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Finally! Sharjah Schools to Reopen on Sunday

Finally! Sharjah Schools to Reopen on Sunday

by David WestleySeptember 22, 2020

Schools will reopen on Sunday, September 27th in Sharjah, according to the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).

In school classes will resume for the first time since schools moved to distance learning six months ago, in March, because of the pandemic. Note: Not all students will return at the same time. Some schools are following a phased reopening schedule.

Schools in Sharjah were initially supposed to reopen on August 31 along with schools in other emirates. However, on August 25th, SPEA had said schools in Sharjah would adopt 100 per cent distance learning for the first two weeks of the new academic year. This was pushed back another two weeks, both times because of the “heath status” in Sharjah, SPEA had said.

The latest announcement regarding the reopening was initially reported on Tuesday in Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm.

Schools will reopen under precautionary measures such as temperature check on the school bus and entrance to campus, reduced bus and classroom capacity to maintain social distance, wearing of masks for all staff and students (except those below six years), frequent sanitisation of all facilities and isolation room for suspected COVID-19 cases.

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