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Happiest Schools in the UAE 2021. OMGosh! proudly presents… GEMS FirstPoint School
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Happiest Schools in the UAE 2021. OMGosh! proudly presents… GEMS FirstPoint School

by Jon WestleyJune 8, 2021

GEMS FirstPoint School Dubai – Prepare for some happies! is delighted to welcome the astonishingly brilliant British curriculum GEMS FirstPoint School to the special family of (very) elite number of schools accredited with being Happiest Schools for Children in the UAE 2021.

And WOW!

GEMS FirstPoint just fills you to the brim with joy across the board – as you will discover from the very special video below recorded by an undercover special agent determined to uncover “extreme happiness” around every corner of this amazing school.

Our favourite video of the year so far – and one that captures just how fabulous this school is for delivering a joy-filled learning environment for every child absolutely EVEREYWHERE – Textiles, Sport, Music, IT, e-gaming, BTEC, A Level, GCSE, FS Golf, Dance, Performing Arts and more and more and more… and more.

A very…


… thank you to superstar, totally brilliant, Megan (Yes! It really does sound like this class is having fun!”), Ali, Omar, all the GEMS FirstPoint families and students who bring the school to life every day (every single one), inspirational teachers, GEMS FirstPoint Bus Driver, exceptionally joy-filled Principal Mr Matthew Tompkins, and, last but definitely not least Rajan, for creating something so perfect – and absolutely beyond making our day.

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Discover more and visit the official web site of GEMS FirstPoint School in Dubai. 

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