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World Teachers Day 2022: Top UAE schools, Principals and parents say thank you to the most inspiring teachers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah

World Teachers’ Day is held annually on 5 October to celebrate all teachers around the globe.

No matter how fancy the facilities or how impressive the academics, the only thing that is really going to make your child truly fall in love with school is their teacher.

The power of a teacher is incredible. One good teacher can change the world in a thousand different ways by inspiring his or her pupils. And one good teacher can change the course of a child’s whole life by shaping their future and instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

When it comes to education, teachers are everything.

“Today, on World Teachers’ Day, we celebrate the critical role of teachers in transforming learners’ potential by ensuring they have the tools they need to take responsibility for themselves, for others and for the planet.”

-Joint Message from Ms Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Gilbert F. Houngbo, Director-General, International Labour Organization, Ms Catherine Russell, Executive Director, UNICEF, Mr David Edwards, General Secretary, Education International for World Teachers’ Day, 5 October 2022

We all remember the teachers who touched our lives as children. The job of a teacher is not only crucially important, it can be very challenging.

Teachers: we see your hard work, and we thank you for it.


This World Teachers Day 2022, top UAE school Principals and parents have shared their nominations for the very best teachers in the emirates.

World Teachers Day 2022

Victory Heights Primary School

Sasha Crabb, Principal, and the parents and students at Victory Heights Primary School in Dubai give a big thank you to…

The whole school staff!

“Thank you so much to an An Extra Ordinary Team”.

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Safa British School

Principal Zara Harrington and the staff, parents and children of Safa British School say a big thank you to…

Liam Allen, Year 6 Head of Year, Safa British School

“Liam is without a doubt the teacher you always want your child to have.”

“Whilst fairly quiet in nature he goes above and beyond each and every day. He supports all colleagues around him, and the genuine care for his students is without a doubt what sets him apart. He has been at SBS for four years and we couldn’t picture the school without him.”

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Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai

Clare Turnbull, School Principal, and the staff, parents and pupils of Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai say a big shared thank you to…

Samantha Brusse, Head of Nursery, Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai

“Samantha is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful colleague! She has been part of the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai’s founding team and has helped us so much with the launch of the school, really stepping out of her comfort zone to help us build this amazing start-up school that means so much to our staff, our founding families and all our new joiners this academic year.”

“Sam always goes above and beyond and has taken the lead in organising our annual Global Be Well Day at RGSGD. As a member of the Cognita family of schools, RGS Guildford Dubai is proud to have this special day in the calendar, and this year was just phenomenal. Sam coordinated teacher activities, parent engagement, suppliers and so much more, to make this an incredibly enjoyable day for all children. This year’s theme was diet and nutrition and all the children created different dishes and smoothies throughout the morning.  We even had a professional chef cook with us in our new Food Tech room!”

“Thank you, Samantha, for organising this inspiring day and for all the effort you put in every day with our children and families.”

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Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Helen Wilkinson, Head Mistress, and the staff, students and parents of Brighton College Abu Dhabi say a big, collective thank you to…

Daniel McNulty, Assistant Head (Head of Years 10‑11), Brighton College Abu Dhabi

“Mr Daniel McNulty is the consummate teacher and we see this every day, in every lesson. All decisions he makes as a teacher – whether designing a lesson, or approaching a new topic – places the pupils at the centre of things. He has great aspirations for pupils future achievements and he helps pupils get where they want to be because he sees the potential in everyone.”

“What you would clearly see if you looked into his classroom is all the elements of purposeful learning, and what you would hear is challenge and encouragement and warmth in his words.”

“The fact that pupils drop-in to Dan McNulty’s classroom at break and lunch to get more work, get some help, or simply work together where the conversation will be collaborative, is testament to the value his pupils place in having him as their teacher.”

“Daniel McNulty has been at the school for 6 years, this is his seventh.”

“Over the past year, the pupils in Daniel McNulty’s department have achieved wonderful results in their GCSEs and A Levels, and he is enormously proud of their dedication and resilience.”

“He is a firm believer in the importance of self-belief and resilience and he inspires us all, leading by example.”

“Although he is through-and-through a teacher, he is also a committed and talented leader who holds from this year the promoted position of Assistant Head in the Senior School.”

“Thank you, on behalf of all pupils and colleagues, for your inspirational teaching and your collegiality!”

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Kings InterHigh

Ashley Harrold, Executive Headteacher, and the parents and students of Kings InterHigh say a big collective thank you to…

Ray Boxall, Leader of Learning in English, Kings InterHigh 

Highly skilled in online teaching and an expert in the English language, Ray teaches English to learners on our GST timetable, across the UAE and beyond. Since joining King’s InterHigh 2 years ago, he’s been a wonderful addition to our education team and a much-loved figure among his students.”

Ray’s superb subject knowledge and vast arsenal of diverse learning strategies create a truly welcoming and effective learning environment in all of his classes.”

