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JESS students score Ivy League, LSE and Oxbridge recognition in outstanding whole school IB and Triple Star BTEC Results in 2022.

Top Schools Award winning Jumeirah English Speaking School [JESS} Arabian Ranches has today shared with its celebration of a year of outstanding achievement for both its IB Diploma and BTEC students. The commitment of JESS to both academic and technical stream qualifications, combined with its steadfast commitment to inclusion, are ethical features of a school which, for SchoolsCompared, ranked one of the most outstanding and inspirational British schools in the UAE for all children. The quality of education here, including the whole child education of children, is outstanding plus. Worth noting too that JESS, creditably, stood out this year for showing exceptional restraint and compassion for families in its approach to fee increases.

Photograph of Shane O'Brien, Leader of Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches - JESS Dubai, on IB and BTEC Results Day 2022

Speaking about the achievements of JESS students this year, Shane O’Brien, Director of Jumeirah English Speaking School [JESS] Arabian Ranches positively beamed, telling SchoolsCompared:

“We are extremely pleased with these outcomes.

With our Year 13 cohort never having experienced formal final external examinations because of the pandemic there were always going to be concerns about their robustness under pressure.

However, our teachers have nurtured their students with care, parents have been supportive, and our students have more than risen to the challenge. It has been a wonderful team effort.

The overall average matches the best JESS had attained pre-pandemic so we must celebrate these results.

Achieving a 38 point average and a 100% pass rate with such a mixed ability cohort is very satisfying but also, significantly, are the number of students achieving 44 and 45 points.


The amount of JESS students ranked at the very top globally reminds us of how high our students can fly.

This has been a wonderfully successful return to the rigour and reality of IB examinations.”

Photograph of Kosta Lekanides IB and BTEC student evangelist JESS Dubai

Kosta Lekanides, IB Coordinator, Jumeirah English Speaking School [JESS] Arabian Ranches continued:

“There is no doubt that I am immensely proud of our students’ performance in this May 2022 exam session.

Once again, JESS students continue to perform incredibly well, collectively maintaining the 38-point exam average that has become the norm at JESS.

The continued and sustained historic performance of the school is a real testament to the hard work of our teachers, support staff and leaders who help see a large cohort of students through each year to stellar results and first choice placements at university and beyond.

JESS is a truly special place.

Seeing the big smiles on our student’s faces on results night – and the sea of hugs among friends and family, is all the acknowledgment we need to keep us going with the confident knowledge what we are doing works – and works well.

Go be fabulous JESS Cohort of 2022.


Graduating JESS student Gia Narayan (45 Points) celebrated with us:

Upon seeing my results, I felt immediate relief (for having met my university offer), immense joy and then gratitude. The IB is a challenging 2-year journey so it was extremely gratifying to see my hard work come to fruition.

Truly, none of it would have been possible without JESS’s extraordinary support, our Sixth-Form leadership team and teachers are genuinely invested in your success.

Whether it be hosting extra revision sessions, answering every single question I had or that last minute pep-talk before walking into the exam hall, they were always there for me.

It is because of the solid foundation that JESS provides, I am now pursuing my passion at the London School of Economics, studying Economics and Politics.”

Fellow JESS student Ishaan Maheshwari (45 points) continued:

“It has been an incredible feeling and I’m very happy that all my hard work over the last 2 years has paid off. Beyond IB, I’m looking forward to going to Columbia University to study Economics for the next 4 years. I’m grateful for the collective support and help of my parents and teachers, especially my school’s clear guidance throughout the IB process without which this would not have been possible.”

Graduating JESS student Chelsea Tiller told SchoolsCompared: 

“I feel my IB results are representative of all the hard work and effort that has gone into the past 2 years of the Diploma at JESS, especially that last push at the end.

Receiving my grades was not only satisfying but is also the kind of motivating push I needed to follow through with a challenging course of study at university in the coming years.

I have realised that hard work does pay off and am grateful for my education at JESS as it has allowed me to be in a position where every career option/university course is available to me, but for now the hardest part is trying to pick just one!”

JESS Student Osaid Mian concluded:

“I have the utmost respect for my teachers and family who played a vital part in my success throughout the IB.

My two-year experience at JESS was definitely invaluable for my personal growth as I look to pursue Computer Science in the future, following my National Service obligation in Singapore.”

Jumeirah English Speaking School – IB Diploma Programme Results 2022

IB DIPLOMA results



Name of School

 JESS Dubai

No. of candidates registered in the session



No. of subject entries in the session



No. of candidates who passed the diploma



Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma



% of candidates who achieved 40+ points



% of candidates who achieved 35+ points



% of candidates who achieved 30+ points



Highest Diploma points awarded to a candidate



Average grade obtained at the school by candidates who passed the diploma



Total number of candidates excluded from the statistics




Jumeirah English Speaking School [JESS] Arabian Ranches – BTEC Results 2022

“This year we had 11 students take on the demanding BTEC Extended Level 3 Diploma in either Art & Design, Business or Sport with 10 of these students achieving the very highest grades of triple distinction* (D*D*D*) with one student achieving D*D*D. Naturally, we continue to be incredibly proud of our BTEC cohort who aside from stellar academic performance have also secured some incredible first choice degree courses at universities including the University of Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds, Stirling and the University of the Arts, London (UAL).

They are joined by some of their IBDP peers (and former JESS BTEC graduates) in these universities where we have no doubt they will continue to make waves and go from success to success.

We wish them all the very best on the exciting next phase of their lives.”

Kosta Lekanides, IB Coordinator, Jumeirah English Speaking School [JESS] Arabian Ranches


Number of students: 11

BTEC Qualification:

  • BTEC Extended Level 3 Diploma Art & Design
  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma Buisiness
  • BTERC Level 3 Diploma Sport

JESS Student Results:

  • 10 students: D*D*D* [Triple Distinction]
  • 1 student: D*D*D

University destinations: 

  • University of Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Leeds
  • Stirling
  • University of the Arts, London (UAL).


University Destinations 2022

JESS students will be progressing on to a wide range of university destinations across the globe:

  • 56% of Year 13 students will attend UK universities including Oxford, LSE, Edinburgh, Durham, Warwick, Kings College London and Loughborough
  • In North America, 27% of JESS students have achieved their places at destinations including the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, McMaster and McGill
  • Other leading global institutions including Groningen, Amsterdam, the ESSEC Business School in France and ESIC in Spain


A very big well done to everyone at JESS from all at – parents, leaders, teachers… and amazing JESS students for all your achievements. Just “Wow!”

Visit the official JESS Dubai web site here.

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