how best to find such a balance so they can enjoy a well-earned break and keep on top of their studies during the holiday period.”

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