“As an inclusive practitioner, not only does he make sure every student is supported in his own lessons, he also shares his knowledge and expertise across the whole school. Helping to train his colleagues, Ray makes sure our teachers can meet the needs of all learners, no matter their background or needs.” 

With a long history of leadership experience at bricks and mortar schools, Ray is a highly valued member of our online school community and a key figure in ensuring a learning experience that revolves around the student — thank you for your fantastic work, Ray!”

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GEMS International School – AL Khail

Simon Herbert, Head of School/CEO, and the staff, students and parents at GEMS International School – Al Khail, say a big collective thank you to…

Shunsuke Murao, Primary PE Teacher, GEMS International School – Al Khail

Since joining the school in 2019, Shunsuke (Shun) has been a constant positive presence in the community and has been almost celebrity-like to all his students.”

“His ability to motivate students to learn and strive to improve has elevated the PE department and student wellbeing across the school.”

“He is the first to get involved in all extra-curricular activities and school events. He supports students to develop both life skills and athletic skills with his incredible knowledge of physical education and his ongoing commitment to the GIS Jaguar squads.”

“He is the head coach of the GIS Jaguar football and basketball squads and supports coaching other sports in his free time.”

“In addition to his commitment to students and families, Shun looks after the wellbeing of colleagues. If you have had a challenging day, he stops by to see how you are. If you have a celebration, he stops by to congratulate you.”

“Shun is solution-focused and takes initiative to enhance the school community. In the word of our Head of PE, “He’s always there. He jumps in to help even if it’s a prep period just to see if you need a hand, and he absolutely loves engaging with students.”

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The English College

Principal Mark Ford and the students and parents of The English College Dubai say a big, collective thank you to…

The whole school staff!

“Congratulations to our amazing team for the fantastic job they do. We are so thankful for all their hard work.”

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Brighton College Dubai

Simon Crane, Head Master, and the parents, and students of Brighton College Dubai say a big shared thank you to…

The whole teaching team at Brighton College Dubai

“All the teachers here at Brighton College are brilliant and we thank everyone for their hard work, infectious enthusiasm and enduring kindness.”

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West Yas Academy

Principal Steve Lewis and the staff, parents and students at West Yas Academy give a big collective thank you to:

Kirsty Van Rooyen, Head of KG

“Kirsty is like sunshine, brightening up every moment for her children and making everything exciting and fun. The children run into her class in the morning!”

“She knows all of her KG children and parents like friends, she looks after them and they treat her like a family member in school because they know she really cares.”

“Kirsty is always busy yet always with time to help others. She is simply one of the best teachers and nicest people I have ever met. We are so lucky to have her here at West Yas Academy. Thank-you Miss Kirsty!”

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Brighton College, Al Ain

Scott Carnochan, Head Master, and the staff, parents and students of Brighton College Al Ain say a big collective thank you to…

Niresh Sivarajah, Year 3 Teacher, Brighton College Al Ain

“There are some teachers who bring learning to life and build phenomenal relationships with children and, by doing so, create a learning environment where children feel safe, trusted and cared for, allowing them to achieve amazing things.”

“Mr Sivarajah is one of those teachers!”

“His drumming times tables chants are a joy to witness and make you wish you were back at school.”

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GEMS Modern Academy

Nargish Khambatta, Principal and Vice President – Education, GEMS Education, and the staff, pupils and parents of GEMS Modern Academy say a big collective thank you too…

Dr Pashu Bhattacharya, Head of Department – Inclusion (Years of service: 9. Qualifications: BDS, Diploma in Special Education in Autism spectrum disorder).

Pashu Bhattacharya, our Head of Inclusion, combines compassion with dynamism to lead one of the most integral departments of the school.”

“Her knowledge of the students under her care is immense and she is always sharing restorative practices and solutions to problems that students or teachers may face.”

“She introduced the ASDAN curriculum four years ago and has helped members of staff and parents with strategies and practices to assist students of determination with scholastic and co-scholastic abilities.”

“Pashu’s philosophy is simple but profound – everyone should belong. We are privileged to have Pashu on our team.”

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Dubai British School Emirates Hills

On behalf of Megan Kelly, parent at DBS family cookbook author and co-founder of Just Two Mums, a big, grateful thank you to…

Amanda Strachan, Assistant Headteacher, Leader of Lower Primary at Dubai British School Emirates Hills.

“My daughter is someone who is middle of the road, she’s not exceptionally strong academically or athletically but she’s not weak either. She’s easily overlooked as she tends to go with the flow, plodding along somewhere in the background. We’ve always seen her potential as parents but it was Miss Strachan who made her for the first time feel special, feel seen. She’s helped her learn how to have confidence in herself, to raise her hand and participate. She’s encouraged her writing and I’m now watching her start to flourish.”

