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Lift Off to the Future! Deira international School Students Complete Lap of Honour Celebrating Outstanding IB Results and Choice of Crop of University Destinations
HELEN WALLIS and Deira International School Dubai IBDP students on IB Results Day 2024
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Lift Off to the Future! Deira international School Students Complete Lap of Honour Celebrating Outstanding IB Results and Choice of Crop of University Destinations

by Jon WestleyJuly 6, 2024

From Outstanding to Unstoppable: Deira International School (DIS) Celebrates Exceptional IB Results in 2024

Deira International School (DIS) is making waves… again. With a 98% pass rate for their 2024 IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) students, this Al-Futtaim Education Foundation School continues to set the bar high, again beating world averages as students now prepare to graduate to some of the world’s top universities.

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), DIS is a school we rank as one of the UAE’s very best International Baccalaureate schools – but the story here is as much about holistic whole child education as it is about raw numbers and exam certificates. As the school told

“The numbers only tell part of the story. Behind the stats are incredible tales of personal growth and transformation.”

Caring global citizens

Helen Wallis, Assistant Head Teacher and Head of the IB Programme at Deira International School, shared with her view of why the IB at DIS is “so special”:

“We want our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. We nurture their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

“Watching them mature into caring global citizens is a real pleasure.

“Take Eesha Mashruwala and Vasudha Ayyagari, for example. As soon as they joined the IB programme, they had a big idea: create a special space for IB students to study and hang out. They called it the IB Hub.

“These two didn’t just dream it; they made it happen.


“They worked with architects and got support from the Al-Futtaim Education Foundation to build this innovative space. The IB Hub is now a place where students can study, socialise, and collaborate – all thanks to Eesha and Vasudha’s vision and hard work.”

Leaders of tomorrow

Helen Wallis continued:

“Another standout student from the Class of 2024 is Khushi Desai. She came to DIS at the start of IB1 with a dream of launching a TEDx event at the school. Khushi pulled it off, organising the first-ever DIS TEDx event and bringing speakers from all over the world.

“This event was so successful that they held a second one earlier this year. Despite juggling these huge projects with her IB studies, Khushi finished as the top academic achiever of her class.

“And then there are the school’s Head Boy and Head Girl, Yousef Al-Saudi and Mariam Hassan. These two have been at DIS since they were kids and truly live by the school’s values of Respect, Excellence, and Integrity. They’ve led anti-bullying campaigns and represented the school at numerous events.”

Mrs Wallis told

“I just couldn’t be prouder of them – they have truly become the leaders of tomorrow.”

Students’ well-being, happiness and the whole child

Schools should not be factory production lines – and at Deira International School the commitment to holistic education and the happiness of children is not skin deep. This is a school which cares deeply about their students’ well-being:

“We offer a balanced and challenging academic experience while focusing on the whole person.

“Our comprehensive pastoral system ensures students always have support, whether from their form tutors, Year Learning Coordinators, or our dedicated student well-being counsellor.

“We understand that the IB can be stressful, and we make absolutely sure that there’s always someone to talk to.

We’re here with a listening ear and support to help our students succeed.”

Helen Wallis, Assistant Head Teacher and Head of the IB Programme at Deira International School

The IB Class of 2024 at Deira International School

A proud Doug Pettitt, Head of Secondary at Deira International School, celebrated a year of outstanding IB student achievement, telling

“We are thrilled to celebrate the phenomenal results of our IB students for 2024.

“They have overcome various challenges and demonstrated outstanding achievement and growth. These results are a testament to their hard work, passion and curiosity, as well as the support and guidance of our exceptional teachers and parents.

“Our IB students have benefited from our inclusive and diverse curriculum, which has enabled them to explore their interests, develop their skills and to succeed to their full potential.

“We are so proud of their accomplishments, and we look forward to seeing them progress to some of the world’s best Universities.”

Deira International School IB Diploma Results 2024

2022 2023 2024
No. of candidates registered in the session  78

(78 Passed)


(62 passed)


(59 Passed)

No. of subject entries in the session  624 536  420
No. of candidates who passed the diploma  100% 93%  98%
Average points  35.5 33.7


% of candidates who achieved 40+ points  21.8 15%


% of candidates who achieved 35+ points  59.0 45%


% of candidates who achieved 30+ points  88.5 85%


Highest Diploma points awarded to a candidate  45 44  45
Average grade  5.6 5.3



IB Careers-related Programme: Paving the Way With 100% Pass Rate

Deira International School’s International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) students achievements are equally impressive.

Kimberley Shaw, IBCP and BTEC Coordinator at DIS, believes passionately that the Career Programme is a “game-changer for students”:

“The IBCP is for students who want to dive into career-related education while still getting that strong academic foundation from IB courses.

“It mixes academic rigour with practical career studies, which really sets it apart from the traditional IB Diploma.”

This is the real world…

Students in the IBCP take on BTECs, which are 100% assessed through practical projects and assignments rather than exams. This hands-on approach prepares them for the real world and the needs of business and industry:

“We tailor education to each student’s interests and career goals.

“The IBCP blends academic IB courses with career-focused studies, providing a balanced education.”

Kimberley Shaw, IBCP and BTEC Coordinator, Deira International School. 2024.

In 2024, IBCP students at DIS have excelled, with an average BTEC score of D*D*. They’ve also gained valuable industry experience through work placements with the Al-Futtaim Group:

“Our students have fully immersed themselves in service-learning projects, contributing positively to the local community and developing a strong sense of social responsibility.”

“These achievements show how the IBCP programme continues to grow and how dedicated our students are

“Our students leave DIS ready for their careers, with strong academic foundations and practical experience.

“Our collaboration with the Al-Futtaim Group offers students hands-on experience and industry insights.

“These partnerships help students build professional networks and provide pathways for continued education.”

Deira International School IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) results

2022 2023 2024
No. of candidates registered in the session  5  5  6
Overall pass rate  100%  80%  100%
No. of BTEC/technical Level 3 entries  5  5  6
Name of BTEC/technical Level 3 option(s) – please list/name all qualification options studied and include numbers sitting each. Level 3 diploma:

(1) Business

(2) Travel and Tourism

Level 3 diploma:

(1) Business

(2) Travel and Tourism

 Level 3 diploma:

(1) Business

(2) Travel and Tourism

Highest BTEC Score*  D*D*  D*D*
Average BTEC score (Letters plus *)*  D*D  D*D
% Distinction*  60%  50%  58%
% Distinction  20%  40%  34%
% Merit  20%  10%  8%
% Pass  0%  0%  0%
% Unclassified  NA  NA NA
Highest IB Subjects score 6  6  6
Average IB Subjects score 4  3.5  4.8
Overall highest score for IB CP*  15  15  15
Overall average score for IB CP*  11.2  11.5  12.7

*where available

Further information

Main Photo: Assistant Head Teacher and Head of IB Programme at Deira International School, Helen Wallis, proudly leads her graduate students on a celebratory lap of honour, marking the culmination of their hard work and academic achievements.

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