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World Teachers Day 2021. The UAE’s most Amazing Teachers. Our Schools Say a BIG Thank you to Teachers that Make the World Shine Bright for Children. Exclusive.
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World Teachers Day 2021. The UAE’s most Amazing Teachers. Our Schools Say a BIG Thank you to Teachers that Make the World Shine Bright for Children. Exclusive.

by Jon WestleyOctober 5, 2021

Background. World Teachers Day 2021. The UAE’s most Amazing Teachers. Our Schools Say a BIG Thank you to Teachers that Make the World Shine Bright for Children.

Perhaps many of us did not really understand, and truly appreciate, teachers and their impact until we had children – and then it hits you like a comet. They hold the future of our loved ones squarely in their hands. They are absolutely… everything.

Just like doctors, they matter beyond words when it matters the most. And in education, that means every school day.

Many of us too, as parents, learned just how much of a struggle it is teaching, or trying to teach, during lockdown. If ever we realised just how extraordinary the vocation of a teacher is, and the quite extraordinary skills needed to teach, it was perhaps then.

Today on World Teachers Day then, we celebrate some of the most beautiful, extraordinary, professional, talented, inspiring teachers and human beings in the UAE. These are individuals that have in different ways transformed their schools, and the lives and potential of their children.

These are individuals you do not forget.

They make the world shine bright for children.

And all of us too.


This is their day.


Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai.

On behalf of Craig Lamshed, Founding Principal of the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at RGSGD, a BIG shared thank you to…

Laura Evans. Head of Inclusion. Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai.

“Mrs Laura Evans has worked tirelessly and played a crucial role in the set up and opening of our brand new school here in Dubai, so we want to celebrate all of her invaluable work.

As Head of Inclusion and an integral part of the school’s leadership team, Mrs Evans has gone above and beyond in helping with pupil assessments and meeting hundreds of applicants and families in a short period of time before the school opened its doors at the start of the academic year.

Mrs Evans also looks after the Gifted and Talented programme, as well as leading a team of four learning support teachers and assistants and her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

We know she will lead her teams to go on to achieve great things for our pupils here at RGSGD.”


Safa British School, Jumeirah, Dubai.

On behalf of Zara Harrington, Principal of Safa British School Jumeirah, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Safa British, a BIG shared thank you to the quite invaluable wonder that is…

Asiya Kariem. Teacher. Literacy Specialist. Safa British School, Jumeirah, Dubai.

“Asiya is the longest serving teacher here at SBS.

She started her SBS journey in a small villa and has been with the school as it grew.

She is a passionate teacher with oodles of positivity and can get the most reluctant learner to read and write.

Exclusive new photographs of the classrooms planned for Safa British School in its new school buildings opening in 2020. Architect John R Harris

Asiya started out as a class teacher and is now an integral part of our LINK team specialising in all that is literacy.

Her smile is warm and welcoming – and she always has a box of tricks and props during her sessions.

…she is simply magic.

Mrs Asia Kariem is the glue that holds Safa British School together – and we are where we are today because of her dedication.”


Nord Anglia International School Dubai.

On behalf of Matthew Farthing, Principal, Nord Anglia International School Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at NAIS, a BIG shared thank you to…

Elfyn Jones. Teacher. Secondary Art and Design. Innovation Lead. Nord Anglia International School Dubai.

“Elfyn Jones arrived at NAS Dubai in 2017 as Head of Design Technology with a passion to encourage philanthropy and innovation.

With his creative, forward thinking and collaborative approach Elfyn and the team he works alongside have developed a curriculum model that encourages all students and staff to realise their potential as problem solvers and for design thinking to be a part of an NAS Dubai students DNA.

He has led partnerships with EXPO, GITEX, UNICEF and MIT and has introduced real world problems into the classroom which encourage students to recognise their potential as the future solution finders, advocates and leaders of tomorrow.

One of the most exciting areas Elfyn has led is the new NAS Dubai Design, Innovation, Computational Thinking and Entrepreneurship curriculum.  This learning experience allows students to empathise and understand the processes of design thinking whilst developing their own knowledge and understand of computing, design and business.

