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Tier 1 Outstanding British School Al Khubairat “wows!” with world class GCSE results and extraordinary student whole child achievement against overwhelming odds
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Year 11 British School Al Khubairat (BSAK) students are celebrating their best ever GCSE exam results – and this following a period of disrupted education that significantly impacted their ‘face to face’ learning.

We rank the British School Al Al Khubairat outstanding plus and BSAK justifiably won prestigious recognition at The Top Schools Awards, securing both:

  • The Top Schools Award for Best School in the United Arab Emirates for Post-16 Education 2021-22

GCSE Results Day - BSAK British School Al Khubairat Top Schools Awards Best Post 16 Education

  • The Top Schools Award for Best School in the United Arab Emirates for Fine Art and Creative Studio Work 2021-22

British School Al Khubairat Top Schools Awards Fine Art GCSE Results Day 2022

Of 127 students, and 1225 entries, 27% of British School Al Khubairat students received Grade 9 in their GCSEs, the highest grade possible with equivalence to an A* outcome – and 46% were graded 9-8.

This compares with 43% of BSAK students who Grade 9 results in 2021 and 43% graded 9-8.

Across the spectrum of stellar outcomes, 62% of BSAK students achieved 9-7 grades – equivalent to Aor A – and a remarkable 91% of BSAK students were graded 9-5 (A-B).

GCSE results at the British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi BSAK are outstanding in 2022


The pass rate for all GCSE students at the British School Al Khubairat was 100%.

GCSE Results Day special 2022. Photograph of Mark Leppard MBE who, with his teachers, signed up for the covid 19 vaccination trial. The trial eventually led to the Sinopharm vaccine being rolled out across Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Mark Leppard MBE, Headmaster of the British School Al Khubairat, told SchoolsCompared movingly:

“I am almost lost for words with pride for our Year 11 cohort, that they have surpassed the results of previous years.

These grades show a continuous improvement, not only over the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) of the last two years, but also over our pre- covid cohorts.

This underlines our fair allocation of grades during Covid, the high quality of teaching at BSAK, and above all the grit and determination of our students, to work hard and overcome their circumstances.”

Mr Leppard continued:

“They are a testament to great resilience.”

Photograph of Theresa Woulfe on GCSE Results Day 2022 celebrating the outstanding achievement of British School Al Khubairat (BSAK) students

Teresa Woulfe, Head of Secondary, BSAK, explained:

“It is easy to forget that the pandemic started when these students were in Year 9 and that this meant a loss of face to face learning. Despite this, our amazing students have been, creditably and justifiably, rewarded for their conscientious approach and adaptability to their studies.

I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved.  They thoroughly deserve their success – and more.

It makes me even more proud as I leave BSAK this year that these are the highest GCSE results to date; a wonderful legacy to build upon.

Thanks must be given to our outstanding teaching staff, our parents and wider community for the way their support superseded the many restrictions.”

Top performing students

10 students received 9 or more Grade 9s and an impressive 39 students received 8 or more Grades of 9 or 8.

An incredible 60 students received 8 or more Grade 9-7 results, equivalent to A* – A.

The following 10 students received 9 or more Grade 9s:

  • Saif Ghazanfar
  • Sreya Gupta
  • Deena Jasim
  • Jenifer Najjar
  • Priyali Sapra
  • Ryan Taoutaou
  • Annabel Rose Green
  • Arham Rakhecha
  • Madeleine Lucy Robinson
  • Kishan Sharma

The school exclaimed to SchoolsCompared: “We are just so delighted that our students have been rewarded with grades that reflect their ability, hard work and determination, in what has been for them a significantly unsettling and challenging period of their education.”

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