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Dubai Museum of the Future opens with Landmark Interactive Expo for Children

The Museum of the Future….. is open.

Black and white photograph of the entrance to the Museum of the Future in Dubai which opened in 2022

Now in its second month, the Dubai Museum of the Future (MOTF) opened on Sheikh Zayed Road on 22nd February 2022. Map follows:

Map showing the location of Dubai Museum of the Future and setting off the Sheikh Zayed Road

Very much the UAE’s equivalent to London’s Science Museum (and more…), the extraordinary new landmark museum was founded by the Dubai Future Foundation with a remit to explore the future world we can expect to be created by predicted advances in Science and Technology over the next fifty years.

Interactive “living” elements are in abundance for children and students to actively engage with, just as is is the case with the Science Museum in London.

The Museum of the Future rises 77 metres above the ground and is home to seven unique and distinct floors, designed to welcome “people of all ages to see, touch, and shape our shared future, go on a journey through possible futures – and bring hope and knowledge back to the present.”

The Design

Detail of the lights and calligraphy of the Museum of the Future in Dubai

The Museum has already been recognised by National Geographic as one of 14 most beautiful museums in the world. Designed by Shaun Killa, the architectural “torus” design is clad in steel and glass and nods towards Dubai’s own optimistic vision of the world future generations will inherit Arabic calligraphy adorns its glass windows, each relating an aphorism by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai these including:


“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.” 

The attractions

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, visitors, including children, can engage interactively with the technologies of the future. Themes include a ‘Journey to the Future’ – an exploration of the journey through time to 2071 including:

  • The future of space travel and living
  • Climate change and ecology
  • Health, wellness and spirituality

A special Expo for younger children:

  • Future heroes – especially created for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years of age.

And an exploration of “Tomorrow Today”, an evolving exhibition in association with public and private partners globally to explore:

  • Near future technologies from the world’s leading innovators

The Future – Dubai Future Foundation Explores Technologies of Hope

The Museum is part of a multitude of initiatives launch by the Dubai Government to drive forward innovation in the emirate. The Dubai Future Foundation Global 50 Report explores prescient issues including the availability of universal energy:

Future Opportunities Report Dubai Museum of the Future

Solving Climate Change Problems at the Museum of the Future…

The Museum of the Future Climate Change Expo explores three ideas for how the world can deal with the consequences of climate change. Examples of the impacts if we do not act include:

  • The UAE’s Ministry of Economy predicts that the cost of importing food will quadruple to 60% of GDP by 2025 without development of local, sustainable food sources
  • The OECD predicts that the global supply of potable water will fall 40% short of global demand by 2030,  and that sea level rises could displace more than 250 million people by the end of the century making most coastal cities uninhabitable.

The Museum of the Future explores:

  • The development of an “AutoFarm” – a fully automated robotic urban farm that fills empty parking garages and neighbourhood warehouses with food, once self-driving cars make garages obsolete
Autofarm solution to climate change at Dubai's Museum of the Future

The “Autofarm” solution to climate change at Dubai’s Museum of the Future in March 2022

  • “Freshwater living jellyfish” – a combination of jellyfish genes and mangrove roots to create giant, living fresh water factories off the coast of major cities
  • “City Kit” – a “self-building building” using biotechnology and robotics to construct 100% self-sufficient cities in weeks, not years.

Booking Tickets

Black and white photograph of Dubai's Museum of the Future including its lighting and calligraphy at night

Tickets cost AED145 with concessionary free tickets for children under the age of 3 years, people of determination and (although not available on the site) Emirati senior citizens.

Click here to book tickets.

Thank you to the Office of Public & Cultural Diplomacy for information included in this story.

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