Teachers like Elfyn encourage schools to reflect on the purpose of their subjects whilst enabling students to develop the agility, flexibility as well as the academic prowess required to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Students describe Elfyn as caring, passionate, innovative and inspirational and his work ethic and drive means he is always planning for the next experience for students.”


Victory Heights Primary School

On behalf of Sasha Crabb, Principal, Victory Heights Primary School, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Victory Heights Primary School, a BIG shared thank you to…

you all.

“Happy World Teachers Day to an extraordinary bunch of game changers!”


South View School Dubai. 

On behalf of David Flint, Principal, South View School Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Southview, a BIG shared thank you to the hugely committed, passionate and appreciated…

Stacey Coy. Teacher of History. Head of Humanities. South View School Dubai. 

“Stacey is a committed and passionate teacher and middle leader and a multitalented supporter of South View.

Stacey delivers lessons that are challenging, interesting and fun, fuelling students’ curiosity and extending student interest well beyond the bounds of the curriculum.

She has been instrumental in creating our first overseas trip to Kenya, she voluntarily taught Music in the Primary school and is a strong and consistent supporter and mentor for the young people at our school.

Adored by students, liked, and respected by colleagues, Stacey is someone who always delivers to a high standard; a person for who going the extra mile is a routine.

She is a teacher and leader who is greatly appreciated by both her students and the school – and one who deserves to be celebrated on this, World Teacher’s Day!”


GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail.

On behalf of Campbell Douglas, Principal / CEO, GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Wellington Academy, a BIG shared thank you to the wonderful…

Zahara Khan. Head of Mathematics. GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail.


“Zahara is the kind of maths teacher that we all wished we had at school.

She is someone who believes that maths can be accessible for all students, and who will work with students who find it difficult until it makes sense.

You will often find her giving up her free lessons, lunches and after-schools to mentor and coach students and help take away the pressure that exams can sometimes cause.

Her mantra is that maths is fun and every child deserves to find that enjoyment.

Her lessons are engaging, active and related to what the students know.

GEMS wellington Academy Al Khail

She also contributes positively to the wider life of the school and can be found involved in activities that ensure students are enjoying school outside the classroom, as well as activities that help make parents feel connected.

It is an absolute pleasure to have her in our school – and I know that her students and our parents are grateful for all she does.”


Al Mamoura Academy, Abu Dhabi.

On behalf of Aldar Education, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Al Mamoura Academy, Abu Dhabi, a BIG shared thank you to the wonderful…

World Teachers Day 2021 Head of Discovery Simon Gill Al Mamoura Academy UAE

Simon Gill. Head of Discovery. Teacher of History. Al Mamoura Academy.

“Simon Gill is a one of a kind teacher, underpinning all that he does is ensuring that students have the opportunities to achieve and excel above their expectations and beyond their predictions.

Simon’s passion and drive to support colleagues, parents and most importantly students, is an inspiration to learning and teaching, for which Simon deserves such high recognition.

Through his continuous efforts, working above and beyond what is expected of staff and his development of curriculums, Simon has inspired students to have a passion in subjects they had not previously been fully exposed to and as such as seen a large increase in student engagement during such a difficult period of teaching.

The adaptations Simon has implemented have created a clear and progressive learning journey for all students at Al Mamoura Academy, whether it be the modification of IGCSE to allow for distance learning, the adaptation of Year 9 to cater for individual student need or the introduction of learning choice in order to meet the needs of all learners, Simon Gill does this with skill.

What is important to acknowledge is that Simon does not approach this selfishly; he shares, teaches, guides and develops others to support them in achieving the same success.

He is a genuine asset to our school and the teaching profession.”


Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation.

On behalf of Carrie Hoza, Principal of Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at DBS JPF,a BIG shared thank you to the truly wonderful…

Suzie Podesta. Teacher. Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation.

“Suzie Podesta is a phenomenal teacher who has been with the school for several years now, having worked in education in Dubai for 10+ years.

As well as being an outstanding teacher, she is an amazing mum to her own two children who are at Dubai British School Emirates Hills

I cannot think of a lady I would like to say thank you to more!”


GEMS Our Own English School Sharjah – Girls Branch.

