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Therapists And Counselling Services For Youths, Teens and Adolescents In The U.A.E

Therapists And Counselling Services For Youths, Teens and Adolescents In The U.A.E

by Jane TalbotOctober 16, 2018

With the stresses that come with modern life and the intrusions and influence of social media, many young people can find it hard to manage their emotions. Therapy is no longer reserved for major traumas and it has become far more common for an individual to seek out therapeutic assistance to prevent minor worries becoming major problems.

‘MQ Transforming Mental Health Through Research’ is charitable organisation based in the U.K, created to bring quality of life for people suffering from mental health issues. According to its research, three in four mental illnesses start in childhood. 75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday, while 50% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) take root before the age of 15.

The myriad of reasons for seeking therapeutic assistance is infinite, however these are the most common triggers that cause people to seek help in the form of a therapist, psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist.

  • Depression: Mood disorders can start in the early teens, and if left untreated could last well into adulthood or for an individual’s entire life. Diagnosing a problem accurately and early can prevent deterioration and alleviate oppressive symptoms.
  • Anxiety Disorders: While it is very normal for any person to worry, some youths suffer from intense feelings of nervousness and unease. This could manifest as extreme shyness in a classroom setting or a persistent feeling that something bad is about to happen. Therapy can be the key to learning how to manage anxiety and eventually alleviate it.
  • Behaviour problems: Aggressive behaviour, property damage, bullying and falling grades may be a sign of an underlying potential mental health issues such as skill deficits, sensory processing disorders of social problems that could be identified as the cause of anti social behaviour and suitably treated.
  • Substance abuse issues: A potentially very serious legal issue in the U.A.E, substance abuse can be an immense concern for teens especially. Individual therapy, group therapy, detox and residential treatment are all options depending on the severity of the case.
  • Stress: Whether it is pressure to perform well at school, family worries or the modern day pressures that come with the influence of social media, stress can be an exhausting pressure for youths. Having therapy could be a good support mechanism for a child that doesn’t quite know where to look for assistance and can offers skills and tools to help them to successfully navigate through school and in society generally as they move into adulthood.
  • School related issues: Learning how to cope with being on the receiving end of bullies, how to handle juggling a social life whilst maintaining grades, and many other school related issues can become common place with the help of a qualified professional offering guidance.
  • Low self-esteem: The majority of people suffer from low self-confidence issues at some point during their lives, however it is particularly predominant in teens. Leaving these issues unaddressed can lead to spiralling self-esteem and has been known to lead to self-harming. Having assistance in developing a positive self-view can favourably influence the success of a child’s life.
  • Trauma: Physical assault can take may forms and can have a life long impact. Having therapy can help to reduce its impact and help a victim to overcome the potential panic attacks, flash backs and emotional scars that can remain.
  • Grief: Losing a loved one at any age is a traumatic time but can be especially impactful for the young. Seeing a qualified therapist can help a child to understand their feelings and make sense of the loss.
  • Eating Disorders: There are many types of eating disorders that vary in their severity; receiving treatment early can help a sufferer manage their unhealthy relationship with food.
  • Sports Therapy: On a lighter note, it has also become the norm for elite athletes to seek out mental health professionals to assist them in their sporting genre by teaching them mental skills that improve their performance and prepare them for competition.

One of the first steps in seeking out the appropriate person to help your child is in understanding what type of mental health provider you need.

Often there is much overlap in the specialisations of providers. A jungle of terminology and their terms are often used interchangeably. So it is important to understand what differentiates one type of professional from another.

Psychotherapist: These professionals cover all types of therapy that is associated with approaches and methods without medical means. Many tend to specialise in the type of emotional disorder that they work in, using behavioural, art, psychoanalysis, humanistic and mindfulness therapies.

Counsellor: A term often used by psychotherapists to describe themselves, counsellors use similar techniques. Arguably more suitable to shorter-term emotional problems, counsellors guide their charges to find their own solutions to their problems by talking them out.

Psychologist: The study of psychology is focused around the way in which people think, interact and react and is considered useful with more complex mental health conditions. Counselling psychologists combine a blend of therapeutic practice with research and theory. Psychologists take on more serious long-term issues such as bereavement, victims of abusive relationships and sexual assault.

