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Happiest Schools in the UAE. SchoolsCompared presents… Arcadia School Dubai
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Happiest Schools in the UAE 2021 – Arcadia School Dubai looks at, in our view, the absolutely happiest schools in the UAE in 2021.

Today we welcome Arcadia School Dubai to our SchoolsCompared accredited list of the very happiest schools in the UAE for students – but also for families and teachers.

Arcadia is a school that has been built ground up on the recognition that looking after and caring for teachers is at the absolute heart of providing an outstanding education for students. Tellingly, it is rare in the UAE for a school to be designed in this way – far more often budgets come first, often followed by facilities, this despite the fact that it is teachers that make up the highest cost (by far) of any school. And who would argue that amazing teachers make amazing, happy schools.

The investment in teachers (and as a corollary children) is formidable at Arcadia – and on that basis it should not be surprising that this is a school in which the investment in child happiness comes as a given.

It is very relevant then to showcase a very different happiness video here from Arcadia, one that focuses on Arcadia’s teachers and their message to children and students that they were never alone during the pandemic – and that when remote learning was at its height, empathy and understanding was never in short supply for the challenges faced by everyone.

A very deserving accredited Happiest Schools in the UAE award winner 2021.


It is worth quoting from the introduction to Arcadia School by its Executive Principal, Giles Pruett:

“As Arcadians, we place wellbeing at the heart of everything we do and provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where our learners can achieve the best possible educational outcomes while flourishing as individuals.

We are a happy school, where our whole community can thrive together based on our shared values of ‘Positivity, Respect, Tolerance, Independence, Compassion and Creativity’.

Built on our desire to provide the ‘school of the future’, our facilities and our teachers are world-class, ensuring that every child receives the best possible attention and opportunity to shine.”

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