On behalf of Asma Gilani, Principal / CEO, GEMS Our Own English High School, Sharjah – Girls’ Branch, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Our Own English High School, Sharjah – Girls’, a BIG shared thank you to the amazing…

Suma Koshy. Senior Chemistry Teacher. GEMS Our Own English School Sharjah – Girls Branch.

“Ms Suma Koshy has been a part of our school for the past 31 years, which proves her dedication and commitment.

Her passion for teaching and her mastery over the subject of chemistry speak volumes.

Apart from producing outstanding CBSE results in chemistry, Ms Suma Koshy has taken up different roles and shouldered the assigned jobs with great dedication and commitment.

She models professional and ethical standards as well as personal integrity in all her interactions.

Her sheer commitment towards her students is evident through the fact that she gives extra support classes to those who require them throughout the academic year.

She serves as a mentor to any new teacher.

Mrs Suma Koshy collaborates with all her colleagues to promote the success and well-being of our diverse student community.”


Taaleem’s American Academy for Girls.

On behalf of Lisa Johnson, Principal, American Academy for Girls, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at AAG, a BIG shared thank you to the teacher who brings smile and for whom nothing is ever impossible…

Sunita Zeederberg. Teacher. Grade 1. American Academy for Girls. 

“It is a most difficult task that I have to articulate what an incredible teacher that Sunita Zeederberg is.

It is like trying to describe that teachable moment when you see the dawn of understanding in a child or the sun breaking in the morning.

While what happens appears like magic, it is actually the fruit of hard work, determination, and a positive, never quit, attitude.

Sunita is incredibly creative and uses inquiry learning as the main mode of instruction in her first grade class. She is always looking for new and innovative lessons.

Truly she is a tireless worker for our kids and the staff.

I would also like to commend Sunita Zeederberg for her positive attitude.

She can be counted on to offer only constructive criticism and tackles any problem with the attitude that there is a win/win solution.

Ms. Sunita is one of the teachers on which we count to be ready with a smile or kind word.

She makes AAG such a lovely place to work, and learn.”


Repton Al Barsha, Dubai

On behalf of the Repton family of schools, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Repton Al Barsha, a BIG shared thank you to the extraordinary…

Claire Hagestadt World Teachers Day Repton Al Barsha Dubai

Mrs. Claire Hagestadt. Teacher of Reception Classes. Repton Al Barsha.

“Mrs Claire Hagestadt is a wonderful teacher.

She shows a remarkable ability to personalise learning to individual pupils in order to both challenge and nurture those in her care.

Claire is highly skilled at communicating with parents in order to keep them fully up to date with their child’s progress – and gives them so much confidence that their children are receiving a first class education.

Her lessons are inspiring, allowing learners to fully engage with the learning requirements of the EYFS framework and instil a love of learning.

Her warm and caring presence gives pupils the confidence to take risks and be inquisitive about the learning surrounding them.

She  will often attend online classes and conferences outside of school, in order to fully understand the latest teaching trends and pedagogy.

Repton Al Barsha

Mrs Claire Hagestadt is an empowered educator.”


GEMS Metropole School – Motor City.

On behalf of Nav Iqbal, Principal and CEO, GEMS Metropole School – Motor City, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Metropole, a BIG shared thank you to the fabulous…

Samreen Shah, Head of Year 11 and Teacher of Science

“GEMS Metropole School is proud to celebrate Samreen Shah on World Teachers’ Day 2021.

Samreen is popular among her colleagues, students and their families.

She enjoys bringing the community together to celebrate charitable events and other significant days throughout the year, and is always excited to take the lead when organising themed days.

More recently, Samreen has been busy organising Pink Day for breast cancer awareness, for which she has worked closely with her colleagues, the parent council, and Metropole students to ensure there is awareness raised and a range of meaningful activities for the school community to get involved in.

She also uses her radio DJ talents to entertain the school every Thursday, which is a particular highlight of the week.

Her fun and caring outlook gives off great energy!”

Samreen is always eager to pitch in for the good of the school – and she positively impacts all those around her.”


Dubai British School. 

