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Best Schools in the UAE – YOU Decide. The Secret Questions you Should be Asking. School Leaders Reveal All. Part One.

Best Schools in the UAE – YOU Decide. The Secret Questions you Should be Asking. School Leaders Reveal All. Part One.

by Jon WestleyJune 2, 2020

Best Schools in the UAE? YOU Decide.

Best Schools. What really makes a Five Star school for your children?

In the first of a major new series of video interviews exclusively from SchoolsCompared.comTVTM with school leaders across the UAE, we get to the bottom of the questions you should be asking schools to separate the wheat from the chaff. The single lesson? The best school for your child will be a different school for another – and asking the right questions is the only bullet proof way to ensure your children get the best possible education.

In the following weeks we aim to build a definitive picture – from those who are running our schools – of all the questions parents should be asking – and the answers you should be looking for to ensure you make the right decision. Together with top tips and insider secrets from those in a position to know best, we aim to provide parents with the definitive guide to choosing the right schools in the UAE – for their child.

As more and more parents are now seeking to move schools, we have aimed to get the information that will help these parents, as well as those arriving in the UAE and seeking a school for the first time.

We will be releasing these guides in blocks of three video interviews. By the end of the series we aim to have covered the broadest possible range of school types, from premium Tier Ones to value schools – and across different curricular or specialism.


The Questions we Asked …


Best schools in the UAE separating truth from fiction

We asked schools the following questions:

  • Can you describe your role and the leadership experience you bring to advising parents?
  • What are the top 3 questions parents should ask schools when they visit?
  • What are good answers  to these questions?
  • What really matters when parents are looking for the right school for their child?
  • What is the single most important piece of advice you can give parents when deciding on the best schools for their children?

None of the school leaders we interviewed were made aware of how other school leaders answered these questions.


Top Schools in the UAE – School Leaders Reveal All. Part 1.

Best Schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Values Ethics secrets and tips. Choosing the right school.

In Part 1 of this Guide, we ask our first three school leaders to guide parents and reveal all about how they can interrogate schools to find out just how well each will really meet the needs, and deliver on the full potential, of their children.

Interview 1. Zara Harrington. Principal. Safa British School. 

More information on Safa British School in Dubai can be found here.

The Safa British School official web site can be found here.

Interview 2. Brett Girven. Principal. The Arbor School.

More information on The Arbor School in Dubai can be found here.

The official Arbor School in Dubai web site can be found here.

Interview 3. Pablo Fetter. Chief Executive Officer. Capital School Dubai

More information on Capital School in Dubai can be found here.

The official Capital School web site can be found here.

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