Psychiatrist: A medically trained professional who has chosen to specialise in psychiatry to diagnose, manage and treat mental disorders. A psychiatrist must have received 5 years of training in medicine, a further two years in foundation jobs plus another 4 years of specialisation study.  Psychiatrists diagnose syndromes and more sever conditions and have the authority to write prescriptions to treat them.


A Lift In The Taboo

According to Richard Reid, a professional psychotherapist, there has been a shift in attitude toward mental health.

“There is definitely a shift in terms of people’s attitude to therapy and psychology in general. For years, it was a very taboo subject and many people would only seek out therapy if they were in crisis. But what we’re starting to see now and what I’m really pleased to encourage, is this idea about being proactive about your well-being, being proactive about managing situations, but also seeking out therapy as a form of self-development, so how can you apply that to a whole host of arenas like sports, business, interpersonal relationships, because psychology is definitely the heart of all those things.”


Early Intervention

Asma Ahmad has MSc in psychology from City University London and is the school counsellor at Horizon English School, Dubai. She believes that early intervention and awareness is key.

“Intervening early with regards to emotional support for children and young people is highly important, as is raising awareness, as it can be a taboo subject in many cultures. If parents have a better understanding and recognition of emotional and mental health problems they are more likely to intervene early, are better prepared to seek help, and to support their children to prevent or intervene early. It is just not raising awareness for parents but also for children and schools can play a big part in this.”


Finding The Right Fit

In Asma’s experience, achieving a positive outcome through therapy is hugely dependant upon locating the right counsellor for the child. Finding someone you and your child trust means increased likelihood of success in the intervention or therapy.

“As much as 85% of change can be attributed to the relationship formed between the counsellor/ therapist and the child and/or the parent. A good therapist can engage a reluctant child and understands the world as the child understands it. The therapist understands that the child’s problems are a way of coping (anxiety protects a child from danger; aggression can be a way of exercising control).

“When there is a need like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anorexia, depression, or truancy, a good therapist sees “the problem as the problem.” She doesn’t ever say, “This is a depressed child.” She says, “This is a child struggling with depression.” It’s a big difference.  A good counsellor/ therapist appreciates the child’s culture and the context where they live (and the culture and context of the child’s caregivers too). That person doesn’t have to be from your same ethnic, racial, or community background, but should be sensitive to differences and willing to ask questions about how your culture and values can help strengthen your child. For me, it’s more important who I find to work with my child than which approach he or she uses.”


A Guide To Counsellors/Therapists In Dubai has created a comprehensive list of centres in the U.A.E that provide a variety of types of mental health specialists using various methodologies. This is to assist parents in finding a resource that is befitting the specific needs of their child or family (in no particular order). It is always necessary to thoroughly check credentials prior to booking an appointment. It is also recommended to contact the centres for assistance and queries as not all of their comprehensive specialisations may be listed here.


The Maple Tree Centre

Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, X2 Towers, The maple Tree Centre has three Clinical Psychologists and one Counselling Psychologists.  The resident professionals offer a variety of therapeutic approaches in English, French, Greek and Finnish.

The Maple Tree Centre the therapeutic goal is to facilitate a client’s self-awareness and to promote insight and a sense of well-being: aiming to achieve this by providing a committed support system to guide the development of positive perceptions and behaviors.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
DepressionCognitive Behavioural TherapyAnxiety
AnxietyPsychodynamic TherapyEvents
Anger ManagementMindfulness InterventionsMental Health
Self-EsteemRelational And Experiential ApproachesMindfulness
Identity IssuesPain Management
Personal GrowthMindfulness Workshops
Childhood TraumaCounselling
Grief CounsellingFamily Therapy
Work And Career IssuesCouples Therapy
Stress ManagementIndividual Psychotherapy
Sleep Issues
Pain Management
Adjustment To Life Altering Diagnosis


CONTACT: Complete and submit the online contact form and a member of The Maple Tree Centre will get back to you.



ATIC Psychological & Counselling Centre

Based on Sheikh Zayed Road, ATIC is the first Art Therapy centre in the U.A.E licensed by the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai to offer Psychotherapy and Counselling services. Art therapy is the use of expressive arts to facilitate altered emotional states.