On behalf of Simon Jodrell, Principal, Dubai British School, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Dubai British School, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the inspirational…

Head of Mathematics World Teachers Day Ademola Okeowo Dubai British School

Mr. Ademola (Ade) Okeowo. Head of Mathematics. Dubai British School. 

“World Teachers Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our incredible teachers.

Mr. Ademola (Ade) Okeowo joined our Mathematics team in 2020.

He absolutely lives and breathes Mathematics. From a young age has been incredibly passionate about his subject area.

Following on from his personal success at in Secondary school with an A* in Mathematics at GCSE, his AS in Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-level, the natural progression for Mr Okeowo was to progress to the study of Mathematics at University. Mr. Okeowo completed his BSc in Mathematics with Honours.
Driven by a passion for teaching, this was followed by his PGCE in Mathematics at University College London.
Mr Okeowo brings to Dubai British School and all our students nine years experience teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools in the UK and has recently completed his first year here with us in the UAE.

The feedback from students, parents and his colleagues at Dubai British School Emirates Hills is fantastic.

All of us at the school love his engaging and imaginative approach to teaching, and learning.

Mr. Okeowo – thank you so much.

We simply do not have enough words to express just how appreciative and admiring we are of Mr. Okeowo and all he is achieving for our students and school.”


GEMS Our Own Indian School

On behalf of Lalitha Suresh, Principal, GEMS Our Own Indian School, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Our Own Indian School, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the outstanding educationalist…


Arsha Bhooshan Raja. Teacher of Robotics, STEAM and Artificial Intelligence. GEMS Our Own Indian School

“Arsha Bhooshan Raja is a self-motivated, passionate and innovative teacher, who joined the GEMS Our Own Indian School family in 2015 as a robotics teacher.

A postgraduate in technology, Arsha soon spread her wings as a STEAM and Artificial Intelligence teacher as well.

As the Innovation Coordinator of Middle School, Arsha has designed our robotics curriculum and STEAM curriculum.

She has trained our students to participate in various competitions, like the Global Innovation Challenge, Young City Maker’s Challenge, DIDI, DEWA Robotics Championship and UAE Junkbot Robotics, and she has brought several accolades to the school.

She also coordinated the AI Olympiad, for which she was awarded the ‘Best Coordinator’ title and ‘Best School’.

In addition, Arsha has conducted a series of professional development workshops for teachers, based on technology. She was a speaker at the Artificial Intelligence Qatar School Summit. And as a core team member, has played a significant role in implementing project-based learning for 100% of our students in KG to Grade 9.

Miss Arsha Bhooshan Raja, deservedly, received the Teacher of the Year Award 2020-21, honouring her for her outstanding contribution to the school community.”


Dwight School, Dubai.

On behalf of David Hutson, Head of School, Dwight School Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Dwight School Dubai, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the awesome…


Jonathan Hughes. Teacher of Music. Head of Innovation and Digital Learning. Dwight School Dubai.

“On behalf of Dwight School Dubai, I would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to Mr. Jon Hughes on World Teacher’s Day.

Mr Hughes is a dedicated Music teacher who organises our excellent music concerts and events.

But… more than that, he develops and promotes our innovation strategy across the school, the use of digital learning in the classroom, runs the robotics and coding clubs … and is always on hand to provide technical set-up and support for all school events.

Mr Hughes goes above and beyond every day with his selfless, positive, enthusiastic approach to work.

Mr Hughes takes pride in being collaborative and supporting our students and colleagues, an example of which would be him regularly playing keyboard or drums in various student and staff bands across the school.

Me Hughes is extraordinarily valued at our school.”


GEMS Westminster School – Ras Al Khaimah.

On behalf of Nicole Haynes, Principal / CEO, GEMS Westminster School – Ras Al Khaimah, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Westminster, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the brilliant…

Zahra Amin Shelke. Head of ICT – Primary. GEMS Westminster School – Ras Al Khaimah.

“Ms Zahra’s contribution in guiding and supporting members of the staff has been immense during remote learning. She has been readily available to help the staff as well as the leadership team in setting up the remote learning platform for the school. She has led PDs and given one-to-one training sessions to those in need. She has recorded guidance videos for teachers. She has been alert to new developments, and led the path for everyone. She has been proactive.

Her contribution during remote learning has been invaluable.

