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IB Results 2024: Time Zone Cheating fears allayed? Average IBDP score, pass rate and grade all rise in 2024. IB Official Statement Released in Full

IB Results 2024: Time Zone Cheating fears allayed? Average IBDP score, pass rate and grade all rise in 2024. IB Official Statement Released in Full

by Tabitha BardaJuly 6, 2024

The International Baccalaureate (IB) results 2024 are now officially out, and the average global score for the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in May 2024 has risen to 30.32, a minor lift on the score of 30.24 last year. The pass rate has also risen to 80%, compared to 79.35% in May 2023, while the average IBDP grade is 4.85 out of 7 (compared to 4.84 in 2023).

This slight bump in average results should allay the fears of students and their parents who had been worrying that the Time Zone Cheating debacle might make grade boundaries tougher. Reports of leaked IB exam papers in the May 2024 session led honest students to worry that they might be negatively affected as a result, although the IBO was quick to assure students of the exams’ integrity and that there would be no increase in grade boundaries – read more on this here.

Of 192,867 candidates in the 2024 May session, 8,539 received an impressive 40 points or more – but the IBO has refused to publish the number of students receiving the top score of 45 points, stating that it “equally values all students and their accomplishments during the two-year DP or CP journey.”

Global Average IB Results 2024 at a glance

  • Pass rate: 80% 
  • Score: 30.32
  • IBDP grade: 4.85
  • Number of students getting 40 points or more: 8,539 

IBDP Results over the years 

The below table shows a summary of average global IBDP results over the years – please note that the results were inflated between 2020 and 2022 due to Covid marking schemes that compensated for pandemic disruption to education.

Year Diploma mean grade Diploma Pass Rate Diploma Average total points Diploma Candidates with 45 Points
2024 4.85 80.00 30.32 NA
2023 4.84 79.35 30.24 179
2022 5.13 86.11 32 772
2021 5.2 88.95 32.98 1,351
2020 4.95 85.18 31.34 339
2019 4.64 77.81 29.65 275
2018 4.79 78.18 29.76 259
2017 4.81 78.40 29.87 278

Stop the obsession with 45 points, says IBO

Schools are often keen to shout about their top students and are understandably proud of those who manage to achieve the seemingly impossible top result of 45 points in their IB assessments. However the IB wants schools to shift away from this emphasis on results success. Since May 2023, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) no longer publishes the number of students achieving the highest top mark of 45 data points. This change is specifically designed to discourage the use of assessment results for comparisons among students, schools, or communities. IB students and World Schools vary in context, socioeconomic status, and cohort size, and their achievements extend beyond assessment scores, says the IBO.

In line with its holistic philosophy of egalitarianism, compassion and well-roundedness, the IB has made this decision because it values the importance of focusing on the achievements of all students:


“The IB is immensely proud of all IB students who have reached this milestone. Throughout the DP and CP two-year learning journey students have acquired the knowledge and skills to thrive and make a difference in the world.”

Worldwide growth

Almost 193,000 students worldwide have received their Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) results today, representing a 7.2% increase in the number of students taking the assessments. There are now 2.5 million people who have achieved the IB qualification across the world, and it is now offered in 156 different countries.

Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the International Baccalaureate, said:

“It is always an honour to congratulate IB graduates on all of their achievements, and this year their results are nothing short of praiseworthy. From the beginning, the IB has been providing an international, holistic education to inspire future leaders and peace builders. This cohort has demonstrated this commitment, and I am delighted to see so many of them moving confidently on to the next chapter of their lives equipped with the future-ready skills and compassion that define IB learners.” ​

The Diploma Programme (DP) gives the student a world-class preparation for university and a lifetime of opportunity. It is a comprehensive inquiry-based education that puts the student in control of their learning, so they can develop superior academic ability, confidence, critical-thinking and language skills. This challenging framework is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities and aims to develop the whole student, and flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

The Career-related Programme (CP) is specifically designed for students aged 16–19 who wish to engage in career-related learning, while also continuing to gain transferable and lifelong skills like confidence, social responsibility and a sense of purpose. The CP is an innovative blend of academic study and career skills that incorporates the vision and educational principles of the IB into a unique programme.

For the May 2024 examination session, DP and CP students completed all assessment components for each subject and the IB awarded grades using all components, coursework and examinations.

The IB states that it will be publishing an interim statistical bulletin in the next few weeks.

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