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Jumeirah College Principal recognises historic cohort on GCSE Results Day 2022 – and pays tribute to remarkable teachers and parents
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Jumeirah College Principal recognises historic cohort on GCSE Results Day 2022 – and pays tribute to remarkable teachers and parents

by Jon WestleyAugust 25, 2022

Jumeirah College Dubai is celebrating the exceptional achievement of all its students this year on GCSE Results Day, each of whom has traversed very different individual journeys and challenges. The Covid years have been particularly hard on students and the resilience of Jumeirah College students, and the compassion that they have shown for each other, has been a stand-out feature of this highly respected Tier 1 British School in Dubai. Whilst results do not tell of those individual stories, they have nevertheless been beyond impressive, with 55% of all students achieving grades at 9-8 (A). 73% of all grades achieved by Jumeirah College students were awarded at 9-7 (A-A).

Impressively, 89% of all students at Jumeirah College received at least one grade at 9-8 (A*).

Marc Morris, Principal of Jumeirah College celebrating outstanding A Level results of Jumeirah College students in GEMS Education celebration

Marc Morris, Principal, Jumeirah College, told SchoolsCompared:

“Congratulations to our Year 11 students on achieving an outstanding set of examination results at GCSE.

We are delighted that this leaves the majority of students in a position to access their first choice of A level and post-16 courses.

In addition to recognizing the achievements of our students, it is important to pay tribute to their families and teachers who have supported them on their academic journey.

Our students have proved to be incredibly resilient through the pandemic and we wish them every success with their future academic and professional careers.


Well done!”

A  special message to GEMS Students from Dino Varkey, Group Chief Executive Officer of GEMS Education, on GCSE Results Day 2022

Photograph of Dino Varkey in interview with Jon Westyley April 2021 in Dubai

“Congratulations to all our GCSE students, who have performed incredibly well and delivered a stellar set of results.

Our students are surpassing the UK national average and every single one of them, regardless of their grades, should be proud of their achievements.

Their excellent set of results will stand them in good stead as they move on to the next exciting stage of their academic journey at their schools.

These GCSE results bring to a close an impressive school exam season that has seen pupils from across GEMS’ different curricula put the challenges of the pandemic well behind them and press on towards their aspirations with a positive and confident attitude.”

Top performing students

Student Results
Pereira, Alana 9 (9s), 1 (8/A*),
Salya, Huda 5 (9s), 2 (8/A*), 4 (7/A)
Ali, Syed Amaan 8 (9s), 2 (8/A*),
Nasution, Aoudrea 8 (9s) , 2 (8/A*),
Zobairi, Danyaal 8 (9s) , 2 (8/A*),

Overall results

GCSE results 2022 2019
Total candidates 159 153
Total entries 1445 1470
Total entries at grade 9 430 220
% of entries at grade 9 30% 15%
Total entries at grade 8-9 (A*) 799 561
% of entries at grade 8-9 (A*) 55% 38%
Total entries at grade 7-9 (A-A*) 1053 957
% of entries at grade 7-9 (A-A*) 73% 65%
Total entries at grade 5-9 (B-A*) 1391 1399
% of entries at grade 5-9 (B-A*) 96% 95%
Total entries at grade 4-9 (C-A*) 1431 1454
% of entries at grade 4-9 (C-A*) 99% 99%
Total candidates achieving grade 9 100 78
% of candidates achieving grade 9 63% 51%
Total candidates achieving 8-9 (A*) 142 127
% of candidates achieving 8-9 (A*) 89% 83%

On behalf of all at the SchoolsCompared team, a very, very big congratulations to each of you in the historic GCSE cohort of Jumeirah College in 2022, your fabulous teachers – and your amazing parents who make everything possible.


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