With a modern identity formed around the expressive benefits of art as therapy, ATIC has a team of qualified art psychotherapists and also provides a stand out online facility known as e-therapy, which provides mental health support via the Internet.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Special Needs And Learning DifficultyArt TherapyEvents
Anger ManagementPlay TherapyMental Health
Childhood DepressionCorporate WellbeingMindfulness
TransitionHumanitarian ProjectsPain Management
Childhood Trauma
Grief Counselling
Eating Disorders
Gender Identity
Adjustment To Life Altering Diagnosis
Social Skills
Attachment Issues



Tel: +971 4 339 2240, +971 54399 240

Email: [email protected]



Camali Clinic – for child & adult mental health

Based in JLT, Dubai Healthcare city and Abu Dhabi, Camali Clinic uses a holistic approach to mental health employing multi-disciplinary frameworks for anyone aged 2 and above.

The Camali Clinic’s international team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, registered nurses and clinical dieticians. Once a referral has been made the choice of appropriate professional to use will be made after the initial assessment.

For children and adolescents the therapists are specifically chosen for their empathy and understanding and work closely with the patient to achieve a meaningful and clear care plan.

Direct billing is available.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
AnxietyTeletherapyEvents And Training
Mood DisorderFamily ServicesSchool Readiness Programme
ADHD/ADDIndividual ServicesBounce Back Adolescence Day Programme
ASDDay Therapy CentreCommunity Support Groups
Bipolar DisorderCoffee Mornings
Eating Disorders
Executive Functioning
Learning Difficulties
Psychotic Disorders
Self Harm
Sensory Processing
Speech Therapy



Tel: Dubai Healthcare City, +971 (0) 4 276 6064+971 (0) 58 297 6331

Tel: Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), +971 (0) 4 276 6064+971 (0) 58 297 6331

Tel: Abu Dhabi – Camali at Healthplus, +971 (0) 2 666 0363+971 (0) 58 297 6331

Email: [email protected]



LifeWorks Foundation

Founded in 2012, LifeWorks Foundation was established with a view to providing support and to nurture the development of patient’s personal growth through emotional wellness and holistic, mindfulness practices.

Working to surpass emotional challenges, the focus is client’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

As well as the standard mental health services, LifeWorks offer a specialised employee and student assistance programme that benefits workplaces and educational institutions. Programmes include leadership and mindfulness techniques to build resilience with employee and programmes designed to assist student in making the most of their studies.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Psychological Services[email protected]
Children’s Mental HealthCrisis ServicesLifeworks Holistic Counselling Centre
Developmental DelaysMedical ServicesLifeworks Foundation
Career GuidanceAssessments
Parental Guidance
Emotional And Behavioural Issues
Clinical Psychiatry
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy



Tel: @ 800-LIFEWORKS(543396757) , 042245736

Email: [email protected]



The Clinic for Health and Medical Care (CHMC)

A German outpatient clinic, CHMC specialises in Psychiatry, Psychology and Family Medicine, and is located in Healthcare City in central Dubai. The two western qualified, resident professionals offer short, mid and long-term therapy plans based on the original comprehensive assessments. These include in-depth psychiatric, somatic and psychological evaluation, physical and neurological examination, ECG and a set of laboratory tests.

Treatments and processes are based on technologically advanced diagnostics aiming to balance psychotherapeutic techniques with each client’s needs.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Postpartum DepressionHypnotherapyPerson Centred Therapy
Bipolar DisorderMarriage CounsellingDialectic Behavioural Therapy
Panic AttacksDiagnosticsMedical Evaluation
AnxietyCognitive Behavioural TherapyPsychiatric Monitoring
OCDPerson Centred TherapyPharmacotherapy
ADHDLaboratory: EEG, ECGPsychodynamic Psychotherapy
Sleep Disorder
Sexual Disorder
Personality Disorder
Psychosomatic Disorders
Burnout Syndrome



Tel: 00971-4-4574240

Email: [email protected]



KidsFIRST medical Centre

With centres located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, KidsFIRST was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating a child focused inclusive centre designed with the requirements of children with special needs at its core. The large, multi- disciplinary team of international paediatric health care professionals work with infants and children to support their academic, physical and emotional development.

