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Will robots replace teachers in UAE schools? You decide…

Engineered Arts, a UK founded robotics company, is designing robots that seek to replicate the exact ways that we communicate with each other. Many now believe that, eventually, distinguishing a robot and human visually will become impossible. Add Artificial Intelligence and the ability to interact intellectually and emotionally with a robot, and the differences will at least appear appear to be negligible, or non-existent. Could robots replace teachers? Or classroom assistants? Watch this video of Ameca, a robot that is currently available to buy, and see what you think… To learn more you can visit Ameca at Dubai’s Museum of the Future.

Whatever your view, it seems unarguable that whatever it is that promises to make us all able to relate to a robot in the same way we relate to a teacher will require capturing something beyond dry logical exchanges. What makes us human is something beyond Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – it requires the creativity, humour, drama, empathy, sensitivity, compassion and the myriad of qualities you find explored within the Arts. The Arts give STEM meaning – a theme at the heart of the Top Schools Awards 2023.

Little wonder then that a robotics company at the cutting edge of researching the integration of robots in society chose to combine Engineering and the Arts in its name.

You can learn more about Engineered Arts here.

Download the Ameca brochure here.

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