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The School Most Loved by Parents in the United Arab Emirates 2023 – 2024 in proud association with EDSTATICA™ Revealed. Top Schools Award Winner. Official.
Top Schools Award for Most Loved School by Parents in association with Edstatica. Winner revealed. The Top Schools Award for School Most Loved by Parents is awarded to Hartland International School in Dubai.
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The School Most Loved by Parents in the United Arab Emirates 2023 – 2024 in proud association with EDSTATICA™ Revealed. Top Schools Award Winner. Official.

by Jon WestleyNovember 9, 2023

The Winner

The Top Schools Awards for

The School Most Loved by Parents in the United Arab Emirates 2023 – 2024 in proud association with EDSTATICA™

is awarded to:

Hartland International School Dubai

The Best Schools in Dubai. The Best Schools in Abu Dhabi. The Best Schools in the UAE. Official. The Top Schools Awards 2023 - 2024 Revealed.

Our view of Hartland International School Dubai


KHDA: Very Good with Outstanding Features



Top Schools Award for The School Most Loved by Parents 2021- 2022 and 2023 - 2024 is awarded to Hartland International School Dubai Pictured


Hartland International School opened its doors for the first time in September 2015. As a standalone school with no “Mothership” entity, the growth, development and achievements of this Tier One British Curriculum school over the last eight years have been wide-ranging and inspirational.

Opening with a primary phase only, the school has grown year on year. Today its Sixth Form is one of the finest in the emirates. Rated as a “Very Good” school with Outstanding features for its last two inspections – and pretty much the highest Award given by the KHDA for a relatively new school, Hartland International School Dubai also one of only three schools in the UAE to have gained the Patrons Accreditation and Compliance Award from COBIS; was the first school in the UAE to achieve the NACE Award; and, was ranked by British School Overseas (BSO) as across-the-board Outstanding.

Students from Year 2 upwards have access to specialist provision you just do not see elsewhere at this phase of learning – and this outstanding level of provision, and belief in children regardless of their age, extends through to the secondary phase and Sixth Form which are fundamental to the ambitions of the school. From latest innovation in 3D within its class-leading Design Technology Labs to the spectrum of innovations across investments in Food Technology, Science, Dance, Theatre and Sport – this is a school that sets the hearts and minds of children alight with a passion and love for learning.

Teachers are drawn from some of the best international schools worldwide. A large number have joined Hartland International School from exceptional schools in the UAE as its reputation has grown. Each year the school also recruits outstanding teachers from the UK and Ireland to join its team. Staff feel valued and enjoy working at the school.

Best practice from Hartland International School has been featured in TES articles on 7 separate occasions, including on the subject of English and the promotion of reading for pleasure. The School Librarian Mary Rose Grieve, was voted Emirates Literature Festival Librarian of the Year and was featured in the TES for her innovative use of combining live art with live reading. Teachers have been invited to deliver to the PGCE students at the University of Birmingham on high quality teaching and the profession. Parents and students speak highly of staff and comment on their excellence and the KHDA note that: “The impact of teachers and leaders on continuously improving students’ positive outcomes” is a key strength of the school.

Financial investment is transparent and significant. Hartland’s owners have supported every decision taken by the leadership of the school to transform learning and its environment. From complete redesign of structures, facilities and operations from the early days of the school to the investment in securing the best of the best teachers and leaders, investment is sustained and unwavering. Students want for nothing – resources are the highest quality, and the enhanced provision of enrichment pays tribute to the founding philosophy of education for the whole child. Professional Development of teachers is a given and is fully supported through access to approved and world class qualifications such as NPQSL and NPQML.

Fiona Cottam, Principal of Hartland International School, told us:

“The partnership that we have developed with our parents is integral to all that we do. Openness, transparency and integrity ensure that we have developed a strong and positive relationship with our parent body. Our Parent Relations Executive is a positive conduit for further enhancing the relationship and ensuring that the parent voice is always heard. Our doors are always open,  and even in challenging times, communication and our commitment to all our families keeps the relationship as strong as ever.

“The Hartland Friends Group is made up of anyone who wishes, but with a core of about 15 parents, support the school on many aspects of Hartland life. Whether that is designing and painting the sets for school productions, or supporting our charity events, school fairs, concerts and gratitude days, their work has developed the strongest, and so appreciated, partnerships and links across the whole of the school.

