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Happiest Schools in the UAE. presents… Fairgreen International!

Happiest Schools in the UAE 2021 looks at, in our view, the absolutely happiest schools in the UAE in 2021.

Fourth in our series of videos is Fairgreen School, Dubai – a highly innovative and forward thinking school just brimming with ideas and energy. This is one of a few schools in the UAE to really focus on sustainability, and makes great efforts in its crafting of a curriculum that will be relevant to the world our children will inhabit. Teachers at Fairgreen are very much guides on each child’s journey.

We chose this video to bring the school to life because it captures the increasing importance being given at schools to the idea that there is no one path, and that being an astronaut is no better or worse than being a poet. What matters is creating an environment where strengths can be both discovered, and then watered and grown, sustainably, in the equivalent of a biodome for children!

The video also recognises that all journeys start with a teacher, the best of whom not only light the way, but allow their students to shine themselves, and so act as beacons for others to follow.

Welcome Fairgreen to the pantheon of the UAE’s Happiest Schools!


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Click here to visit the official web site of Fairgreen International School.

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