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Victory Heights Primary School Bears Unite to Support Graduating Students in Year 6 for Big School Adventures Ahead.
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In a touching story, we have learned that Year 6 graduating students at Victory Heights Primary School in Dubai are, finally, to be united with the bears that they missed out on when joining the school.

The absence of a bear “partner in learning” has always been seen as a loss for the children. However, bears, and particularly Victory Heights bears, simply do not grow on trees and it took a very special call for bears to come to the rescue.

Year 6 graduating children missed out on their own Victory Heights Bear because the first wave of bears first travelled to the much loved primary school only in 2013 – one year too late for this year’s graduating children.

This was an injustice that just needed putting right, SchoolsCompared was told.

When calls went out across the Bear World for the yearned-for bears, no one quite knew what to expect. The response, however, from bears across the world, has been quite extraordinary, with calls coming in from very special bears everywhere to bring happy endings and to recognise each VHPS student’s amazing achievements on their graduation in the only way that truly mattered: bears.

It is understood that bears have travelled from far and wide, including from special places that do not have names in this world, to be there for the children in time for their graduation. Many have been sleeping after their very long and exhausting journey’s, often against seemingly unsurmountable odds, to reach the school in time so that not a single graduating child leaves the school without them [pictured].

Speaking exclusively to, Sasha Crabb, Principal of Victory Heights Primary School revealed:

“So as night falls across Dubai the distant sounds of snoring bears can be heard.


These graduating bears have been fully trained into how to support these teenagers from Victory Heights Primary School as they set sail for new adventures.

Fully versed with determination, benevolence, kindness, and resilience, these bears have undergone advanced training compared to their FS relatives.

Class of 2021, it is time to both graduate – and, finally, accept your very own bear for the long exciting journeys ahead of you.”

As children across the UAE await their graduations, after a year in which there has been so much upset and general muddle caused by Covid 19, it is important to remember that good news stories, and particularly those involving magical bears, abound across all our schools – if you just have the determination to look for them.

Graduating children from Victory Heights Primary School, at least, are set for some very special picnics to come. After all the children’s many achievements, they certainly, and absolutely, do deserve them.

Well done Victory Heights Primary School Graduating Class of 2021.

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