“School is about so much more than just academics and Amanda Strachan is so much more than a teacher. She cares about her students education but also their happiness. She knows their families and their siblings. We’ve been lucky enough to have her twice and I can only hope now for a third time lucky.”

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The Pearl Academy

Principal Barbara Heaton, as well as the students and parents at The Pearl Academy say a big collective thank you to…



The whole teaching team!

“I nominate ALL my staff because, as it says in our staffroom, ‘We may not have it all together but together we have it all’.”

“The Pearl Academy staff are beyond amazing. Their energy and commitment is astounding; no matter what is thrown at them, they maintain focus on the most important thing- our children.”

“They are creative and innovative with their work, always seeking the very best for our children.”

“Their commitment is never compromised and they are deeply connected with our children and community.”

“Our parents recognise this and it is stated as one to the strengths of our school.” “Come and visit us, you’ll see. The moment you walk through the door our family feel is tangible.”

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Al Mamoura Academy

Principal Sarah Weaver and the staff, students and parents at Al Mamoura Academy say a big, collective thank you to… 

Rizvana Matlub Waqr, Head of Year 1 and Tabby McTats Class Teacher, Al Mamoura Academy Abu Dhabi.

Rizvana is an outstanding member of staff, impacting on student learning, parent and family connections, professional leadership and has had an overall positive impact since joining us three years ago.”

“Rizvana always keeps the best interest of the students in mind. Whether it’s academic learning, behavioural or pastoral support, she works to help them achieve to the best of their potential.”

“She holds students accountable, making learning innovative and fun while maintaining her high expectations for all. Rizvana has an excellent relationship with families, providing essential support, guidance and information.”

“In addition to her work with students, Rizvana is also a partner to other teachers within the school, as well as families. Rizvana’s colleagues respect her, her curriculum knowledge, approach to situations and the advice and leadership qualities she displays. She is an inspiration to her team, always positive and approachable, willing to guide and support.”

“Rizvana is a true educational professional! She seeks to improve her skills every day, collaborating continually and modelling what ‘outstanding’ learning looks like. Rizvana understands student learning is not isolated in data, but rather by a students’ problem-solving skills, confidence as an individual and the ability to collaborate and encourage others. The Al Mamoura community are truly lucky to have such a wonderful, passionate teacher.”

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GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail

Campbell Douglas, Principal/CEO, and the staff, students and parents of GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, say a big, collective thank you to…

Yasemin Kemal, Art Teacher, GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail.

Ms Kemal is now beginning her second year at GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail and during her short time with us, she has had a phenomenal impact on the school.”

“She is an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond for her students to ensure each child in her class experiences success with their artistic skills. Students love her lessons and come away feeling they have the ability to flourish in her classes.”
“As well as being a fantastic teacher, Ms Kemal is an amazingly talented artist in her own right, creating works in a number of mediums that are highly sought after. She recently submitted work in Cyprus that was chosen to be the artwork displayed on Cyprus’ new postage stamps.”

“Ms Kemal also contributes outside her subject area to ensure all students have the best learning experiences possible. She has taken a lead on literacy across the curriculum for the whole Academy, has made art links with the Primary school to ensure specialist teaching is at the highest level, and is also a huge supporter of our house system.”

“She spent some of her summer break visiting schools in the UK with strong house systems to bring back ideas and share best practice with our team. Ms Kemal goes above and beyond in all aspects of school life to make our school a better place for everyone.”

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Wesgreen International School – Sharjah

James McDonald, Principal/CEO, and the staff, pupils and parents of Wesgreen International School – Sharjah say a big, collective thank you to…

Photograph of the fabulous Anna-Hamnett, a teacher rfecognised by her school for her outstanding contribution on World Teachers Day 2022

Anna Hamnett, Year 4 Teacher, Wesgreen International School – Sharjah  

Ms Anna Hamnett is an exceptional teacher who is passionate about teaching  and cares greatly for the progress and well-being of her class. She goes above and beyond to ensure every child in her care receives high-quality teaching. She has positive, secure relationships with all her students, making them feel safe and secure in the classroom.”

“Students in her care thrive academically and emotionally. Ms Anna has demonstrated her ability to teach a broad range of subjects across the primary phase and has shown good leadership. She has recently taken on a leadership role as an English curriculum Lead in Year 4.”

We are so proud of Anna and know she will go on to achieve great things for our students here at Wesgreen International.”

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and last, but by no means least…

Al Forsan Nursery

Principal Suzanne Sumner and the staff, students and parents at Al Forsan Nursery give a big collective thank you to…

Danielle Cartledge – Nursery Leader and FS1 Teacher.

Danielle is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

“She continually strives to improve not only her own practise but also that of her team.”

“Danielle is in her third year at Al Forsan Nursery and her impact has been astounding.”

“Danielle is not only a truly dedicated Early Years Educator, she is also the SEN specialist, Sustainability Lead, and the Nursery Leader. Thank you Danielle!”

Visit the official Al Forsan Nursery web site here.

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