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Reigate Grammar School UAE New British School Openings; EXCLUSIVE

Reigate Grammar School UAE Openings

Reigate Grammar School, the famous British School brand, is set to launch in the UAE. The current aim is to open three 2000-student plus capacity campuses of the famous British School, but the exact number and locations have not been decided. The schools will offer a British Curriculum founded on the National Curriculum of England and Wales to students between 3 years and 18 years through EYFS to GCSE and gold standard A Level. Mooted locations include RGS Dubai, RGS Abu Dhabi and RGS Al Ain by commentators predicting that the aim will be to follow the Brighton Schools model in the Emirates. To be known as RGS, some confusion with the existing Royal Grammar School in Dubai, also known as RGS, is expected and both schools are keen that they not be confused and are not related.  

The RGS Reigate schools are being run by Bright Capital in a “close” partnership with Reigate Grammar School UK through its international office. Bright Capital is best known for its historical operation of the Star International schools (here and here)  in which it retains an interest with the major school group International Schools Partnership and Bright Learners.

Speaking confidentially, a source exclusively told us:

“Reigate Grammar School has a robust network that will ensure significant exchange programs between our founding school in the UK and our UAE schools. The Reigate UK team will be working closely with the team here in the UAE and there are considerations of exchange and mobility programs for both teaching faculty staff and students.

“Our long-term plan is to open 3, or more, Reigate Grammar School branch campus schools in the UAE each with a capacity in excess of 2000 students.

“Although we cannot share yet the exact locations of the schools, or the architectural design of each, we will keep updates as soon as we are able to release this information in the public domain.”

You can gain an insight into what we can expect from the new UAE RGS schools from an introduction by Shaun Fenton, Headmaster Reigate Grammar School UK and Executive Headmaster Reigate Grammar School Vietnam:



Reigate Grammar School UAE Partnership

Reigate Grammar School UAE partnership could see opening for RGS Dubai, RGS Abu Dhabi and RGS Al Ain. the school should not be confused with Royal Grammar School Dubai, also confusingly known as RGS

Pictured: Benazir Akthar, Head of Operations Bright Capital Investment (inset left), Dolly Goriawala, Education Expert, Bright Capital Investments (in red), Esref Temel (signatory left), Managing Director and Partner, Bright Capital Investment with Shaun Fenton OBE, Executive Headmaster of Reigate Grammar School (signatory right), Sean Davey, Managing Director of Reigate Grammar School International (inset right) and legal advisor Ross Barfoot, Partner, Dentons (far right).


Established in 1675 in London Reigate Grammar School was ranked in the top-20 private schools in the UK by A-Level results in 2023. Reigate Grammar School and Reigate Grammar School International currently operate 6 schools globally (in UK, Saudi Arabia, China and Vietnam). Reigate Grammar School, Riyadh was opened in 2022. The RGS schools, however, whatever their number, are up against exceptionally strong competition from other Tier 1 blue chip “Big Brand” British international public school brands now in the UAE, including Brighton, Repton, Royal Grammar School Guildford, Durham, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi – and there are many more coming. Add a sprinkling of fantastic British not-for-profits, GEMS top tier British Jumeirah and British-IB Wellington schools – and outstanding home grown schools like Safa Community School and Safa British School – and the competition at the top is positively sizzling with the very best the world can offer.

Reigate Grammar School AUAE launch expected with RGS Dubai and RGS Abu Dhabi

Pictured: the famous UK school from which RGS schools in the UAE will draw their values and ambition for students

Shaun Fenton OBE, Executive Headmaster of Reigate Grammar School, told

“I am delighted with this new partnership with Bright Capital and excited to establish world class schools in the UAE as part of our global village philosophy, where we nurture every child to become the best versions of themselves, fulfil their potential, and become global citizens with noble purpose.

“Our partnership with Bright Capital marks a significant milestone as we extend our presence into the UAE.

“Reigate and Bright Capital are committed to developing international links offering students in the UAE access to exceptional educational opportunities and, in creating cultural and learning links across continents, facilitating visitation and exchange opportunities for students and staff which will further enrich the Reigatian community.”

Sean Davey, Global Business Director for Reigate Grammar School International continued:

“We are very fortunate to have found a partner [in Bright Capital Investment] which shares our values and aspiration to provide world-class education within an interconnected global community.

To establish our educational philosophy and brand within the UAE has been a major ambition and priority for us.”

Esref Temel, Managing Director, Bright Capital, responded:

“We are thrilled about this collaboration and eagerly anticipate establishing world-class British schools in the UAE, aligning perfectly with our expansion plans.

This partnership marks Bright Capital’s foray into the premium British schools’ segment, and we could not have found a better partner than Reigate Grammar School International, with its rich history in the independent school sector in the UK.”

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