KidsFIRST has the motto of ‘help for kids and answers for parents’ and is known to have close collaborations with schools in the U.A.E.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Learning DifficultiesSpeech And LanguageSupport Groups
Sensory Integration

Handwriting And Fine Motor Skills

Occupational And SensoryWorkshops
Memory And ConcentrationPsychology And EducationPost Adoption Support

GAPS Diet Training

Speech And Language DevelopmentPhysio/PhysicalMakaton Language Therapy
Coordination And Gross Motor SkillsPaediatricsHanen Programme
Early InterventionChildren’s ServicesFamily Bonding
Social, Emotional And Behavioural SkillsSchool’s ServicesSummer Camps
Developmental DelayParent ServicesEvents
Eating And Swallowing (Dysphagia)
Interactive Metronome And Listening Programme


School Readiness
Vaccination, Physical Check Ups
Emotional Resilience



Dubai: Tel: 04 348 (KIDS) 5437

Email: [email protected]



Abu Dhabi: Tel: 02 555 1437

Email: [email protected]



Cognitive Behaviour Clinic Dubai

Located on the main strip on Sheik Zayed Road, the centre offers clinical assessment of teens and adults with a fully accredited Family therapist. The solo therapist is Australian educated with a degree in Psychology from the U.K and is experienced in the field of psychotherapy and counselling.

The clinic focuses on the personal approach and places importance on the relationship between the patient and the Doctor as a vital ingredient for a positive outcome.

Testimonials from previous clients can be found on the website.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Depressive DisorderCBTPsychology
AnxietyCognitive Behaviour ClinicCognitive Behaviour Therpay
Self-Esteem And Confidence BuildingPsychodynamic Therapy
Responsible Assertion Training
Stress Management
Eating Disorders



Narcissim/Antisocial Behaviour/Histrionic


CONTACT: Skype sessions are also available.

Tel: 050 345 8076 or 04 355 1716

Email: [email protected]



ClearMinds Centre Dubai

A centre for those in need of emotional support, ClearMinds is counselling and assessment practice in Dubai, which is focused on helping people become happier, stronger and to feel more fulfilled in life.

When supporting children, ClearMinds uses play, games and activities to assist the child in exploring their thoughts and feeling. For teenagers the therapy room is a non-judgemental, safe space. Adult’s therapy is focused around gaining a sense of freedom and choice in life.

The ClearMinds website has a step-by-step guide designed to help clients to determine whether they or their child is in need of therapeutic assistance.



Areas Of Specialisation

AnxietyPlay TherapyAdult Therapy
Substance AbusePsychodynamic TherapyChild And Adolescent Therapy
Self EsteemParent-Child Interaction TherapyAssessments
DepressionEducational Cognitive AssistanceWorkshops
Eating DisordersAbuse Assessment
General Life Satisfaction
Marital Issues
Sexual Addiction
Suicidal Thoughts
Behavioural Problems
Parent/Child Relationship


CONTACT: Complete and submit the confidential online appointment form.

Tel: +971- 4- 557- 6220

Email: [email protected]



The Psychiatry And Therapy Centre

The team at The Psychiatry and Therapy Centre includes Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Psychologists offering a range of treatments and medications, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching.

With the ethos that the best outcomes are achieved through a combination of professional excellence and empathy, the treatments focus on the evidence-based details.

An internationally trained team of professionals offer a variety of specialisations in a number of languages.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
AnxietyCounselling And Psychotherapy
BereavementClinical Psychology And CBT
Children’s IssuesA-Z Issues
Eating Disorders
Post Natal Depression
Psychological Issues
Relationship And Marital Issues
Bipolar Disorder



Tel:  04 422 1606

Email: [email protected]



German Neuroscience Center

Providing German healthcare in Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology and Counselling with highly qualified Professors and Doctors, the GNC claims a service beyond comparison in the region.

The Neurology Professors and Doctors at GNC are head of department at Universities or owners of their own clinics in Germany, meaning that follow up visits may not be with the same physician.

Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors are permanently based in the dual location of Dubai Healthcare City and JLT clinics, alongside modern diagnostic equipment.

Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
DepressionNeurological: Migraines, Sciatica Etc.Neurology
Sleep DisorderAdolescentsPsychiatry
ADHDPsychiatric DiseasePsychology
Eating DisordersCounselling
Child Mental HealthBiofeedback
Phobia/Panic AttacksTeen Support Groups
SchizophreniaGeneral Support Groups
Bipolar Disorder
Adjustment Disorder
Somotoform Disorder
Dissociative Disorder
Acute Stress


CONTACT: Appointments can be booked online.

Tel: +971 (0) 4 4298 578

Email: [email protected]



Stepping Stones Centre

Established in 2001, the Stepping Stones Centre was founded to treat and educate individuals diagnosed with learning issues with the goal for each individual being a more effective, independent and improved quality of life. The centre is located near Dubai healthcare City.

