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Awards Day Sixteen! The Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Teacher in the UAE 2021 in Proud Association with Official Entry Form now LIVE.
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Awards Day Sixteen! The Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Teacher in the UAE 2021 in Proud Association with Official Entry Form now LIVE.

by Jon WestleyMay 4, 2021

“The Top Schools Awards are the most important awards for all those in education across the UAE.

It is time that we now recognised teachers who play such a vital role in the education of all our children.

For many, our Awards for outstanding teachers will be the most important awards of 2021.”

James Mullan, Co-founder of The Top School Awards


“We all remember that teacher at school that ‘rocked our world.’

We all remember those teachers that made school matter – and which made learning inspirational.

It is those teachers that we will be recognising at the Top School Awards 2021.

David Westley, Co-founder of the Top School Awards


The Top Schools Awards, the UAE’s definitive School Awards, recognising the region’s most outstanding schools, teachers and educationalists, today publishes full information for entering the sixteenth of this year’s Awards:

The Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Teacher in the UAE 2021 in Proud Association with 

This is one of only three Awards being presented to the UAE’s most outstanding teachers. This Award is being managed by WhichSchoolAdvisor – the UAE’s specialists in Early Learning.

For clarification, please note that this Award is only open to teachers at what were historically known in the UAE as Nursery Schools or Early Learning Centres – the UAE regulators now define Nursery Schools under the broader banner of Early Childhood Education Centres and use this term. It is not open to teachers of children in FS or KG phases at mainstream all-through schools which may be nominated, instead, for the alternative Top Schools Award for Best Primary Teacher in the UAE 2021.

This Award can be entered for in two ways:

  • By Parents
  • By Early Childhood Education Centres

(1) Nominations by Parents

Nominating an outstanding teacher is simple.

Please send the name of the teacher you would like to nominate for the award of Best Early Childhood Teacher in the UAE 2021 to Jenny Mollon, the Editor of, at [email protected].

Please identify the name of the Nursery, Early Learning Centre or Early Childhood Education Centre where your nominated teacher currently works, together with how they have made an extraordinary impact on the education of your child and other children. All submissions will be treated in confidence.

Please send us as much information as you can on why you think that they are special.

(2) Nominations by Early Childhood Education Centres 

We welcome nominations from Principals, Owners and Fellow Teachers of a teacher who is extraordinarily gifted at your Centre – please see the guidance below. 



Please complete this application form to nominate your chosen teacher for The SchoolsCompared Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Teacher in the UAE 2021. A PDF of the form can be downloaded at the end of this article.

Please note that not entering for this Award, does not preclude any early childhood teacher from being considered for this Award. All early childhood teachers in the UAE may be considered within the judging process, with nominations drawn from parents and expertise and data across Which Media.

Entering a teacher for this Award, however, does ensure that we have access to accurate, up-to-date information on your nominated teacher – and information strengthened by your decisions on how to answer the following questions.

Please use the following questions as a guide; you may wish to draw out other strengths to support your case.



Aim for 200-500 Words

Provide the name and job title of the teacher you wish to nominate. Please, where possible, provide a full biography of the teacher including their education and experience. Please identify in what capacity you are making your nomination.

Support the case that your nominee has made an outstanding, above and beyond, contribution to the education of children under their care. Focus on how they have, and do, respond to the different needs, personalities, and gifts of each individual child – ensuring that no child is ever “left behind.”  Demonstrate how your nominee continually improves their education, training and knowledge of early years best practice.  



Aim for 200-500 Words

Provide examples, reflecting the experiences of three different children, of how the nominated teacher has made his or her impact felt. Draw on examples of (1) educational best-practice, (2) innovation and (3) outstanding care for the child, in each case.



Aim for 200-500 Words

Provide an example of where your nominated teacher has acted in the interests of one or more children, outside the requirements of their job specification and role. This might include an example of where an intervention by the nominated teacher has fundamentally transformed for the better the education received by all children at your Centre. You may include an example of where the nominated teacher placed the interests of children before their own.



Aim for 200 – 500 Words

Please provide quotations supporting your nomination from fellow teachers, school Principal and parents at your school. Where possible, provide supporting quotations from children themselves.

You should also include two inspirational photographs of your nominated teacher reflecting their teaching and relationships with children under their care.   



Aim for 200 – 500 Words

Please provide information on how you your nominated teacher has responded to the many challenges of Covid 19.


As part of the following application, you will strengthen your case considerably by sending the following survey links to your teachers and parents, asking them to independently provide feedback on your Centre/Nursery.

Teachers should complete the survey here:

Parents should complete the survey here:

The statistical results of these surveys are valued, shared with judges and used in our decision making.

In addition we use data provided to us under your school profile on the Which Media database. This can be accessed through our sister site

In particular, if relevant to your Centre, please complete the following sections from the Admin:

  • Facilities
  • Sports offering
  • Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Details
  • Demographics
  • Memberships and accreditations
  • General info
  • Fees

It is critical that the data relied on by judges is accurate and up-to-date. If you do not have a school account on our sister site,, please request one so you can update your review and admissions data here:


In the year the UAE Space Mission orbits Mars, the Top Schools Awards 2021 launches to celebrate schools and innovation in the UAE



Please collate the above information in a Word document. High resolution (inspirational) photography, relevant film, PDF(s), together with any audio files, that you may wish to submit, should be sent separately with the Word file. Please also include a Centre/Nursery Prospectus if that has been produced. 

When your application is completed, these should be sent, in a single email, titled “SCTSA21 Teacher ECC” with both your, and your school’s, name, to:

[email protected]

Please note: unless you specifically identify information that is confidential and sensitive and not for publication, any information sent to us may be published and become a statement of public record. It is vital therefor that information provided is accurate.

More information on our sister site,, can be found here.



To download the complete official entry form for The Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Teacher in the UAE 2021 in Proud Association with, click here.


Completed entries must be received no later than 7th July 2021.

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