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Top 13 New or Expanding Sixth Form or High Schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah

With the new academic year only one term away, SchoolsCompared.com has researched what new options – in terms of Sixth Form and High School provision (Years 12-13; Grades 11-12)  – will be available from September 2018.  We have focused on new schools and those that have significantly added to their provision in the past year – mainly through the addition of new qualifications – or intend to do so in the next academic year. We have found schools offering an ever wider range of UK curriculum A Levels and BTEC qualifications for university entry, as well as IB Diploma subjects, Advance Placement courses for US colleges, and schools that are opening their post-16 provision for the first time.

In addition to often being the most expensive two years for parents, these final two years of school are, of course, probably the most academically important, and also, potentially, stressful time for students.  We have included information (where provided) about how these top 13 New or Expanding Sixth Form or High schools organise classes, and what support is also available to ensure that students receive pastoral care, as well as professional guidance, for the next stage in their education or entry to work.

Even if this information is not yet relevant for students for September 2018, we hope that they and their parents will take the opportunity to find out about the vast range of subjects now being offered to enable students to pursue subjects that are of real interest and that may well lead to careers they would not have considered previously. There is not only an enormous range of subjects on offer, but also an increasingly broad range of qualifications opening different pathways to University or beyond.

School Name Curriculum options New/notable courses Key points
Brighton College, Al Ain

(Fees – Year 12 AED 76,314; Year 13 AED 79,000).

National curriculum for England and Wales A Levels. BTEC from September 2018. Offers Arabic, Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Information Communication Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Spanish. Will offer BTEC Music Technology from September 2018. First pupils will graduate this academic year (2017-18). Predicted A level grades have resulted in University offers on over 20 courses at the top UK Russell Group universities, including Cambridge, Edinburgh and the London School of Economics, as well as at top universities elsewhere in Europe and North America. The school provides an academic mentoring programme to all Sixth Form pupils who gain work experience through placements in a diverse range of organisations from embassies to hospitals.
Cranleigh, Abu Dhabi

(Fees for Year 12 and Year 13 AED 96,333).

UK National curriculum for England and Wales – Existing and New from September 2018 2018-19 expansion Design and Technology, Drama, French, Psychology, Government and Politics/ Law.  EPQ _ Extended Project Qualification. Subject expansion from 2019 includes Dance, Music and Physical Education Cranleigh utilises Harkness teaching, a discussion-based teaching and learning method. Students prepare for their lessons and come to class ready to discuss topics in a collaborative, tutorial style, encouraging and developing listening skills and interaction. Teachers become facilitators, directing and guiding where necessary. The Extended Project Qualification is a core element of the curriculum for all students, adding a valuable qualification to their university application. In Year 12 all pupils are expected to partake in a minimum of 20 weeks of work experience. Many pupils choose to take part in the webinar-based Columbia Business School programme to develop their business and entrepreneurial skills.
Dubai American Academy

(Fees for Grades 11 and 12 AED 84,511).

American High School Diploma Full IB Diploma, IB Certificate, with new AP Classes from 2018-19. Select amount of AP courses to be offered in 2018-2019 academic year. AP® courses are college-level courses offered in high school. Courses reflect what is taught in top introductory college courses. Students take AP Exams at the end of the course, measuring their mastery of college-level work. A score of 3 or higher on an AP Exam can typically earn students college credit and/or placement into advanced courses in college.  Dubai American Academy celebrated its thirteenth graduating class of IB diploma students in 2017 and offers this rigorous pre-University program aimed at creating internationally-minded, compassionate, and reflective learners. Nearly all of students participate in the IB program in some form, whether as a full IB diploma student or by completing individual IB courses resulting in an IB certificate.
Dubai English Speaking College (DESC)

(Fees for Years 12 and 13 AED 83,601).

English National Curriculum – Existing and new A Level and BTEC subjects from September 2018 A Level Art Photography*, Art, Arabic, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science*, Drama, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, Government & Politics, History, Information Technology, Mathematical Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics (AS level), Media Studies, Music, Music Technology, Philosophy**, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Spanish.  BTEC Vocational Courses  – BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (2 A Level equivalent), BTEC Sport (2 A Level equivalent), BTEC Travel & Tourism (2 A Level equivalent)**, BTEC Hospitality (1 A Level equivalent)*. Foundation Year * – BTEC Business Studies (2 GCSE quivalent)*,
BTEC Sport (2 GCSE equivalent)*, BTEC ICT (1 GCSE equivalent)*, Re-sit GCSE Mathematics, Re-sit GCSE English Language, * Courses introduced September 2017, **New courses to be introduced in September 2018.
Courses are designed to enable students to formulate a suitable programme of study according to their ability, individual interests and future goals.  DESC offers a number of pathways in the Sixth Form, which includes the traditional academic GCE Advanced levels, a more vocational BTEC route, a combination of A level and BTECs or a Foundation Year. The Foundation Year was introduced to the Sixth Form Curriculum in September 2017 and consists of a range of Level 2 courses, together with GCSE re-sits in Maths & English. DESC also offers the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The purpose built Sixth Form Centre, provides students with independent learning spaces for private and collaborative study in a university style environment, together with extensive communal social areas.
GEMS Founders School, Al Barsha


(Fees for Years 12;  Year 13 fees from 2019 not yet released).

