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Complete Guidelines Issued by ADEK to Schools and Parents in Abu Dhabi to Manage Coronovirus Covid-19

Complete Guidelines Issued by ADEK to Schools and Parents in Abu Dhabi to Manage Coronovirus Covid-19

by Jon WestleyMarch 1, 2020

ADEK, the Abu Dhabi regulator of Schools, has now issued clear guidelines for schools, and the expectations parents should have of them, in managing the Coronovirus Covid-19 outbreak moving forward from March 1 2020. The guidelines are as follows:


Suspension of All Internal and External School Activities 

All activities involving mass student gatherings are banned. These include:

  • All trips, events and school competitions inside and outside the school, and between schools and/or other parties;
  • All School assemblies;
  • All after school activities managed by the school or external parties;
  • All activities in the swimming pool area;
  • All teacher events and activities between schools or with other parties;
  • All participation of students, teachers, and administrative staff in any conferences or events, whether inside or outside Abu Dhabi.

All previous approvals issued by ADEK for any of these activities are withdrawn immediately.

All pre-planned trips in these areas, regardless of fees paid or other logistics, must be cancelled.


Other Actions Schools Must Now Take


  • All students or staff members with signs and symptoms are strictly required to leave the school grounds.  For these instances, no sick leave certificates will be required.
  • Any student or staff member with a sore throat, fever, cough or shortness of breath must immediately leave the school grounds.
  • Student break timings must now be staggered, as much as possible, to limit student physical interaction and keep the number of children coming into contact with other children in groups to the absolute minimum possible.
  • The distance between student seats in the classroom during class must be increased as much as possible within the limitations of each classroom.
  • Enhanced hygiene measures must be immediately introduced across schools. Students and school staff must wash and sanitize their hands frequently, especially upon arrival to the classroom, before snack and lunchtimes and after using the bathroom.
  • Schools must follow Guidelines from Department of Health (DOH) “Hand-washing and hand-sanitizing guidelines.” These must be made visible to, and reviewed with all students, staff and visitors.
  • Schools must reduce the number of toys and surfaces that students are exposed to as far as possible.
  • Disinfection and sanitising procedures must cover all areas of the school. Special care must be taken with classes and common areas. Areas must be disinfected four times per day using an approved disinfectant.
  • Schools must ensure that parents, teachers and students are made fully aware of effective ways to prevent infections.


  • Schools can contact Mr. Ahmed Al Shamsi at for required sanitizers and disinfectants.
  • Updated information on Novel Coronavirus is being updated here.
  • Estijaba Service at the Department of Health operation centre can be reached on 8001717.
  • The Ministry of Health and Prevention can be reached on 80011111.
  • ADEK can be reached on 00971 (0 ) 2 615 00 00.

This is a rapidly developing story and more information will be released as we receive it.

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