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UAE Weather Warning: Some UAE schools to close Friday due to expected severe rain, hail and storms

Some UAE schools will close and shift to remote learning tomorrow due to adverse weather conditions –  a decision that will be taken by the emergency and crisis management teams in each of the affected emirates, according to a UAE government update following a recent emergency briefing.

It was confirmed at 10pm on Thursday 7th March that all Ras Al Khaimah government schools will switch to remote learning on Friday 8th March due to expected adverse weather conditions, in order to safeguard students and staff:


The UAE is expecting severe weather conditions from Friday evening, March 8th, until noon on Sunday, March 10th, bringing heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning, thunder, and occasional hailstorms, according to an emergency briefing called by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) about impending severe weather conditions.

Held by NCEMA in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior and The National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), the briefing emphasised the importance of people taking suitable precautions and avoiding areas prone to flooding.

In a series of social media posts, NCEMA announced:

“We emphasise the importance of staying away from areas of water accumulation, flooded areas and regions expected to be affected by adverse weather.

“We note the importance of protecting oneself and others through cooperation with the concerned authorities, full and complete compliance with the instructions of the competent authorities, applying safety and prevention requirements, exercising caution and caution, and securing their vehicles, especially in areas that may witness heavy rain and hail, and the need for caution when driving.

“We confirm the full readiness of the Ministry, the police teams, and the supporting bodies from the strategic partners, including civil defence, ambulance, and rescue, and that they are fully prepared to deal with any emergency, in accordance with the approved plans to ensure the security and safety of everyone.

The authority urged the avoidance of gatherings that may affect the work of relevant authorities, warning that non-compliance with official instructions and directives will carry legal consequences.

Dr Mohamed Al Abri, the Spokesman for the NCM explained that a southward extension of a low-pressure system is expected to bring with it humid south-easterly winds. This system will interact with a cold air mass, leading to variable cloud cover originating from the south-west and west. He anticipated a period of heightened atmospheric instability, resulting in heavy precipitation accompanied by thunder, lightning, and the possibility of hail. He warned this weather pattern could lead to flash flooding, overflowing waterways, and potential dam overflows. Additionally, strong winds associated with thunderstorms will significantly reduce horizontal visibility and may cause unsecured objects to become airborne.

It is expected that the unstable weather conditions will start from the Southern and Western regions of the country and including Al Dhafra, Al Ain through Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas.

The conditions will later expand to Dubai and inner region between Dubai and Al Ain. It will expand to the Northern regions to include Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaiwan, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Will UAE schools close tomorrow?

Although it appears likely that the most severe weather may not start until after the UAE school day finishes at noon on Friday, the emergency briefing made clear that the decision to switch to remote learning is at the discretion of the local emergency crisis and disaster management teams in each emirate, particularly in areas expected to experience severe impact from the adverse weather.

It was confirmed at 10pm on Thursday 7th March that all Ras Al Khaimah government schools will switch to remote learning on Friday 8th March due to the expected adverse weather conditions, in order to safeguard students and staff. No official statement has yet been made regarding school closures or online learning in other emirates tomorrow due to the weather.

The decision to cancel events and tourist activities will be left to the local emergency, crisis and disaster management team.

The relevant authorities will close all roads leading to valleys mountains, and hazardous areas starting from Friday until the end of the risky weather conditions.

This is a live story and will be updated as further information comes in.

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