 National curriculum for England – New Sixth Form September 2018 Full range of subjects and Independent Project Qualification Highly regarded, affordable school offering best value for money.
GEMS Metropole School, Dubai

(Fees for Year 12 AED 45,056; Year 13 fees from 2019 not yet released).

National curriculum for England and Wales – A Levels – from September 2018 New offering from September 2018 – English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Art and Design, Mathematics, Core Mathematics, Media, Arabic A, Business, Economics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Information Technology, Physical Education, Geography, Computer Science, French, History, Drama and Business. Compulsory subjects including Physical Activity and Moral Education.  Enrichment programmes are also an opportunity alongside A Levels.
GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail

(Fees for Year 12 not yet released but Secondary fees are all AED 85,000).

National curriculum for England and Wales A Levels – from September 2018 New offering from September 2018 – Art and Design, Computer Science, Design and Technology – Product Design, English Language and Literature, History,Media Studies, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, PE. International A Level Business Studies, Maths. Elite Sport Programmes; Swimming Academy and Football Academy. Compulsory Core elements included for all students; Services and Skills, including University Applications and University and Careers.
GEMS Westminster School, Ras Al Khaimah

(Fees for Year 12 AED 18,000).

National curriculum for England and Wales –  A Levels new from 2018-19 Offering English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Management, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Psychology Small classes, very affordable fees
JESS Arabian Ranches

(Fees for Years 12 and 13 AED 91,950).

IB Diploma Programme and Courses Programme in combination with BTEC. Full IB Diploma programme since 2011. Since September 2017, Extended Level 3 Diploma BTEC courses (the equivalent of 3 A Levels) in Art & Design, Business and Sport & Exercise Science. JESS has been an IB World school since 2009. IB results are impressive – an average of 35.6 points with over 20% of students achieving 40+ points (top 5% globally) and consecutive years of students attaining the full 45 points (top 1% globally). JESS offers three Extended Level 3 Diploma BTEC courses (the equivalent of 3 A Levels) in Art & Design, Business and Sport & Exercise Science.  These BTEC qualifications allow students direct access to universities across the world and equip those students with the practical and academic knowledge they require in their specialist field. Over 96% of JESS Dubai students attend their first choice university.
Kent College Dubai

(Fees for Years 12 and 13 AED 98,000).

National curriculum for England and Wales – Sixth form offered from September 2018 A traditional suite of academic A-levels that includes Maths, Further Maths, English Literature, Design Technology, Art and Design, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, PE, Business Studies, Drama, French, Spanish, Arabic, Music, History, Geography and Psychology. The Sixth Form at Kent College Dubai aims to offer a holistic education by providing support where needed whilst encouraging students to be independent learners and prepare for university and adult life. Sixth form pupils play an active role in school life and participate in an extensive extra-curricular programme where they develop their leadership skills, independence and self confidence. They also support younger pupils with the guided reading programme, Junior School activities and being peer mentors.
Kings School Al Barsha

(Fees for Years 12 and 13 AED 94,400).

National Curriculum for England and Wales – newly established A Level options since 2017 Since September 2017, Kings has offered 24 A Level subjects and the Extended Project Qualifcation. All nine of the facilitating subjects identified by the Russell Group as part of UK entry system requirements are offered, with Psychology, Music Technology, Sociology and Photography. Kings Al Barsha aims to provide an environment that enables students to achieve their best through a personalised programme of study and support. Teachers have high expectations and are always willing to offer one-to-one help. The school expects pupils to make excellent progress as measured against their personalised targets and ability. Kings currently offers 24 A-level subjects. Year 12 students play a key role in subject selection and are given the opportunity to pursue their interests, and not just the popular subjects such as maths and science. We believe that this approach helps us produce passionate, three-dimensional children. If a student wishes to study psychology, music technology, sociology or photography, this is supported, which means a wide range of subjects and small class sizes. This tailored approach matches the needs of students with each intake. The school offers all nine of the facilitating subjects identified by the Russell Group as part of UK entry system requirements.
Nord Anglia International School, Dubai

(Fees for Year 12 AED 94,000).

IB Diploma Programme since 2017 Offered since September 2017, with full range of IB core subjects and additional focus on STEAM subjects with Computer Science, Design Technology and Language options (5 in total including Mandarin). The Sixth Form offers small class sizes and personalised learning with a focus on international mindedness and highly personalized attentiveness to the pastoral well-being of students. Two University Guidance Counsellors and an ACT Centre for the US offer support to students and strong links to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.
North London Collegiate School Dubai

(Fees for Grades 11 and 12 AED 130,000).

IB Diploma Programme from September 2018 Standard and Higher Level subjects (apart from Maths Studies and Ab Initio Languages, which may only be studied at SL) include English Literature (A), French, Spanish, Mandarin all as ‘B’ languages or as ab initio, Geography, History, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design Technology, Computer Science, Maths Studies, Maths, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Music. Students in the Sixth Form will be grouped into Tutor Groups (with 2 teachers per Tutor Group) and classes of maximum 14 students made up of equal numbers of Grade 11 (Yr12) and Grade 12 (Yr 13) students. This ‘vertical’ structure allows Grade 11 students to benefit from the experience of older students, and enables Grade 12 students to mentor and lead their younger peers. A specialist University Counsellor with many years of experience in placing students at Ivy League and Oxbridge universities works with other key staff to support students through the unversity selection and application process.



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