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Which Post 16 Curriculum – How to Choose

Part 1. The Curriculum options.

The following represent the mainstream options for children at 16 in the Emirates. Prospective parents should note that many of the Tier 1 British and IB schools now offer children the choice of academic and technical qualifications. As of 2017-18 this choice is no longer available in Indian schools in the Emirates following changes by the CBSE and ICSCE.


IB Schools 

– Academic 

International Baccalaureate Diploma [IB DP]

International Baccalaureate Certificate(s)

– Academic/Technical hybrid 

International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme [IB CP]


British Schools

– Academic

AS Level

A Level


– Technical

T Level (due to be implemented in 2019-20)

BTEC Level 3

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)


Indian Schools

– Academic

Indian School Certificate (Class XII) [CISCE Schools]

CBSE Class XII [CBSE Schools]

– Technical

Certificate of Vocational Education Year 12 is not currently offered in the Emirates [CISCE Schools]

CBSE vocational subjects have been discontinued as of 2017-18


US/Canadian Schools

High School Diploma

Advanced Placement


MOE Schools

EmSAT (replaces Common Educational Proficiency Assessment, Cepa, from 2017-18)


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