All staff members at Stepping Stones receive intensive training in Applied Behaviour Analysis regardless of their qualifications to ensure high-quality provisions.

With the aim of assisting each child to reach age appropriate milestones, therapists use academics, language and social, therapies and behavioural skill methods.

Stepping Stones has a strong reputation for believing in community and for putting the child’s needs and care above secondary considerations such as profit.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Learning DifficultiesLearning SupportSpeech And Language
Delayed SpeechConsultancyOccupational Therapy
Learning SupportSchool Shadow ServicesApplied Behaviour Analysis
Relationship SupportCounsellingAPIRE Vocational Training
Processing ChangeAssessment And EvaluationInclusion Programmes
Modified Discrete Trial TrainingBehaviour Consultation
AutismCommunity Outreach
Downs Syndrome


CONTACT:  Appointments can be requested online.

Tel: +971-4-363-5433

Email: [email protected]



Child Early Intervention Medical Centre

A specialist centre that focuses in all aspects of child development from birth to 18 years, (CEIMC) offers a variety of programmes for children who require early intervention in learning or behaviour.

A unique approach emphasising individualised services for children and their families. This incorporates health and wellness, culture, family, language and community all combined to contribute to a child’s overall development with the aim of getting them accepted into mainstream schooling.

The Western educated team are highly qualified in a variety of health care specialities including occupational therapy, speech development, and psychology and behaviour analysis.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Social BehaviourApplied Behaviour Analysis TherapyDiagnostics Clinic
CommunicationPsychologicalTherapy Departments
Academic NeedsSocial SkillsInclusion Unit
Autism Spectrum DisordersFeeding TherapyAutism Clinic
Sensory IntegrationOccupational TherapyTraining
Motor CoordinationVision TherapyCommunity
Functional PerformanceSpeech And LanguageResearch
Home Support Techniques
Learning Disabilities


CONTACT: Appointments can be requested online.

Tel: +971 4 4233667

Email: [email protected]



The Lighthouse Arabia Centre For Wellbeing

An institute with a strong reputation for effecting positive change, Lighthouse Arabia, brings together an international team of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists offering a range of treatments and is also home to the Raymee Grief Centre, which provides free grief support services to anyone living in the UAE.

The Lighthouse vision is to be a guiding light in transformational journeys towards health and wellbeing.

With an ethos founded in empathy and approachability, there is a step-by-step guide on the Lighthouse website regarding the initial appointment process to ensure that the person seeking help receives it at all times throughout the process.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Achieving Full PotentialPsychiatryMental Health
Support Through LifePsychotherapyWellness
Balance Of The Mind And BodySpeech And LanguageCommunity
Couples TherapyGrief SupportCare And Support
Goal RestorationChild And AdolescentsPositive Change
Grief And LossEmotional Wellbeing Check Ups
Care Giver Burnout
Illness/Disability Adjustment
Speech Therapy


CONTACT: Appointments can be requested online.

Tel: 971 (0) 4 380 9298

Mobile: (0) 50 279 2826  WhatsApp or SMS messages are accepted and will be responded to.

Email: [email protected]



Dubai Homeopathy Health Centre

For something a little different, the Dubai Homeopathy-health centre offers a pioneering (in the Middle East) service based on the natural forms of medicine for people with acute and chronic issues.

Established in 2005 the DHHC is located in Jumeirah 3, Dubai.

For children it offers chemical free treatments to evolve their bodies, evoking positive changes to emotions and behaviour, improving their learning capacity, emotional stability and physical health.

The homeopathic approach is based in the ethos that general medicine places harmful chemicals in the body causing a negative effect on the immune system, increasing learning issues and impairing growth.


Areas Of SpecialisationServicesCategories
Boosting The Immune SystemHomeopathyHealth Analysis
Aiding AbsorptionOccupational TherapyTreating Medically Untreatable Conditions
Boosting Physical And Mental DevelopmentHealth-O-Meter AnalysisSpecial Needs
Eliminates Allergies
Childhood Obesity
Metabolism Optimisation
Boost Confidence
Anxious Ticks
Parent Education And Counselling
Speech Therapy
Learning Support
Educational Psychology


CONTACT: Appointments can be requested online

Tel: +971 4 395 3333

Email: [email protected]


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