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IB Results Day 2024 – LIVE! School International Baccalaureate Results Across the UAE. IB CP and IB Diploma Students Win Through Against Background of Time Zone Cheating.

IB Results Day 2024 is upon us!

Schools have now received the results for this year’s cohort as of 5 July 2024, and all individual candidates will be able to access their personal results from their IB Diploma (IBDP) and IB Career (IDCP) programme examinations from 3:00pm UAE time on Saturday 6th July 2024.

Stay tuned as we celebrate all the amazing successes of the UAE’s IBDP and IBCP results LIVE! on

As results come in you will find quick links below to all our amazing IB Results Day stories on

Editors note: we have been inundated with stories from the UAE’s most outstanding IB schools from educators who wish to celebrate the achievements of their students. We will be leaving this article open over the next few days whilst we continue to publish their remarkable stories.

Saturday 6th July 2024: Join us early for the most exciting day in the IB calendar as we reveal results from IB schools across the United Arab Emirates live throughout the day – only on

8:01pm: And that is a wrap for IB Results Day 2024. It has been a lovely, incredibly inspiring and moving 48 hours celebrating with all of you this year. We are so proud of each and every one of you, your fabulous schools, compassionate and conviction-led teachers, school leadership and the IB. You are going to have the most amazing lives. The future depends on each of you – it’s going to be such an adventure.  Much Love, the Team (Eimear, Jennifer, Johnathan and Tabitha)  xxx

8:00pm: Touching Success as IB Class of ’24 Students at GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Silicon Oasis Learn to Write Their Own (Extraordinarily Special) Stories. Full story here.


7.00pm: Repton Dubai celebrates top IB results and university destinations. Read the full story here.

6:30pm: A joyful Universal American School community celebrates ‘shared victory’ for Class of 2024. Read the story of a US IB school that shines bright for young men and women.

6:00pm: Time Zone Cheating fears allayed? Average IB DP score, pass rate and grade all rise in 2024. IB official statement released in full. Read the remarkable story and our analysis of the official IB statement for 2024 here. 

5:30pm: “Lift off!” to the future! Deira International School students complete lap of honour celebrating outstanding IB results and choice of crop of university destinations. Travel to the “Real World” here.

4:45pm: Fortes Education confirms best IB results in history of Sunmarke School Dubai as Class of 2024 break records on IB Results Day. Full story here. 

4:30pm: UAE IB results 2024: En-garde the future! Gems International School Al Khail equips IB Class of 2024 with powerful pathways to nurture the diversity of their talents. Students say: “GIS the best choice I ever made.” Read the full story here.

3.52pm: There were hugs, kisses and tears of joy at Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) today, as delighted students surpassed their wildest expectations – including one who achieved 45 points. But it’s all about the Value Added, say JESS teachers. Read the full story here. 

3:00pm: GEMS Wellington International School sparkles with top 45 Point student achievement in the Diploma and 100% pass rate in the Career-related Programme. It does not get better than this, says a beaming Maryssa O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer and Principal of GEMS Wellington International School Dubai. Read the full story only on here. 

2:00pm: Phenomenal achievement at the beautiful, award-winning GEMS World Academy Dubai. Read the full story as Dr Saima Rana, Chief Executive Officer and Principal of GEMS World Academy Dubai and Group Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, lights up her school with praise for her wonderful and wonder-filled IB Class of 24. Read the full story here.

1.13pm: The Taaleem network of schools celebrates some spectacular successes, with several students achieving perfect scores of 45. But it’s not just about grades, emphasise educators and “We are proud of each and every one of you”. Read the full story here.

12:01pm: Award-winning giant of Indian curriculum schooling Gems Modern Academy reveals stellar IB results for Class of 2024. Read full story here.

10:00am: IB Refuses to U-turn on Time Zone Cheating despite student outrage – BUT will now STOP it moving forward. Full story here.

9:00am: Bateen World Academy Principal predicts amazing futures for spectacular class of 2024 International Baccalaureate students graduating powerhouse Abu Dhabi school. Read the story here.

2:30am: Perfect 7 for GEMS Education IB Class of ’24. Read about how exceptional GEMS IB Schools Achieved a 100% Pass Rate for the Career Programme – and awesome Diploma Students Hit 45 Points. Read the story of IB achievement at GEMS Schools in 2024 here.

1:30am: Dubai International Academy Al Barsha students “Wow! teachers and set new school records. Full story here. 

12:30 am: Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills celebrates the dedication and motivation that create “exceptional Achievements”. Read the full story here.

12:01 am: Mum’s delight as joyful Raffles World Academy IB students score “Beyond Outstanding” on IB Results Day 2024. Full story here.


Friday 5th July 2024: Results start pouring into HQ in London and Dubai ready for tomorrow’s Big Day!

5:30pm: Read our Headline story of how UAE IB students are facing the nightmare this year of Time Zone Cheating and unfair treatment by the IB. We believe that UAE students, as a matter of justice, can add points to every IB  grade received this year. Find out why here.

5:00pm: Hot off the Press! Read in full about all Dubai’s very best IB schools here according to the KHDA

4:30pm: Read about the very Best Blended IB Curriculum School in the UAE 2024 here.

4:00pm: Read about the very Best Pure IB School in the UAE 2024 here.

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