Zahra your enthusiasm to help and develop others is amazing.

You strive to help others continuously, imparting the knowledge that you have to try and make their day a little easier, a little more interactive, a little more engaging.

You have developed the social media team within Primary and overseen the contributions to each of the platforms from the Primary Team.

You ensure that new material is posted each week.

You have a massive impact on your ICT team sharing lesson ideas, skills and delivery of lessons for both RLP and F2F.

You are continuously thinking of new initiatives to help move the Primary on, this includes the latest addition of ICT SOS.

In addition, you have continued to work closely with the Primary Specialist to support them in developing their internal trackers for data.

Zahra, you are certainly a massive team player and a big part of the Primary Team.

I want to thank you for going over and above, putting in that extra mile.

You are a valued member of our team and I am so happy that you are part of our WSR family.

Thank you again, Zahra, for striving to be the best that you can be.”


English College Dubai

On behalf of Mark Ford, Principal, The English College Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at The English College Dubai, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the amazing…

Collage of Teachers and LSAs at the English College Dubai

Each and every Teacher and LSA. The English College Dubai.

“We just cannot single out one teacher. 

So we have made up a collage to celebrate our whole, fabulous, wonderful team of teachers and LSAs at The English Collage Dubai. 

Without our team of amazing and highly experienced teachers and LSAs, we would not be able to provide the exceptional education, care and support to our wonderful students that they so deserve.

A big shout out and thank you to our team on the occasion of this year’s ‘World Teachers Day.” 


GEMS Royal Dubai School

On behalf of John Bagust, Principal, GEMS Royal Dubai School, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Royal Dubai School, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the fabulous…

Floriane Galas. Swimming Teacher. GEMS Royal Dubai School. 


“Floriane is an inspirational and much-loved swimming teacher, who beams happiness and sees the good in all.

Floriane is much more than a swimming coach though; he is the ultimate RDS eco warrior!

He leads our student council, giving them a voice and a platform to help make the world a better place through their involvement in a variety of sustainability initiatives.

In addition, Floriane has introduced gardens for growing herbs and vegetables.

He teaches children how to take care of plants, nurturing their love of nature while having lots of fun.

Celebrating World Teachers Day in Dubai at GEMS Royal Dubai School

Floriane is the students’ outdoor play hero! He provides students opportunities to develop their playtimes and has facilitated the introduction of playzones to maximise our outdoor spaces. He has developed playground leaders to support successful playtimes for all.

Floriane always promotes an active lifestyle to ensure we all keep moving.

Flooriane Galas is a brilliant role model.”


Star International School Mirdif, Dubai. 

On behalf of Mr Neal Oates, Principal, Star International School Mirdif, Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Star International School Mirdif, a BIG heart-felt thank you to the humble, kind and hugely talented…

Mr Kyle World Teacher Day at Star International School Mirdif Dubai

Mr Kyle Blackwood. Teacher. Head of Year 3. Star International School Mirdif.

“Mr Blackwood is an inspiration to his colleagues at Star Mirdif and myself as Principal.
Kyle is kind, thoughtful, and an inspiring educator – everything which I look for in a teacher.
His calm presence in the classroom inspires children to work thoughtfully and with respect.
On a wider level, he supports his colleagues; gives everything to his class; and, can never do enough for the community, here at Star Mirdif.
Mr Kyle Blackwood will also, tellingly, be the most likely to humbly point to another who is deserving of this praise.
This makes him all the more deserving.”


GEMS Wellington International School

On behalf of Maryssa O’Connor, Principal / CEO, GEMS Wellington International School, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Wellington International School, a BIG heart-felt thank you to a teacher who always puts children first…

Kelly Pickett. Foundation Stage 1 Class Teacher. GEMS Wellington International School.

“Kelly is an outstanding teacher who has been at GEMS Wellington International School for over 16 years.

She strives to ensure the provision she provides for the children in her care is first class, and this radiates from the amazing learning environment she creates.

She has an admirable passion and puts the children’s well-being at the centre of all she does.

GEMS Wellington International School Buildings and Grounds

Priding herself on her strong relationships with her parents and colleagues alike, Kelly is a team player through and through; no task is too small.

