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Awards Countdown Day Four! The Best School in the UAE for Sport 2021. Official Entry Form now LIVE.
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Awards Countdown Day Four! The Best School in the UAE for Sport 2021. Official Entry Form now LIVE.

by Jon WestleyApril 17, 2021

The Top Schools Awards, the UAE’s definitive School Awards recognising the region’s most outstanding schools, teachers and educationalists, today publishes full information for entering the fourth of this year’s Awards: The Top Schools Award for Best School for Sport in the UAE 2021.

Entry for each individual Award is being published daily between now and the 8th May 2021.

Schools should note that this Award is extremely contested and investment in a very comprehensive and passionate exploration of the school’s achievements and approach is recommended.


First Steps

Please complete this application form to enter your school for The Top Schools Award for Best School for Sport in the UAE 2021. A PDF of the form can be downloaded at the end of this article.

Please only enter for those Awards in which you believe you have a very powerful case to be considered by judges. It is far better to enter for a single Award – and complete the application for this with passion and depth of insight, than apply for multiple awards and stretch your ability to make your case too thin.

Not entering for an Award, does not preclude any school from being considered. All schools in the UAE are considered within the judging process, drawing on expertise and data across Which Media. Entering for an Award, however, does ensure that we have access to accurate, up-to-date information on your school – and information strengthened by your decisions on how to answer the following questions.


Please use the questions as a guide; you may wish to draw out other strengths to support your case.

Formal entry for this award must be submitted with the agreement of the Headteacher of the school.



Aim for 500 – 1000 words

Support the case that your school’s breadth of sporting options for students ensures that every child can meet his or her individual sporting ambitions, potential, and ability. Show how the breadth of sporting options meets the specific needs of your intake policy. Where relevant provide specific examples of students who have graduated from your school to higher education or team/sector-relevant placements in Sport and related fields. Please provide the names of universities/high education institutions and relevant courses in Sport to which students have graduated in the last five years. Please include joint honours study where applicable. If students, over the last five years, have graduated from your school to universities where they have achieved sports-related scholarships, local or international, please provide this information in detail. Please make clear the current total number of students at your school so that we can assess data comparatively. Please provide details of any Sports alumni continuing to engage with the sporting life of your school. Please provide details of any international competitions in which students have engaged. Please provide a statement from the Principal of the school setting out the ethics underpinning the sporting life of the school. Please list the top/core sports at your school – those in which there is the strongest focus.



Aim for 500 – 1000 words

Support the case that you offer exceptional investment, sporting resources and faculty for students gifted in, or with ambitions in sport. Sporting resources can be in-house or with partners, and these should be identified separately as part of your application. Please list in full all sports facilities and equipment, highlighting those which you believe are stand-out, and why. Please identify all specialist faculty in Sport with their relevant qualifications and/or achievements/expertise. Please provides a single quote from each specialist in Sport in the school’s faculty, exploring their contribution to school sporting life, their achievements for children, qualifications and their motivation.



Aim for 500 – 1500 words

Support the case that the achievements of children in Sport at your school set a benchmark for schools in the UAE regardless of ability. Provide fully detail formal sporting league placements and engagement across sports that students engage in, including all league and fixture results/outcomes. In this section we are also looking to see whether schools are developing B (… C and D…) teams to demonstrate engagement with, and inspiration of, the broadest number of students, of varying abilities, in Sport. Please provide a list of sports, including Athletics, available at your school, identifying internal sports and those available through ECA programmes. Highlight breadth of Sports options for students, for example, Chess, Tiddlywinks(!) etc. Please define Sport broadly. For example, this would include Dance, where engaged in competitively or for fun/fitness, and physical fitness/gym, which may not be competitive but has proven a means to engage with students otherwise not interested in Sport. Provide one paragraph each on “Gifted children in Sport and nurturing high level achievement” and inclusive “Sport for all” respectively.  Please provide details of any outside the box investments in sporting facilities/tools/equipment to encourage engagement. Finally, please include any information on E-sports at your school, including participation by students in internal or external tournaments. Please provide an example of how achievements in Sport across the ability spectrum are celebrated by the school. For example, are Chess, as well as 1st XV results read out in school assemblies? Does the school equally celebrate those students not gifted in Sport, and who may not take part directly, but contribute differently by attending matches to support their peers and school? We are looking to understand how Sport is celebrated inclusively in schools. Finally, please provide a paragraph each exploring how the school engages with boys and girls in Sport and the inclusion of students with SEND who might, in other schools, be excluded.

If your focus is less on an inclusive approach to Sport than focusing on elite excellence, this does not preclude being considered for the Award, but please justify the rationale for this. This would need to include how child health across the school role is addressed otherwise.



Aim for 500 words

Focused on achievements this year and in the last full pre-Covid year, provide information that is not included above that supports your application to be considered the benchmark sporting school in the UAE “against the odds.” Discuss how Covid 19 has impacted on the sporting life of the school and how the school has responded.


As part of the following application, you will strengthen your case considerably by sending the following survey links to your students, teachers and parents, asking them to independently provide feedback on your school as part of your entry to the Top School Awards 2021.


Teachers should complete the survey here:


Parents should complete the survey here:


Older students (Grade 10-12/Year 11-13) should complete the survey here: 


The statistical results of these surveys are valued, shared with judges and used in our decision making.

In addition we use data provided to us under your school profile on the Which Media database. This can be accessed through our sister site

In particular please complete the following sections from the Admin:


  • Facilities
  • Sports offering
  • Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Details
  • Demographics
  • Memberships and accreditations
  • General info
  • Fees


It is critical that the data relied on by judges is accurate and up-to-date. If you do not have a school account on our sister site,, please request one so you can update your review and admissions data here:


In the year the UAE Space Mission orbits Mars, the Top Schools Awards 2021 launches to celebrate schools and innovation in the UAE



Please collate the above information in a Word document. High resolution photography, relevant film, PDF(s), together with any audio files, should be submitted separately with the Word file.

When your application is completed, these should be sent, in a single email, titled SCTSA21 SPORT with your School Name, to:

[email protected]

Please note: unless you specifically identify information that is confidential and sensitive and not for publication, any information sent to us may be published and become a statement of public record. It is vital therefor that information provided is accurate.



To download the complete official entry form for the Top Schools Awards 2021 – Best School for Sport in the UAE, click here.



Completed entries must be received no later than 7th July 2021.

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