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Happiest Schools for Children in the UAE. SchoolsCompared presents… Arbor School Dubai.
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Happiest Schools in the UAE 2021 – The Arbor School in Dubai. looks at, in our view, the absolutely happiest schools in the UAE in 2021.

Today we welcome the Arbor School in Dubai to our SchoolsCompared accredited list of the very happiest schools in the UAE for children – but also for families and teachers.

The Arbor School in Dubai is quite extraordinary. Today, its grand biodomes, each bursting with flora, fauna, inspiration and the hope for a better world in equal measure, have come to represent a school that is deeply underpinned by its deep-seated ethical commitment to the environment and its protection.

Children here shine with their passion to change the world for the better, each with views richly substantiated by knowledge of climate change and the impacts of each and every action we take as the world races for net zero carbon neutrality worldwide by 2050.

So often, education is dominated by questions around whether ideas can change the world – about how meaningful learning in books can really be. Arbor school children show us, and in the most multi-faceted and brilliant ways, that ideas do matter, that passion counts and that action and children are the future of our world. We all need to act now to recognise it is each of them that will carry the consequences of what happens next in a very real race against time.

In these, and so many other ways, the Arbor School in Dubai is an absolute inspiration – and a school filled to bursting with happiness fuelled by empowered children on a mission to understand how they can, each and every day, make a difference.

A very deserving accredited Happiest Schools in the UAE award winner 2021.


Prepare to be… wowed!

It is worth quoting from the introduction to The Arbor School in Dubai by its Principal, Brett Girven:

“The Arbor School is an exciting, dynamic and forward-thinking school that prepares young people for a rapidly changing world, nurturing a core belief in environmental mindfulness, responsibility and the importance of sustainability.

Providing a high standard of education based on the National Curriculum for England, we offer a unique ecological approach to learning within a positive and caring school environment, that’s enriched with a compassionate, ethical outlook focused on ecoliteracy, sustainability and environmental justice.

The Arbor School is home to innovative problem solvers and creative thinkers with a strong set of ethical values and a deep understanding of the world we live in today.  Pupils are encouraged to be engaged, resourceful, curious problem solvers whilst connecting with nature and their world.

We instill in our children a confidence to question and challenge the systems that we live in coupled with compassion and care for their friends, family and wider members of the community as well as a sense of responsibility for their environment.

Students at Arbor are proactive in their learning, resilient when faced with a challenge and collaborative in solving problems.

Our students are exceptionally caring, with an acute sense of compassion for others. They are passionate about the world around us and act with integrity and ingenuity when striving for a sustainable future.

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