She is a pivotal member of the team.

Kelly Pickett ensures the children’s first steps into their educational journey are ones to be treasured.”


Fairgreen International School Dubai
On behalf of Seema Desai, Secondary Principal, Fairgreen International School, Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Fairgreen International School, a BIG thank you to the inspired and inspiring…
Helen Pringle World Teachers Day Fairgreen International School Dubai
Helen Pringle. Teacher of Music. Head of Arts. Fairgreen International School Dubai.  
Helen is the Head of Arts at Fairgreen International School.
She embodies the values of our school. She is a is caring and kind teacher of our students, human being, and colleague. 
Helen prioritises building strong relationships with her students and peers – and takes the time to get to know them as individuals.
Teaching music is her passion – and she loves to see her students succeed, as they overcome their challenges and take ownership of their learning.
As Principal, I know that I can always count on Helen to support our students.
Fairgreen International School, and all of us, teachers and students, are very lucky to have Helen at our school.
Miss Helen Pringle’s positive attitude, and sense of humour, make Fairgreen International School a happier place to learn, develop and teach.”  
Smart Vision School Dubai
On behalf of Rachael Wilding, Principal, Smart Vision School Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Smart Vision School, a BIG thank you to the wonderful and joy-filled…
World Teachers Day 2021 Lauren Gordon Smart Vision School Dubai

Lauren Gordon Teacher of Year 2. Safeguarding Lead. Smart Vision School Dubai.

“Lauren is a wonderful member of our school community.
She is a teacher that someone will always go the extra mile.
Always keen to improve herself, and support her colleagues, Lauren has been with us at Smart Vision School for two years at Smart Vision School.
In that time, Lauren has established herself as an absolutely core member of the academic staff.
Supportive, enthusiastic, fun and organised… these are just a few words that other staff use when describing Lauren.
We are lucky to have her as one of the many, fabulous teachers in our school.”

GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa

On behalf of Matthew Tompkins, Principal and CEO, GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa, Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS FirstPoint School, a BIG thank you to the talented and extraordinary…

World Teachers Day Lorrain Williams GEMS FirstPoint School Dubai

Lorraine Williams. Year 6 Teacher and Science Coordinator. GEMS FirstPoint School – The Villa, Dubai.

“Lorraine never fails to go above and beyond for every one of the children in her class.

She is an incredibly inclusive teacher, ensuring every child has the resources to hand to be able to reach their full potential in each lesson.

The scaffolding and challenges that she incorporates encourage children to begin their own individualised learning journeys, stretching themselves in ways even they did not believe they could.

Her enthusiasm for teaching, in particular science, shines through every day.

Raising the profile of primary science has been a main goal of Lorraine’s since joining FirstPoint. This is a goal that has evidently been met, with our children enjoying their engaging science lessons, developing their scientific vocabulary and skills.

Additionally, there is no task too big for Lorraine.

She is always there to lend a hand to her peers, to offer guidance and support, while ensuring there is always time for a laugh.

Lorraine is an asset to FirstPoint.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a caring and passionate teacher at our school.”


GEMS Founders School Dubai

On behalf of Matthew Burfield, Principal / CEO, GEMS Founders School – Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at GEMS Founders School, a BIG thank you to the inspiring…

Simone Shaikh GEMS Founers School World Teachers Day

Simone Shaikh. Year 1 Teacher. GEMS Founders School Dubai.

“Ms Simone is dedicated, nurturing and passionate about her role as a teacher.

She embodies the very definition of a teacher that we would all want for our children, and is a person who loves her job so much that it is clearly a vocation, not just a profession.

She cares about each child as if they were the only one in the classroom.

She plans engaging and enriching activities that help students learn with ease and excitement.

She says ‘yes’ to everything with a positive attitude.

And she develops herself through research in order to get better each and every minute, hour, day, week and year.

Ms Simone inspires others with her care, compassion and nurturing attitude, her drive to further develop herself and her kindness – and smiles that she shares with all of those around her.”



The Millennium School – Dubai

On behalf of Ambika Gulati, Principal, The Millennium School – Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at The Millennium School, a BIG thank you to the passionate educationalist…

Suja Ranganathan. Science Teacher for Middle School. The Millennium School – Dubai.

