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Best Schools for Sport in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Best Schools for Sport in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

by Lis ONealApril 20, 2017

Our Guide to the best leagues and competitions for schools showed which competitive sports are the most popular among UAE schools and how schools across a range of curricula perform against each other in the most popular sports.

Our list of  best schools for competitive sports has been arrived at based on their league and competition results, the range of sports offered and the evident commitment by these schools to see their students perform not only academically, but across the numerous sports they offer.

The range of sport on offer across the different leagues is significant but makes it hard to determine which schools offer the best opportunities for competitive sport, with many competitions on-going and differing leaders across the multiple age-groups involved.  However, we feel obliged to try…

So which are the top schools in the UAE for competitive sports?

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