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“I’ve achieved my dream!”: 10-year-old boy among thrilled students celebrating successful GCSE results at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

“I’ve achieved my dream!”: 10-year-old boy among thrilled students celebrating successful GCSE results at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

by Tabitha BardaAugust 24, 2022

With a 100% pass rate, all Dubai British School Jumeirah Park pupils have very good reason to rejoice on receiving their GCSE results today.

More than half of the 2022 GCSE cohort were awarded grades 9 – 7, meaning that the majority of pupils were looking at A* and A grades on their papers today.

But one student was particularly excited – Omar Kilani, who was just 10 years old at the time of taking his GCSE maths exam this year.

Attending the school in-person with his mum to pick up his results, Omar was thrilled to learn that he has been awarded an impressive grade 8. Omar told SchoolsCompared:

“I told my mum that I had a dream of sitting my Maths GCSE exam before turning 11.”

“I sat the first Maths GCSE paper two days before turning 11, and today I received a Grade 8.”

“I’m still waiting for the news to sink in, but I’m so happy and proud.”

Omar achieved an 8 in GCSE maths, despite taking it early at the age of 10


Omar is part of a cohort of remarkably ambitious and resilient students, who have defied the odds to achieve stellar results, says Rebecca Coulter, Principal of Dubai British School Jumeirah Park:

“At Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, we are incredibly proud of each and every one of our students and we are pleased to celebrate their hard work, effort and achievement in the 2022 GCSE exam season.”

“With 50% of our students achieving the highest possible grades in over 26 GCSE subjects, and 52% of our BTEC students achieving a D*, which is the equivalent to a grade 9 at GCSE, there is much to celebrate.”

As a fully inclusive school, we are proud of the value-add data for this cohort, with each child achieving over 2 grades higher than expected. After what has been a turbulent couple years for them, these results demonstrate their resilience, maturity and strength of character. We look forward to enjoying further success with our wonderful cohort as they continue their educational journey onto A Levels and BTECs at Sixth Form’.


Dubai British School Jumeirah Park GCSE results 2022


  • 30% entries graded 9-8 (A*)
  • 50% graded 9-7 (A*-A)
  • 100% pass rate.
  • 73 students in the cohort.

Year 11 student, Adina Hunter, told SchoolsCompared:

“I’m so happy I achieved the grades I needed to continue with my academic journey! I am so thankful for all the support I’ve been given here at DBS JP.”

Bassem Saad, Year 11 student, added:

“Being at DBSJP has pushed me to aim high and expect nothing aside from the best for myself. I found that the most support often came from the teachers of my least favourite subjects, where I achieved my target grades!”

“The grade boundaries this year were undoubtedly tough but everyone should be proud of their hard work over the past two years.”

“I aim to set the same standards for myself going forwards, ultimately with the goal of acceptance into a top engineering university as well as hopefully giving back to the school through the role of Head Boy in Year 13.”


In pictures: GCSE results day at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park


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