“Suja Ranganathan joined TMS in 2019, quickly becoming a valued member of the science faculty, extending herself in the interest of student learning.

She leads activities and initiatives to bring alive the Sustainable Development Goals through creative action plans, while breathing energy into our Environment Club, and guiding the school to win the Eco School Award.

Suja’s thought leadership has had her guiding students and colleagues to launch the Innovation Club, which has become a popular choice for our young change-makers.

Suja is a guide, mentor and coach to both students and colleagues, sharing evolving practices and stitching fresh challenge into our curriculum.

She also makes creative lesson plans for our Genius Hour, inculcating design thinking as a method of solving real-world problems for our students.

We see the impact of Mrs Ranganathan’s teaching and activism right across our school – from extended activities such as debating, to Model United Nations and Round Square.”


Star International School, Al Twar.

On behalf of Dolly Goriawala, Principal, Star International School, Al Twar, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Star International School, a BIG thank you to the hugely talented…

Michael Cross. Teacher. Star International School, Al Twar.

“World Teachers’ Day is the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of Michael Cross.

A Superstar in the making… here is a teacher who shares a strong rapport with his children.

His patience, perseverance, sense of humour and problem-solving skills have given him hero-status within his class.

He holds his class up to his high expectations; but is ever ready to scaffold if the children need genuine support.

He believes that respect goes both ways – and is a role model for his children.

He joins whole-heartedly in every school celebration and inspires, encourages and supports his class at every step.

Mike plans and teaches high quality lessons.  He uses cross-curricular links to broaden the use of technology.

Mike is a very pleasant individual liked by students and staff alike.

He makes time to ensure the well-being of his students and is the person they turn to for help.

Mike is one of many such teachers who make Star International School such a happy school and, on World Teachers Day, I celebrate all my teachers.”


Hartland International School Dubai

On behalf of Fiona Cottam, Principal, Hartland International School, Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at Hartland International, a BIG thank you to the hugely  appreciated – and wonderful…

Stefania D’Olimpio. FS1 Sunbird Class Teacher. Hartland International School. 

Stefania D’Olimpio deserves recognition on World Teacher’s Day as she has remained focused even throughout the Covid pandemic, to guide our youngest children to become confident, independent and creative learners.

In her naturally resourced and child centred classroom, she ensures relationships are fostered, families are respected, and children’s thoughts and ideas are valued.

She is a passionate advocate for inquiry, project and play-based learning, and is very experienced in delivering the EYFS curriculum and implementing the Reggio Approach to suit the needs of all children.

For the past twenty years alongside raising her twin daughters, she has worked as a committed Early Childhood Educator ensuring that all children receive the highest quality education.

As one of the founding members of staff at Hartland, Stefania has always been committed to building strong partnerships with all families, using her language skills to provide support and encouragement needed for their child to excel beyond their expectations.”


The Westminster School – Dubai.

On behalf of Carl Roberts, Executive Principal / CEO, The Westminster School – Dubai, the Senior Leadership Team, children and every member of faculty and staff at The Westminster School, a BIG thank you to the extraordinary, compassionate and much loved…

Jyoti Paraddi. Lead Teacher. Head of Tolerance. The Westminster School – Dubai.


“It gives me immense pride to pay tribute to Ms Jyoti Paraddi, for always providing engaging opportunities in our learning community and for her successful leadership at The Westminster School – Dubai.

She has been able to raise the standards of teaching and learning of science, mathematics, social studies and moral education in the Primary school.

She is a person with excellent leadership skills, presently functioning as the Head of Tolerance House in the pastoral team.

As a lead teacher, she has been closely working with the UNeduCCate Global Sustainability climate change team in the United Kingdom to bring about a change in the community.

What gives her the greatest joy is witnessing the transformation of a student lacking in self-confidence, into a person brimming with it.

She does this by making herself available on a personal basis and ensuring one-to-one support and attention.

As a teacher and a leader, Ms Jyoti has set herself as an example.

Ms Jyoti Paraddi inspires and motivates other teachers to stay proactive and seek positivity in absolutely everything.”


Notes for parents

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