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Eid Al Fitr Holiday: Travelling with kids? The world’s most family-friendly airlines and Airports revealed.

Eid Al Fitr Holiday: Travelling with kids? The world’s most family-friendly airlines and Airports revealed.

by Tabitha BardaApril 29, 2022

Planning on booking a last-minute trip for the recently announced nine-day Eid break?

You might want to pick from some of these airlines listed below when choosing flights, as they’ve just been revealed to be the world’s most family-friendly companies to fly with when you have children.

As expat parents, we all know how stressful it can be travelling with children. Whether it’s being stuck in airport queues with a restless toddler, navigating vast airports with tiny-legged infants who struggle to keep up, trying to get a baby to nap while in the air, or finding something that your child will actually eat on a long flight, there are countless ways in which international travel can kick off family holidays on a nightmare note.

But there are a lot of things that can ease the burden too; from on-plane baby bassinet seats to free pushchairs, dedicated kids’ meals and entertainment and pre-boarding for families, many aspects of a journey can be hugely improved if you’re using the right airline.

New research identifies the world’s most family-friendly airports and airlines, by looking at factors such as seat comfort and family pre-boarding. The study by The Family Vacation Guide looked into which international airports are the most family-friendly by disclosing what makes them appealing to parents and children alike.

Japan Airlines is crowned most-family friendly airline in the world with a score of 83.33% in family friendliness. Not only keeping families in mind, the airline also added a seat map showing you where all the babies are so you can choose not to be near them when booking a ticket

While Dubai’s Emirates airline is known for its family-friendly policies and benefits, it does not make it onto the list due to the guide’s specific methodology. But many of the airlines operate from the UAE – so you can choose your Eid family holiday destination while also taking into account the airline and airports that are likely to make the journey as stress-free as possible.

World’s most family friendly airlines



Rank Airlines Seat Comfort /10 Free Seat Selection Free Checked Bags Family Pre-Boarding No ‘Lap Fees’ Kids Meals Free Kids Entertainment On-Board Bassinet Free Pushchairs Family Friendliness
1 Japan Airlines 8 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 83.33%
1 Korean Air 8 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 83.33%
1 Qantas 8 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 83.33%
4 Hainan Airlines 8 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 77.78%
5 China Southern Airlines 7 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes 72.22%
5 Singapore Airlines 6 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes 72.22%
7 China Eastern Airlines 6 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes 66.67%
7 EVA Air 7 No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes 66.67%
7 Lufthansa 5 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 66.67%
7 Hawaiian Airlines 6 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 66.67%


The world’s top 10 most family-friendly airports

Rank Airport Country On-time departures Cancellations Places to eat Things to do Unlimited free Wi-Fi Family Friendly score
1 Singapore Changi Airport Singapore 90.50% 1.00% 228 205 No 8.73
2 Frankfurt am Main International Airport Germany 78.70% 1.20% 126 179 Yes 8.47
3 Haneda Airport Japan 90.30% 7.00% 225 47 Yes 7.25
4 Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport Italy 90.10% 0.60% 66 111 No 7.19
5 Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Spain 91.00% 0.30% 80 8 Yes 7.09
6 Narita International Airport Japan 88.90% 1.50% 99 44 No 7.04
7 Seattle–Tacoma International Airport USA 84.80% 1.00% 59 30 Yes 6.99
8 Orlando International Airport USA 75.00% 2.70% 86 57 Yes 6.84
9 Los Angeles International Airport USA 82.10% 1.70% 111 16 Yes 6.79
10 Munich Airport Germany 87.30% 1.60% 57 6 Yes 6.48

The methodology

Methodology for the study can be found here. Predominantly desk-based, it’s worth noting that this is one study amongst many – in other studies Dubai International Airport, Emirates and Etihad feature strongly.

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