“Having their faith and confidence is a crucial part of our day-to-day life and so too is their positive challenge and debate. Our parents are partners in all that we do, whether that be learning, decision making, strategy and our evaluation process and they would support that statement. Parent surveys help us strategically and parents’ feedback is formalised in this way on key matters throughout the year. Examples of this as attached are surveys this year on holidays, the teaching of Arabic and the timings of the school day.

Our Emirati Parent Council is stand-out and engages powerfully with our local community, ensuring that we are both deferential and cognisant to the traditions and needs of our host country. This work has also supported the improvements in Arabic and Islamic Education.

Our parent choir has been part of school life from our very earliest days. Our weekly Arabic lessons for parents continues apace.

Our parents are at the heart of our school – and could not be more valued.”

Edstatica™, the UAE’s only independent data metrics company focused entirely on the Education sector, finds in Hartland a school that has consistently shone for the praise that comes from its community of parents. Hartland International Score consistently ranks as the highest achieving school in the Emirates for its Net Promoter Score, this defined by EDSTATICA as “the internationally recognised benchmark of the strength of a brand’s word of mouth and a standard, cross industry means to look at the health of a brand by measuring the fervency of advocacy of its customers. This score and its related data drills into what each school’s parents look for when choosing it.”

The highest NPS score achieved by Hartland International School from Edstatica as part of The Top Schools Award for School Most Loved by Parents 2023 - 2024

All rights reserved by Edstatica. This graphics was approved by use for and in November 2023. This graphic cannot be published without express permission.

Hartland School is given a Net Promoter Score of 90% with a remarkable 93% of parents actively advocating Hartland for its outstanding quality of provision for children to other families without prompting. This highest level of acclaim has remained consistently achieved for the last two years. It’s score is some 24% higher than the average of other Tier 1 Premium schools in the UAE. 97% of parents, when asked, recommend Hartland International School without qualification.

This is the second year in succession that Hartland International School has been awarded  The Top Schools Award for School Most Loved by Parents in association with Edstatica™ following its being the recipient of the top Parents Award at The Top schools Awards in 2021- 2022.

Top Schools Awards Most Loved School by Parents in association with Edstatica. Pictured: Mrs Fiona Cottiam, Principal, Hartland International school dubai

Pictured: Fiona Cottam, Principal, Hartland International School. Miss Cottam is a Finalist in the Top Schools Award for Best Principal and Head of School in the United Arab Emirates 2023 – 2024.

Mrs Cottam told us: “…we believe that we are indeed the ‘Greatest Show in Town’.” Mrs Cottam certainly has every possible reason to be so proud of this outstanding and most loved school by parents, and indeed children, in the UAE.

Award Presentation


The Top Schools Award for School Most Loved by Parents in association with Edstatica™ will be presented to Hartland International School Dubai at a special Breakfast Celebration at The Emirates Golf Club on the morning of 16th November 2023. At the event the recipient of The Top Schools Awards 2023 – 2024 for Outstanding Contribution to Education will be revealed.

Top School Awards Postponed

Historic winners of the Outstanding Contribution to Education in the UAE Award include H.E. Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, recognised for his era defining leadership of Education in Dubai as a force for good; and the Varkey Family, for their instrumental role in shaping education in the UAE, and ensuring the life chances for generations of children, following the founding of GEMS Education in 1959.

Dino Varkey, CEO of GEMS Education, receiving the Top Schools Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education on behalf of the Varkey Family

Our Finalists.

To School Awards. Award for School Most loved by Parents in association with EDSTATICA

Our extraordinary Finalists and those schools which have achieved outstandingly in so many ways for children in the School Most Loved by Parents category follow. Each of the following schools are recognised for their profound contribution to inspiring the support of their parent communities in UAE Education:

Safa British School


KHDA: Very Good with Predominant Outstanding Features



The Arcadia School Dubai


KHDA: Very Good with Outstanding Features



Brighton College Dubai


KHDA: Good with Very Good and Outstanding Features



Raffles World Academy


KHDA: Very Good with outstanding Features



Victory Heights Primary School


KHDA: Outstanding



A final note.

The Top Schools Awards takes over a year to produce. It engages with parents, students educators and educationalists over countless months, and the work invested in these Awards is the stuff of sleepless nights and deeply felt responsibility. We produce these Awards to celebrate our amazing schools, our magnificent teachers – who are the centre of the universe, our school leaders, whose lives will be judged by their impact on children, and the amazing students that they build a future for. These Awards are only about recognising this – in a world in which our schools and educators have far, far too little recognition. If on exploring these Awards you do one single thing, it should be to reach out to each and every one and thank them for all they do, each and every one of our schools, teachers and school leaders. You have absolutely no idea how much that would mean.

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