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Dubai Government and KHDA Issue Blanket Ban on School Events to Protect Children from Coronovirus COVID-19

Dubai Government and KHDA Issue Blanket Ban on School Events to Protect Children from Coronovirus COVID-19

by Jon WestleyFebruary 28, 2020

Background – KHDA and Dubai Government Issue Blanket Ban on School Events to protect children from Coronovirus Covid-19

The Dubai Government and KHDA have issued a blanket ban, with immediate effect, on all internal and external school events as a major step in countering the risks and impact of Coronovirus COVID-19 in the emirate.

The ban was issued at 6:00PM UAE time on 28th February 2020 by the KHDA, The Dubai government’s Inspectorate of Schools.

The ban covers:

  • All external school trips
  • All Internal School  trips
  • All internal school events that include gatherings of children including competitions and festivals.
  • All internal and external inter-school events including sporting competitions
  • All internal and external teacher events including training sessions

The ban is the first blanket ban issued by a country of this scale anywhere in the world.

Official KHDA letter advising schools of the new ban on events. The ban is part of the Dubai government's rapid response to protect children, families, parents and teachers from the impact of Coronovirus Covid-19 and limit its spread in case of infection.




The ban is designed to protect children, families, teachers and staff as part of the Dubai Government’s containment strategy. The aim is to ensure that, should an individual become infected, the virus is limited to the smallest group of people possible.

Coronovirus is now known to be highly contagious and those infected may not show symptoms for up to 14 days.

The ban also extends to all private education institutions including universities, early learning centres and kindergartens.

The ban is retrospective and any events previously approved have seen that approval withdrawn with immediate effect. have approached parents for comment. Feedback has been universally positive with parents praising the KHDA and Dubai Government for putting their children first.


Joanne Wells, Principal, South View School, told us:

“The KHDA and Dubai Government are acting quickly to keep our children, families and staff safe. Whatever we need to work around we will immediately.


Simon Crane, Head Master, Brighton College Dubai, told

“The College is continuing to monitor the situation closely and we are in touch with the authorities.

So far, the advice is that it will be school as usual on Sunday, with some minor adjustments.

We fully support the precautionary action of suspending all trips, competitions, festivals and activities that require gatherings or involvement of other parties.

The health of our community is our absolute priority.

As for all influenza viruses, by far the most effective practical measure we can take to protect ourselves is frequent washing of hands and general hygiene.”


Fiona Cottam, Principal, Hartland School Dubai, commented:

“The instruction received this evening from the KHDA is timely – and is both understandable and appreciated.

I am certain that School leaders will be grateful for the clear directive that all schools and educational institutions must follow immediately.

This ban will ensure the continued safety of our communities in what are naturally anxious times for families and staff.

At Hartland School Dubai we will continue to take guidance – and reassure all parents that we are following the guidance of the KDHA and authorities at all times and with immediate effect.”


We have approached other schools for comment and will update this developing story as more information emerges.


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  • Vidya Senthilkumar
    February 29, 2020 at 10:19 am

    All the schools have to plan to windup after exams.. KGS is still keeping the classes even after exams are over… KHDA has to look into it to make some necessary action…

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