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UAE Weather Warning: Dubai rain! Schools closed Monday due to storm threat

UAE Weather Warning: Dubai rain! Schools closed Monday due to storm threat

by Tabitha BardaFebruary 11, 2024

Dubai schools have been advised to offer distance learning to students on Monday 12 February 2024 due to warnings of unstable weather conditions.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), which regulates Dubai schools, issued an urgent advisory to all schools to be flexible and provide an online learning option, so that families are not required to take to the roads in what is predicted to be stormy, unsafe weather conditions.

In a social media post on Sunday 11 February, the KHDA stated:

“With unpredictable weather predicted, we ask all Dubai private schools, nurseries and universities to be flexible when considering the needs of parents, staff and students and provide the option of distance learning on Monday, Feb 12. Stay safe everyone.”


Hazardous weather alert

An amber weather alert, meaning “Be Prepared”, has been issued across the UAE by the National Centre of Meterology (NCM) for between the hours of 1am on Sunday February 2nd until midday 12pm on Tuesday 13th February.

The NCM warning predicts severe rain, thunder and lightning across all parts of the UAE on Monday 12th February, with reduced driving visibility and temperatures dipping to as low as 13 degrees Celsius:

“Convective clouds formation accompanied with rainfall of different intensities and fresh winds to strong at times causing blowing dust and deteriorating of horizontal visibility.”

The UAE National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has also issued a statement on the predicted hazardous weather conditions, warning residents to follow official guidance and take appropriate safety measures when driving:

NCEMA, in collaboration with The Joint Assessment Team, is enhancing preparedness for the anticipated drop in temperatures and weather fluctuations. Emphasis is placed on adhering to safety measures and preventing the dissemination of rumours.”

NCEMA weather warning

School is out – but aren’t they closed anyway?

The KHDA has advised all Dubai schools to offer a distance learning option on Monday  12 February – however many (but not all)  schools will already be off due to the February half-term break.

Also known as a mid-term break, half-terms are traditionally a one-week holiday that falls half-way between the academic term.  As we are at the mid-point of the Spring term, this means that many UAE school children – such as those at the Outstanding-rated Safa Community School, IB- curriculum school Dubai International Academy and UK-curriculum Raffles International School – are set to have a full week off next week anyway, from 12 – 16 February 2024.

However, some schools have decided to shorten the customary one-week break to just a long weekend, with those such as US-curriculum GEMS Dubai American Academy having only Monday 12th February off, while IB school Raffles World Academy and IB/ American school Collegiate International School have opted for a long weekend at the end of next week, with Thursday 15 February and Friday 16 February off.

And there are also many schools – particularly those which follow the Indian curriculum – that do not observe a mid-term break at all, and will instead wait until March for their next school vacation, when Spring Break kicks off after school on Friday 22 March 2024.

For these schools, the distance learning option on Monday 12 February will be a sensible way to ensure that students are able to stay safe and continue learning regardless of the weather.

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