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KHDA Inspection Reports 2017 – Best Newly Inspected Schools

KHDA Inspection Reports 2017 – Best Newly Inspected Schools

by Lis ONealMay 18, 2017

In the latest round of KHDA inspections, 11 schools were inspected for the first time. Their results showed that the majority – 6 schools – were rated “Good” – meeting the level expected by the KHDA, and above the minimum requirement of Acceptable. These were GEMS Firstpoint , Kings Nad Al Sheba, Kings Al Barsha,  Nord Anglia International School, Safa Community School and Sunmarke School.

This rating has significant implications for the new schools and their owners, since schools are not permitted to expand or open new branches with a rating of less than Good. Although there is no rule to prevent it, no new school has ever achieved higher than a Good rating.

4 schools were rated Acceptable – these included Capital School, Credence High School, GEMS Metropole School (a surpise, given GEMS’s schools’ experience) and Ontario International Canadian School. 1 schoolBilva Indian School – was rated Weak.


The Good schools

There was considerable anticipation of the results for the 5 Premium-priced UK curriculum schools that all opened around the Al Barsha South and The Villa areas in 2014. These included GEMS Firstpoint School, Kings Nad Al Sheba, Kings Al Barsha, Nord Anglia and Safa Community School.

In addition, Sunmarke School (which only opened in September 2016) also underwent inspection, since it was deemed that the Secondary School had transferred from its previous site at Regent International School. To have gone through an inspection and come out with Good on the other side, after such a short time, is impressive!


So let’s see on the following pages what the inspectors had to say…

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